AfrikRising Officially Becomes a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization


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AfrikRising is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to fighting hunger in Africa, with a focus on addressing the starvation rate of African children. In addition to providing basic necessities like access to healthy food and clean water, medications and immunizations, and other needed items like clothing and bedsheets, the organization also helps to further education services in Africa. Founder and CEO Christine Reidhead’s dream of helping the underserved communities in Africa was realized when AfrikRising was established, and the charity has helped bring change to countless lives since then. 

With the help of amazing volunteers and donations from people around the world, AfrikRising has grown exponentially, recently receiving registered non-profit status. This is outstanding, as it means that donors will be able to write their donations off on their taxes. The ability to write off a charitable donation is something that is very enticing to potential donors. It gives them the chance to minimize their annual tax burden by supporting charities and foundations. Often times, donors are willing to boost their donation levels if they know that they will be able to write them off on their taxes. This is beneficial for all involved, especially those who will receive the needed aid that is made possible through donations. Now that AfrikRising has achieved 501c3 status, donations made to the charity are eligible for tax write offs. 

While AfrikRising is still a fairly new organization, founded earlier in 2019, it has already accomplished so much. Supporting schools, orphanages and families, AfrikRising has already begun to change the lives of many people in need, and plans are already in motion for future projects. With aspirations of helping even more communities, foster programs, schools and other facilities, the organization is quickly gaining speed. It was recently rated one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2019 by the Silicon Review, and could very well become one of the more well-known humanitarian charitable organizations sooner rather than later. With projects planned in Nigeria and Ghana, AfrikRising has big aspirations for helping those in the most dire need get access to survival necessities. 


The biggest obstacle that AfrikRising faces, like many non-profit charities, is funding. A lack of funding means that while projects may be planned, they cannot be executed and the change and assistance that are so urgently needed cannot be accommodated. Hopefully, with the new status as a registered non-profit charity, the tax write off will entice more people to open their wallets. The feedback from past donors has been wonderful, which is another positive that may help boost funding. Often times when an individual makes a donation to a charitable organization, they do not know where their money is going or how their contribution will help. AfrikRising donors have the peace of mind of seeing their donations make a difference through videos, pictures and information available on the website which detail the ways in which the charity has improved the lives of those it serves. There is also information available on the things that still need improvement, so donors can see exactly how much help is needed. The donation page on the site makes it easy for individuals to donate in any category or budget range from $20 and upwards. There is even a donor recognition system in place for those who choose to partake in the Gold and Diamond levels of donation. 


With the charity still only in its first year of operation, there is plenty of room for growth. But with the help of passionate, dedicated volunteers, experienced, altruistic leaders, and donations from individuals and corporate sponsors, AfrikRising will undoubtedly continue to take steps towards its overall mission of ending hunger and other need based issues in Africa. Making small differences in the lives of many over their lifetimes will help to foster change and promote stable structures for longevity in many African communities. To learn more about how you can donate or to become involved as a volunteer, visit You can read about past humanitarian projects, see what kind of work is being done, and view photos and videos to see for yourself the wonderful things that this charity is doing to improve the lives of children and families in dire need. 

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