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I could feel myself rematerializing as she called my name. 


Not yet fully formed, I reached out towards my creator with an outstretched hand, "Maria!" 

In the blazing bright light of the sunset behind me, I could see Maria, a slender girl of fifteen with long blonde hair and lively blue eyes. She extended a hand to me as she slowly walked my direction. 

It felt like a mist was washing over me as I finished rematerializing, "Maria," I said again as we stood face to face. 

Maria smiled warmly, "Hi Amber, are you ready?"  

I nodded, and Maria rose both of her hands in the air. Slowly, we both started to hover above the ground. I looked to the sky as we started to ascend to the clouds. 

Above cloud level, we flew together towards a small island in the sky. When we flew above the island we slowly started our decent towards the green grass on the top island.  

Noticing a despondent look on my creator's face I spoke up, "What's wrong?" 

 "Nothing," she turned to me, "I feel like running, you?" 

I hadn't particularly felt like running before, but now that she mentioned it, I did. Her being my creator, at times, I felt her feelings. A wild urging to just run filled me as we both stood up and quickly made our way towards the edge of the sky island. As soon as Maria's bare feet stepped off the island there was a partially visible path under her. 

I felt a sense of freedom as we ran side by side into the unknown. Turning to Maria I saw a light in her eyes and a grin upon her visage, her blonde hair flowed out from behind her. 

Soon we came up to something that looked like large a mirror that stood directly in front of our path. The curious thing about this mirror wasn't the fact that it had no frame but that it didn't mirror the world on its pristine surface, instead, another world was seen in it. 

Maria, not wasting a second, took my hand and we leapt into the mirror. Now, we were running through a rainforest with a wooden path. 

As we sprinted down the path I started to wonder, was Maria running from something? 

We ran into more bright and beautiful worlds, a brightly lit hallway, a world of water, and a garden bursting with flowers. Soon, we came to the next mirror. I jumped in excitedly expecting to find another bright world, but I swiftly noticed that I was, in fact, wrong. 

We were running down what looked to be dimly lit temple halls, the walls and tall pillars were a dark grey stone. It was almost completely dark. 

Looking at Maria, I could see the same despondent expression she wore earlier, "Maria, I feel your running from something. What are you running from?"


"What are you running from?" 

Silence. No answer came from my creator as we continued running down the darkened halls of the temple. 

"Maria? What are you running from?" 

We skidded to a stop. Maria looked at me. 

"Myself... reality." 




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