5 Best Part-Time Digital Marketing Jobs for College Students


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Probably one of the most challenging things about digital marketing is that you cannot learn it college.

Sure, there are courses and specializations to help you, and they do offer a decent theoretical base. However, when it comes to finding a job in marketing, it often turns out that this base is not enough.

And it’s not the colleges’ fault, really. The industry grows and changes rapidly, while the college courses simply aren’t able to adjust that quickly. So what you should you do in this case? Either brace yourself to catch up with the latest trends and tendencies after landing the job or try to find a part-time marketing job while you’re still in college.

Because the best way to master the digital marketing is still in practice. So finding a job to gain extra knowledge, build some valuable skills as well as get some field-related work experience before graduation is always a good idea. 

1. Freelance writer

You cannot be a good digital marketer if you don’t know how to create good content. A freelance writer’s job can teach you to do that. If you don’t stick to one client but work with different ones instead, you’ll be able to practice writing for different niches and target audiences, as well as strengthen your content creation skills.

2. Blogger

Blogging is one of the best ways to build promotional skills and possibly even earn money while doing what you love. If you have something to share with the world or simply want to write about something specific, you can always either start blogging for a certain company or create your own blog.

3. Sales representative

If you are able to persuade quickly and know that you are good in sales or fundraising (or both), you can try finding a job of a sales representative. There are plenty of companies who are willing to work with students, and though the result, as well as the income, would depend on you, you are able to succeed with the help of necessary skills as well as improve them.

4. SMM expert

Social media are one of the most important things in digital marketing. They help promote businesses, build an online presence, drive more traffic to websites and blogs, and improve reputation. Though learning how to make the most out of them does take some time, you can still try doing so while you still in college. For example, you can find a part-time job as an SMM expert or try to promote your own webpage to present it later as your portfolio project.

5. Editor

If you have strong writing and grammar skills but aren’t ready to become a content writer or executive resume writer, you can try applying for an editor’s position instead. A good editor doesn’t settle with grammar check only - they look for the ways to make a content instantly better, to improve the writer’s style, and to help them reach their target audience more effectively. 

Digital marketing is a complex niche - but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can try any marketing-related career that seems the most appealing at the moment, and switch to another later if you want. At the same time, you’ll still be building important skills as well as increasing your professional value. 






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