One Heart, Two Men


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One Heart, Two Men

By Kym Kostos


© 2014 by Kym Kostos

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1507550410


Chapter 1 – James

Several years ago, I remember watching a movie on one of those movie of the week channels about a girl who had fallen in love with two men. I never thought it would be possible to do that, until it happened to me personally. I mean, how much love could one person actually have for one man, let alone two?

When I had met James, I hadn’t been in a relationship in quite some time. Before James, I was in a long term committed relationship with Edward for eight years, but towards the end, I found out just how committed he was. He had been cheating on me for half our relationship. I guess I was the only one committed there.

When I came home one night from work, we had been living together for about two years at that point, I could smell a ladies perfume… and it wasn’t mine. I was supposed to work late that night, but had decided to call it a day and surprise Edward by coming home early because I had been putting in a lot of hours at work and I knew I had been neglecting him. Guess who got the surprise?

Yep. Me. I walked into our bedroom where Edward and some girl were in our bed going at it with moaning and screams… the works. It was the last thing I suspected and you can say that I was shocked and stunned and well, speechless. Until the girl had her nerve to ask me, “Who the hell are you?”

Her words set me off and I lunged towards her and began to pull her hair. Edward, with little loyalty there was left for me, pulled me off and told the girl to go home. She mumbled some words as Edward held me back and put her clothes on and as she was walking out the door she looked at me and grinned, “Maybe if you were pleasing him, he wouldn’t have to go elsewhere.” It took every ounce of strength Edward had to hold me back. At that point, I would have probably gouged the girl’s eyes out.

The skank left our apartment and Edward let me go. “What the hell Edward?!” I yelled at him in tears. More tears of anger than of sadness. I was pissed off and rightfully so.

Edward just hung his head, as all guys do when they have been caught cheating. “I’m sorry Rachel.”

“Sorry for what? That you were caught?” I yelled at him. “Or sorry that you stuck your dick in that girl?”

“I’m sorry for hurting you. I never wanted to hurt you.” He said.

“Well, it’s too late for that!” I yelled back.

I walked over to the closet, opened it and walked inside and went to the top shelf where we kept our suitcases and I pulled his down. I started throwing his clothes inside the suitcases.

“What are you doing?” Edward asked looking surprised.

“Getting you the hell out of here. I want you to move out. It’s over between us. I can never trust you again!” I yelled at him.

“Can’t we work this out?” He asked pleadingly.

“There is nothing to work out. I’m done. Now get out!”

After he packed his clothes and things and left, I broke down crying. Not because he cheated on me, but because I felt that I had wasted eight years of my life in something that never existed.

But, now it’s a couple of years later and I met James. I wasn’t really looking for anyone, he just happened. I was at the bookstore one day and we accidentally bumped into each other,

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He said with a smile. I was carrying some books and they had fallen out of my hands.

“Oh, that’s ok. I should pay more attention to where I am going.” I laughed.

James then bent over and picked up my books. One had slid to the other side and I had the chance of checking out James’ rear end. I was impressed.

I think he knew what I was doing because when he got up I was smiling, he was blushing.

“Here you go.” He said and handed my books to me.

“Well, thank you.” I said still smiling.

“Would you like to walk over across the street to the coffee shop and grab some coffee?” He asked.

“I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea and I would love to.” I replied.

We walked over to the coffee shop and ordered our beverages. We spent the next few hours talking and laughing and sharing stories with each other. It turned out that James was a professor at the university in our town. I could tell he was well read and highly intellectual and I enjoyed our conversation together.

When night began to fall and dinner time was coming, he looked at me and asked, “Would you care to join me for dinner this evening? I am really enjoying your company and conversation.”

“I would love to.” It felt really natural to answer him with a yes. I felt at ease with James.

We decided to go for Italian, which happened to be both our favorite type of food, even though the pasta is loaded with crabs and fat. But, I had been working out and he didn’t look like he needed to worry about any extra pounds at all. While at dinner I took in his appearance fully. I glanced over him a few times at the coffee shop, but I was more into the conversation at the time. Now, that the lights were dim, I noticed that he had the most amazing piercing blue eyes, dark brown hair, his complexion was flawless, and when he reached over for the bread, his forearms and biceps flexed on their own. He kept his body in shape.

