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Best of Friends

Kelvin is a fifth grader who does not love to study. He is fond of teasing his classmates, especially the class president.


"Amputated mother walks alone." He sings it oftentimes.


His teacher did not have any idea that it is intended to annoy Vaughn, until he came to him one afternoon, crying. It was when the teacher reprimanded him for bullying his classmates, especially Vaughn.


"You should not make fun of his mother because you don't know her. Apologize to Vaughn and promise us that you will not do it again." the teacher demanded.


Kelvin said sorry. He also made a promise. 


However, Kelvin did not change. He is still irking Vaughn. Their teacher once again heard their confrontation. The vexation started when Kelvin did not win as class president and it is Vaughn who garnered the majority of votes from their classmates.  


"So, you are just jealous of Vaughn's position?" said their teacher when they talk to the two clashing boys. "Do you want to be the class president today?"


"No, Mam!" Kelvin answered. 


"Then, what's your problem with Vaughn?" The teacher was exasperated. "Your behavior is not normal anymore. I want to talk to your parents tomorrow."


Kelvin plead. His parents will be enraged if they will learn about his demeanor. However, the teacher's decision is final. She will be expecting his parents on Friday.


Kelvin did not come to school the next day to avoid bringing up his parents to the school. He knew that Mrs. Soliven will no longer remember what they have talked about. 


Sunday morning, Kelvin and his family went to the zoo for a family bonding. 


"Mommy, why are we always going here? I'm sick of this place!" Kelvin said 


"Kelvin, it is not about the place.." mother replied calmly.


"But, what it is all about? I want to go to a theme park!" He shrugged his shoulder, while his voice is in high tone. Then he went away.


Kelvin just followed his parents and his elder brother as they walk. He stops when they stop and pretends to be looking at the animals.


"Kelvin,  come here!" father called out.


He was shivering when he saw his family with Vaughn's mother. He never thought that he would still be scolded at the zoo.


Despite the shaking of his knees and terrible heartbeats, he could managed to come near and greet Mrs. Senia. 


"How are you, Kelvin?" the amputated woman asked.


"I'm.. fine."


Vaughn's  mother showed her sweet smile. Kelvin felt guilt. 


"Well, it's about time.." his Daddy uttered.


"Yes! Kelvin.. " His Mom put her arm on his shoulder. "Look at Mrs. Senia foot. Do you know what happened to her?"


Kelvin's shivering went up. " No, Mom.."


"Six years ago, she saved you from the possible attack of that crocodile. We could have lost you." she declared as she pointed to a ten feet amphibian. "We are here today to thank her. Say thank you."


Kelvin was in awe. He immediately embraced Mrs. Senia and thanked her. He was almost in tears. But, no one asked why. 


When he went to school the next day, he asked forgiveness from Vaughn. He was forgiven. 


Kelvin And Vaughn become best of friends. They also advocate anti-bullying campaign in their classroom and later to the school campus. 

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