How to Be a Better Writer and Go from Writing Zero to Writing Hero


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Writing skills are extremely important today. That is why many people who are constantly trying to improve them. If you want to stand out and, moreover, to become a professional writer, there are a few tips you need to follow.  

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Chapter 1

Get a Picture of What You Are Doing and Why

A lot of beginner writers start the wrong way. They want to be like famous authors. Why not, you ask. It is true that writers have always got inspiration from others. But it is very different today. What did Ernest Hemingway borrow from Mark Twain? The urge to create realistic images that absorbed the reader completely. Or what did Howard Lovecraft borrow from Edgar Poe? The same really, but with a different bunch of images. Why some young people today want to be like Stephenie Meyer? In the majority of cases, this is fame and wealth. And screening, of course! Unfortunately, many contemporary authors are followed for the same reasons. So, you should be motivated by celebrities' and classics' achievements, but it has to be professional. Money is never a good reason.

Besides, being a writer has so many sides to it that it's sometimes hard to imagine what you will do in the future. Will you be a novelist searching for his or her muse in the secluded cabin in the woods, as one of Stephen King's characters? Or will you write in a coffee shop? If so, would you write a novel, short stories, or content? Or all of these? You should have a vision of what life is like as a writer, how writing influences other spheres of it, whether you are going to write full time or combine it with other jobs, etc. You have to keep your goals in mind. But do you have to do if something goes wrong with your plan? Simple - you have to proceed to work. This leads us to the next point.

Practice Even If You Don't Get an Idea

If you think that a great idea will come to you as soon as you decide to write a book, you can be more wrong. Another delusion is that you can find an idea searching for it. Waiting for a clue what you should write about is nothing more than procrastination. Especially, if you are looking for ideas on the Internet. There are plenty of useful things you can find online, like writing tools, other people experience, tips, and others. Checking grammar is something that really improved with the development of the Internet. But the concept of your life work is not there. Such ideas come unexpectedly, seemingly from nowhere. But when they come, you are to be prepared. Authors often say that idea is nothing in comparison to the hard work. It may be so if your head is plentiful with worthy images and characters. But if you still have no concept, try to boost your skills and productivity before the idea comes. And it's sure will!

Work Out Your Daily Routines under Your Priorities

J.K. Rowling once said that she managed to complete a book and to raise a baby because she never did the housework in five years. Different people have various circumstances in their lives. As we have mentioned, some of them write full time, such example, writers from Others have a job to pay bills alongside with writing. Some people have families; others spend a lot of time in their attempts to create them eventually. If you feel that you have no time for writing because of other aspects of your life, maybe, writing professionally is not for you. If you don't, you'll find the time. It doesn't mean that writing should immediately become more important than anything else. But, by setting the priorities and estimating the scope of work you have to complete daily, you can find time both for writing and other important activities. Prioritize other things. Consider whether it is vital for you to always have a maintained home. Quit a job that doesn't pay or bring you any fulfillment, but never neglect people close to you. This will make you unhappy, and the statement that a genius author has to be unhappy is a myth.

A talent is a tiny part of a writer's success. One of the biggest parts is perseverance and hard work. Another great part is being a little bit smarter than others, and that includes following the best tips on how to become better as a writer.


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