“Do you work out at the gym?” I couldn’t help but ask him.

He smiled and said, “About three to four times a week.” He replied. James could tell I was checking out his arms. “What about you?”

“Oh, I have a home gym I work out in. A treadmill and I do Pilates and small free weights. Nothing too extravagant.” I responded.

“You have a naturally toned body. That was one of the things I noticed about you at the book store.” James said still smiling.

Oh wow, he had been checking me out too. I felt myself become flushed in my cheeks. With my light skin color, it wasn’t hard to notice.

“Are you blushing?” He asked me.

Just then the waiter came and asked us if we were ready to order. We ordered our meals and some glasses of wine. The rest of the evening went perfect for a first date, even though we had practically spent the whole afternoon together.

When our meal was over he walked me to my car. He gave me a hug and kissed me on my cheek. “I would love to see you again.” He said to me. 1 wanted to see him again as well.

“Here is my phone number.” I told him as he took his cell phone out and added it.

“Here is mine.” He told me his and I entered it into my phone. “I will call you tomorrow.” He said and we both got into our cars and drove off.

I remember driving home smiling the whole way. I hadn’t been really looking to meet anyone and I was enjoying my single status. I guess as they say, when you aren’t looking for someone is when you find someone. I turned on the radio and one of my favorite songs came on and I began to sing. I was genuinely in a good mood. Not that I hadn’t been happy, but when I had gotten out of bed that morning, I would have never dreamed I would be driving home from a first date.

When I arrived home, I took a long hot bath and relaxed with some soft music and candles. The day had gone pretty damn good and I was happy. When I had crawled into bed that night, I was exhausted, but satisfied at how my day had gone. I fell fast asleep.


Chapter 2 – Jake

James had called me the next day as he said he would. We made plans for Friday night. It was Tuesday, so there were several days before I would see him. I went to work that Tuesday morning, but was feeling a little light-headed, like I was coming down with a cold, so I left work early and went home at lunch time.

I stopped off at the grocery store to pick up some cold medicine, orange juice and other things and I wasn’t paying attention where I was going and as I turned the aisle I almost ran into a guy who standing in front of the hair care aisle. He was trying to pick out a conditioner to use.

As I turned the corner, I almost hit him with my cart, but I stopped myself. He didn’t notice, thank goodness. But, he had heard me coming and he turned to look at me. He smiled at me as if he was happy to see me. “Hi.” He said.

“Hi.” I replied. I really wasn’t in any mood to talk to anyone. But, I wasn’t going to be rude to him. And when I got a second look at him, I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. I mean, he was like model material hot. He was wearing a black leather jacket, tight blue jeans and he was tall, with green eyes, black hair, the whitest teeth I had ever seen on anyone and a smile that would melt any woman’s heart. I stopped myself though, I mean, more than likely this guy has a girlfriend or wife. What a crime it would be to have this man single.

“Could you help me out for a second?” He asked still smiling but with a little confused look on his face.

I wasn’t sure what he needed help with, but I was suddenly feeling a little better and agreed to help him out. “Uhhh, sure.” I replied.

“I was told by a friend of mine that my hair looks lifeless and dull and that I need a conditioner. I never use a conditioner, just one of those two in one type of deals, but now I am supposed to use a deep conditioner and I don’t know which one to use. Do you have any idea?” He asked me as he held up two different conditioner brands. “Your hair likes very nice, what do you use?”

It took me a minute to process what he was asking me. I mean how often are you in a grocery store and a hot guy asks you about which conditioner to use? Well, it’s never happened to me!

“I don’t use store bought shampoos or conditioners.” I informed him.

He was really puzzled now. “You don’t? What do you use then?”

“I use salon products.” I told him.

“Huh?” He was really confused now.

“When I go get my hair cut, I buy my shampoo and conditioner from the hair salon. They are a better quality than the ones here in the grocery store.”

“Really? Why is that?”

I held up a shampoo bottle. “See all the chemicals that are put into these products?”

“Yeah.” He said as he looked at the bottle’s ingredients.

“Well, some of those chemicals are the same chemicals put in laundry detergent as preservatives. Would you use laundry detergent to wash your hair?” I asked him.

“If it would make my hair not look dull and lifeless, yeah.” He said laughing. “But, seriously, they put that crap in shampoos?”


