5 Tips for Writing Emotional Headlines That Get Clicked Like Crazy


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Are you wondering how to get many clicks on your blog? We have just the answers for you. Blogging has become a bit challenging. This is because it also becomes quite common. There are so many blogs out there that contain information on many services and products. For this reason, you have to ensure that your blogs stand out. Among the ways you can do this is by making your topics attractive to your audience. Grab their attention right from the word go. You also have to make that connection between the topic and the content of your posts. Ensure that both the topic and the content is something that the reader can relate to. Keywords are also great items to help you get those clicks.

Since blogging is quite relevant with content marketing, you have to get the upper hand on it. You will agree with me that titles are everything, right? Then, you can easily drive followers to your content by putting up the right content and writing captivating titles.

Here, we share with you tips on how to get as many clicks as possible.

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Chapter 1

Have a Catchy Title

Have you ever found yourself ignoring a blog post because of a boring title? Well then, don’t make other readers go through the same ordeal. You will have to write titles that make the reader want to read your content.

In order to achieve this, you need to have done your homework as to what content your audience would like to read. If you are targeting young readers, writing about retirement homes will put them off completely. You want to ensure that your audience can identify with the content and that it will motivate them to keep following your blogs in the future.

Are you having challenges coming up with a catchy title? They worry no more! There are tools online that will help you generate the right title.

Here, making a bold statement is key. Have you title in a conversational manner to make it more appealing. The point here is to bring out the emotion in your readers. Therefore, have titles that bring out, anger, joy, empathy, surprise and amusement, among other emotions.

Do your Research for a Proper Keyword

This is very important as it determines whether or not your blog will get a click.

Be keen to do proper research in order to have a greater understanding of the audience and thus get to lead them directly to your web page. You can use various tools for research such as KeywordSpy and you will be sure to get many clicks.

It is also important that you make the right use of your keywords. Avoid stuffing your keyword in every way possible. This is because the readers are already aware of the content of the post, just ensure that is accurate and readable. To enhance the efficiency of the keyword, use one that already has a high search volume. This will ensure that your work is optimized hence driving traffic either through paid or just organic searches. This is usually because people tend to look for related topics to get a deeper understanding of issues.

The process of getting these high search keywords shouldn’t be such a big hustle. You can simply use tools like KeywordPlanner to help you generate the words in an easier and faster way. Remember that there is a lot of competition, so your blog should be top-notch.

Make it Short and Unique

Blogs that are too long discourage readers hence the reason why you need to keep them brief. Be keen not to lose the creativity and uniqueness all the same. Keep a clear balance. This is especially so for the titles. Most people tend to think that the larger, the better. But this is actually false when it comes to blog posts and getting more clicks. Here, you have to drive the message home with short content.

Another way to make your post stand out is by using interesting formats. This may include infographics to give a visual image of statistics, or quizzes to keep your readers engaged. You can also have how-to platforms that engage the readers in making interesting items.

You should, however, be keen not to deceive your audience as they will lose your trust.

You can also add in interesting images that clearly illustrate your points as well as quotes that motivate and captivate your readers. Here, you will also want to use a font that’s more readable and appealing to your readers. You don’t want them to be terrified at the idea of reading your posts. Create a huge following by being considerate about how your readers will manage to read your work.

Make the Topics Relevant

This is an important tip. The topics you use should remain relevant and useful to the content of the post. There is nothing as bad as having no link between the topic and the actual content. You should also avoid vagueness and mystery in writing the topics.

Take your time to analyze which topics are most preferred by your readers. Once you have this information, you can align your topic with those that are most read. However, be keen not to use the exact topics that have already been used. The readers will easily be bored with it. Instead, spice thing up by adding catchy phrases that can give the topics a whole new look.

You should aim to make the readers make a quick decision whether or not to read the post. It goes without saying that if the topic is not applicable to them, then they most likely won’t read the post.

Make Use of Power Words

Power words are known to drive emotion. If you want to raise the number of shares of your blogs, then make use of them. Examples include, awesome, best, great and brilliant, among others. These words easily stand out and catch the eyes of the readers. There are various resources online to help you research these words.

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We know that getting crazy clicks from posts can be a difficult task. However, we’ve simplified it for you with five simple tips. You always want to capture the emotion of your audience by using powerful words and by capturing their attention right from the title. You will also need to use keywords that command a high following. The best thing about all this is that you can get the help of tools online to generate catchy titles as well as great keywords. If you want to keep your readers hooked to your content, then you’ve got to provide them with information that’s relevant to them. There are so many blogs out there so competition is stiff. But, you can succeed by making your posts as unique and clear as possible, while still managing to keep them short. You definitely don’t want to bore your readers with too much information that they can’t grasp easily. If you still feel like you need assistance here or are not sure of your ability to come up emotional headlines, essaywritersite.com has a team of professional writers that can help you come up with some that will get clicked like crazy.

Do you have any exciting additional tips you would like to share?

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