“And do people know about this?”

“Some do, but apparently not everyone.”

“Can you tell me what you use then?”

“Sure.” I reached inside my purse and pulled out a pen and a piece of notepad paper that I carry in my purse.

As I was writing on the paper, he asked me, “Are you single?”

That came as a shock. I wasn’t expecting that question from him, since I was assuming that he was taken already. Since James and I had only been on one date and weren’t in any type of relationship, I replied with, “Yes, I am.”

“Can you write down your name and phone number please as well?” He was smiling. ”My name is Jake, by the way. I would love to call you and ask you out to dinner.”

I stopped writing. Partly because I was shocked that this guy was single and partly because I had never been out with a man so drop dead gorgeous before. I was very flattered and intimidated at the same time. I looked up at him and he was flashing me that bright white smile of his.

“So, what do you say?” He asked.

I wrote down my number after I had written down the name of the salon and the products for him. “Here you go.” I gave him the piece of paper.

“Awesome!” He said. “So, what’s your name?”

“Rachel.” I told him.

“Nice to meet you Rachel.” He said as I walked away.

I paid for my things at the check out line and walked to my car. After I got into my car, my cell phone rang. “Hello?” It was from a number I didn’t recognize.

“Hey, it’s Jake. I’m calling to ask you out.”

I looked around and I saw Jake walking in the parking lot to his car, holding his cell phone and smiling. He didn’t see me though.

“Hi Jake.” I said.

“So, how about Friday night we go out?” He asked.

“I have plans, but I’m free Saturday night.”

“Great! I’ll text you where to meet me. See you then!” Jake said cheerfully and hung up.

So much for the three-day rule for guys. You know how guys are supposed to have that rule where they don’t call the girl for three days after they get their number? Well, I guess that shows that Jake wasn’t a typical guy, which in my book is a good thing.

I went home, took some cold medicine and went straight to bed. After all, if I was going to go out on two dates this weekend, I needed to feel my best. Wow, two dates with two different guys in one weekend. And the guys were good looking. I felt like such a lucky woman.


Chapter 3 – Friday Night with James

When Friday came around, I was feeling a lot better than I had at the beginning of the week. My cold was gone and I was excited about my dates for this weekend. Friday at work, I was anxious to see James. Since he and I had been out before, we agreed that he would pick me up at my place and then we would go to dinner and then a play at the local playhouse. Our Town by Thornton Wilder was being featured. Some of James’ students were in the play.

We decided to go for Chinese, since we had already gone to Italian the time before. Chinese was our second favorite type of food. When James had picked me up, he was wearing a shirt and tie with a suit jacket. He looked very formal and like a typical professor at a university. I wore a conservative dress because I already knew that James was the conservative type. It was a pastel pink skirt, white blouse and pink matching jacket with the skirt. Nothing too loud or bright. James liked what I was wearing and complimented me on it.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated fairly quickly. We decided on some egg rolls, sweet and sour shrimp, fried rice and orange chicken. I had never eaten at that Chinese place before, so it was a nice change from the normal place I ate at and the food was delicious.

By the time our dinner was over, I was stuffed. When our fortune cookies came, I opened mine and it said, “Great things will come to those who wait.” It couldn’t be truer. I read mine out to James.

He then read his out to me, “Your luck will soon change.” He laughed. “I think it already has.” He said smiling. He made me giggle a little.

We left the restaurant and headed for the playhouse. It was a few blocks away and since we were downtown, we thought it would be a nice idea to walk there and burn off some of our dinner. We still had plenty of time until the play started.

It was a nice warm evening, as it was during the summer time here. The night sky was clear and we could see the stars above us. “What a nice evening it is.” I commented.

“Indeed it is.” He replied. Then suddenly, he reached over and grabbed my hand. It felt nice to have a man take my hand as we walked. I also noticed that when we began walking, he took his place closest to the curb. That was a very old tradition that gentlemen did from back in the early centuries. I had read that somewhere.

I took his hand back and we continued to walk. I think I heard him let out a sigh when I grabbed his hand. It was like reassurance that I liked him. James was a traditional type of guy, I was soon learning that. He was a gentleman with good morals and values. I felt safe with him.

We arrived at the playhouse and went inside. People were already lining up at the ticket booth. “Must be a popular tonight.” I said.

“It has been running since last month.” He said as he presented our tickets at the door. “Tonight was the first night I could get tickets. I was surprised.”

We went inside and took our seats. The theater was packed. We did have good seats though, fourth row center. Several moments later the lights went off and the curtains went up and the play began.

We watched the play and James had his arm around me and held my hand with his hand on the other arm. He was very attentive to me. When the play was over, everyone stood up and clapped. Afterwards, we went and congratulated the students of his that were in the play. They were excited to see that he had made it.

“Is this your wife or girlfriend?” One of the male actors asked.

James smiled and replied, “Maybe one day. This is my friend Rachel. Rachel, this is Andy.”

We shook hands as James introduced us. I was wondering about the comment that James had made. The one about, “maybe one day”. It stuck in my mind. After the play was over we walked back to our cars that were parked at the restaurant. On the way back, James stopped in front of a water fountain and asked me if I had enjoyed the evening with him.

“Yes. I enjoyed the evening with you very much.” I replied with a smile because I had.

“I enjoyed it as well.” He smiled back. Then he took my face in his hand and kissed me gently on the lips. It was a romantic kiss and I had to admit that it made my knees weak. His lips lingered on mine for a few moments then he pulled away. “I would love to see you again.” He said.

“That would be very nice.” I replied, still a little shocked with his kiss.

We walked back to our cars and he made sure I got into mine, but before he did, he kissed me once more on the lips and said goodbye. He watched me as I drove away.

As I drove home I thought to myself what a gentleman James was. He was very polite, nice and attentive. Very good qualities that would make a great boyfriend. But, I had never been in a relationship with someone so conservative before. Maybe that’s why my past relationships never worked out. I liked the bad boys too much.

Then I couldn’t stop thinking about Jake. Here I was coming home from a date with James, but Jake was on my mind. I should have been thinking about James, but Jake’s smile, eyes, body, everything about him kept interrupting my thoughts about James. I liked James though. I didn’t know how Jake was, but I could tell he was the type of guy I could fall for very easily.

I couldn’t wait for my date with Jake the next night. He said he would text me tomorrow of where we were to meet. I wondered what he had planned for us.

I pulled into my driveway and parked my car. I looked down and there was a text message from James, “I enjoyed our evening very much. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t wait until I can see you again. Good Night.”

That was sweet of him, I thought to myself. And very thoughtful too. I walked inside my house, took off my heels and sat on the sofa for a while. It was still rather early in the night, 11:00 p.m., and I caught some late shows on the television before I fell asleep.


Chapter 4 – Date Night with Jake

Jake had texted me late that morning and said to meet him at Jake and Mike’s. I had been there once before. It was a restaurant/bar/arcade. It was where a lot of people went to celebrate their birthday or have fun office meetings. When evening came, I started to prepare myself for my date with Jake.

I had a feeling that Jake wasn’t the conservative type, so I decided to wear my little red dress with some sling back red heels. I wanted to look hot, but not like I was trying to look too hot, if you know what I mean. I did my hair and let it hang down. Last night, I had tied it up, but tonight I was going to let loose. I wore little make-up last night, but tonight, I put on some eyeliner and mascara and put on my red lipstick, as opposed to the pink I wore on my date with James.

When I was done getting ready, even I had to admit that I looked hot. I wanted Jake’s mouth to drop open when he saw me. I waned to turn heads when I walked into where I was meeting him. Wearing this dress, I knew I would.

When I arrived, the place was packed, but thankfully I found a parking spot not too far away. I got out and started walking through the parking lot. As I approached the building, there were people outside smoking. The smoke made me cough a little, but I managed to get through and inside the building.

The place inside was really packed. It was a Saturday night, so of course it was packed. I tried looking around for Jake and I couldn’t see him anywhere. I was a little early, so maybe he hasn’t shown up yet. I went over to the bar and sat down on one of the stools. It faced the door, so I could see Jake when he came inside.

The bartender brought me a drink and I went to go pay him and all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice, “No charge to this hot lady, it’s on the house.” I turned and it was Jake! I stood up and turned around and he was wearing blue jeans, a black polo shirt and a big smile. “Hey there hot stuff! You look absolutely ravishing!” He said above the noise.

He then told me to pick up my drink and he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowds of people to the restaurant side, where it was a little quieter. There was a table in the back with a RESERVED sign on it. He removed the sign and escorted me into the booth, where he then slid in beside me.

“This place is wild!” I said to him. Grateful that I didn’t have to scream out loud for him to hear me anymore.

“I know, isn’t it great?!” He said back, never did he stop smiling.

“You like it here?” I asked him.

“I would hope so. I’m half owner.” He said.

“Wait, you’re the Jake of Jake and Mike’s?” I was surprised.

“That would be me.” He said proudly.

“Why didn’t I put the two together?” I asked laughing.

“I hope you’re hungry, I asked the chef to make his specially for us.” He said.

“What would that be?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Lobster and crab quesadillas.”

I love seafood so I replied with, “Sounds delicious!”

The waiter brought us a basket of warm pita bread chips with fresh salsa and guacamole. Jake went on to explain how he got the idea of this place to me and how he struggled to make it what it is today. He was very upbeat and cheery and very proud of his place. It was refreshing to see someone so proud of what they did.

Shortly after awhile, the waiter brought us our food and I must say that the meal was absolutely delicious. He had a bottle of White Zinfandel brought to our table to go with our meal. It was delicious as well.

When dinner was over, he grabbed my hand and escorted me from the table. “Do you like to shoot pool?” He asked me.

“Sure!” I said. Even though I hadn’t since college.

We went over to one of the pool tables that were free and he punched in some code and the balls came out and he lined them up. “You want to break or me?”

“You can break.” I said.

He broke the balls and they went flying everywhere. He made some in. “You’re solids.” He shot a couple of striped balls in and then missed.

I went to shoot my ball in and he came up behind me and was giving me pointers on how to shoot the ball with the cue. I could feel his body pressing against mine and it was making me feel so hot. His big arms wrapped around my arms and I thought I was going to melt on the spot. I was already feeling lightheaded from the wine.

We shot a couple of games of pool and he won them both. “Ever ride a motorcycle before?” He asked me.

“No, I haven’t.” I replied. I never had either.

“Come on, it’s a beautiful night to ride. Not as beautiful as you though.” He said giving me those butterflies in my tummy that guys know how to give a girl with just words.

He grabbed my hand and we went to his office to where he kept his helmets. But, before he grabbed two of them, he paused and turned towards me. He took my face with both his hands and began to kiss me on my lips. I thought I was going to melt! It was such a passionate kiss! He then turned around and grabbed two helmets and handed one to me and grabbed my hand and walked me through the crowds of people. We walked out of the building and into the parking lot and around the building to the back. There were several motorcycles parked.

“Which one is yours?” I asked him.

“All of them.” He said smiling. “Let’s take Cherry out.” He said. “Since you are wearing red. “Here,” he took off his leather jacket, “wear this.” He put it on me. “It will keep you warm.”

His leather jacket smelled really nice. I could smell his cologne. He then pulled out a cherry red Harley. It was shiny and very sleek. He got onto the motorcycle and then put his hand out and took my hand. He helped me onto the back. I put on my helmet and he turned the bike on and revved it up. We took off to the side roads and up the mountainside.

When we got to the top of the mountain, he stopped the bike. “Come on, I want to show you something.” He pulled out a blanket from the storage box on his bike and helped me take off my helmet and led me to a grassy area on the mountain. He spread the blanket out and helped me sit on it.

“Look up at the stars.” He said. Then he began to tell me about all the different stars we could see. It was so romantic. He had his arms around me and was gently kissing my neck, which drove me insane. “If at any time you want me to stop anything, let me know. I find you extremely attractive and beautiful.”

“Mmmm…” I said. There was no way I wanted him to stop. I was enjoying his smell, his kisses, his hot breath on my neck. I turned my head around and he began to kiss me passionately once again. I felt his tongue touch my tongue and he laid me down on my back and laid his body next to mine and continued kissing me as he caressed my face and hair.

My heart was beating fast and I was completely enthralled with him. Nothing else existed in the world but him at that point. And he somehow made me feel the same way.

He stopped kissing me and had his hand on my cheek caressing it. He was looking into my eyes and he said, “I could easily fall for you.” He smiled at me. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we met in the grocery store. I wanted to call you before tonight, but, I didn’t want to seem too eager. But, now that I have you here with me. It feels so perfect being with you, dear Rachel.” He began to kiss me again.

As the night progressed, we spent it on the mountaintop kissing and talking in between the times we weren’t kissing. I felt like a high school girl once again on her first date with a boy.

Jake stood up and helped me up. I think we better get going. We rode back to the parking lot. I still had on his leather jacket. It was so warm inside of it. “Would you like to come back to my place for a night cap?” Jake answered with that smile of his gleaming. How could I resist?

“I would love to.” I didn’t want this night to end.

I followed him on his motorcycle in my car. I still had on his leather jacket. We pulled into a long drive way and up to a big beautiful house. The gate closed behind us. I parked in the circular area in from of his house and he pulled his motorcycle into the garage.

Moments later, he came out of the garage and walked over to me getting out of my car. “You look good in leather.” He said laughing.

“Oh, let me give you your jacket back.” I said, I didn’t want to forget that I had it on.

“It’s no problem.” He said. He took my hand and led me up the stairs to his two big double doors that led into his home. When we got inside, his home was beautiful. Nothing I would ever expect from him. It was decorated very tastefully.

Jake led me into the sitting room and we sat down. He asked me what I would like to drink. I told him a martini… dirty. He poured me one. He then poured himself a Scotch on the rocks and sat down next to me after he handed me my martini. “So, tell me about Rachel.” He said smiling.

I told him about going to college, he told me about his time in college, I talked about the jobs I had, he told me about the jobs he had over the years too. We ended up talking for hours. It was almost 3:00 a.m. when we realized what time it was.

“You can stay here if you would like.” He said. “But, I would totally understand if you didn’t. I mean it is our first date.”

As much as I wanted to stay, I knew it would be a good idea to go home. “I think I am going to go home. But, I had a wonderfully and amazing time tonight.”

I got up and he walked me out to my car. Before I got inside, he held me in his arms and gave me a long passionate kiss. “I would love to see you again. How does this week sound?”

“It sounds wonderful.” I said. He smiled as I got inside my car and drove off.

On my way home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jake. Then thoughts of James came into my mind. I liked James too. How was I going to choose between the both of them?


Chapter 5 – One Heart, Two Guys

So, now it’s been about six months and I am seeing both James and Jake. They know about each other and I have been completely honest with the both of them. I love the both of them for their own reasons.

James is down to earth, stable, comfortable, reliable and predictable. When I want to watch a movie, stay at home and cook or just walk in the park, James is perfect for that. He’s an intellect who loves plays, to read and have intelligent conversations about various topics.

Jake, on the other hand, is exciting and adventurous. I never know what to expect from him. He is very unpredictable, passionate and fun. Our love making is amazing, whereas, James and I have no sex life. James is very awkward in the bedroom, so we reserve that for Jake and I.

Each man has their own qualities that I love and adore. Where one doesn’t fulfill my needs, the other does. Mondays and Wednesdays, I spend time with James. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I spend my time with Jake. I alternate weekends with them and I have Sundays off for my own sanity. I need to rest sometime, right?

I suppose some girls would be envious of me, but it’s what I have chosen. I am completely honest with each of the men and they understand. I haven’t made any commitments to anyone and I don’t’ know if I ever will. I enjoy having the both of them as company. All my needs are being fulfilled.

James likes Italian and Chinese, whereas Jake likes Mexican and Thai, he likes the spicy foods. Jake drives motorcycles and James drives a BMW. They are completely opposites, but in their own way they please me and are very attentive to what I want.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I tend to their needs as well. I’m not a selfish girl and I do appreciate them and let them know. I have the best of both worlds. My friends often ask me if I were to choose between them, who would I choose? I can’t answer that question. I can’t imagine not having either one of them in my life. My life is so fulfilled with the both of them.

Have they ever met each other? No.

I couldn’t do that tot hem. Before I became involved with the both of them, It old them that I wasn’t looking for any commitments at this point in my life. I just wanted to enjoy my life and their company. Somehow, they understand.

One day, I know that either one or the other will grow tired of the situation and move on, or even I will grow tired and decide to let one of them go. But, until that time comes, I am going to have fun with the men in my life that I have such great times with. I can’t imagine my life being any other way.

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