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Tool bags

A good master - an electrician, an installer, a locksmith - can be distinguished by a number of signs. He is always collected, accurate, attentive to wishes, and efficient. An indispensable attribute of the wizard is the tool.

How to identify a good master?

As you know, they are met by clothes. When calling a master, always pay attention to what he came to. It is clear that he can come for diagnosis and repair in his work clothes. Pay attention to what he came with, how he will diagnose a breakdown or determine the scope of work. If he does not have a tool with him to unscrew something, then the question arises, how will he repair it then. If a person does something professionally, most likely he has the necessary tools and universal consumables. This is what creates the first impression of the master as a specialist.

And if this master is you, then you should think about how to create the first good impression and be fully equipped when visiting a client. Image, even if you are a repairman - that's all. It is pleasant to work with a trained and accurate person. I propose today to talk about the storage and transportation of tools, or rather backpacks for tools.


Manufacturers today offer a huge selection of backpacks for a wide variety of needs. Backpacks for tools are a very convenient thing. They are easy to carry, with them you can climb to a height, and also have at hand the necessary set of tools.

High-quality backpacks from well-known manufacturers are very profitable to buy. They will serve you for many years, because with their help you can not only organize work, but also travel.

Almost all of them are water repellent, which is very important when working outdoors. They are made of fairly hard fabric, but this is necessary for their durability. They have a hard and waterproof bottom made of rubberized plastic, which ensures stability and waterproofness, because the master can put it on the ground and quietly carry out the necessary work. Outside, most models have sling loops that allow you to attach additional pouches if necessary. As a rule, such backpacks are large in size and have many pockets for various small parts and tools - a flashlight, relay, tape measure and similar trifles.

Professional backpacks for tools are designed, as a rule, up to 20 kg. They have wide adjustable shoulder straps and an anatomical back for long wear. Construction backpacks are the most durable, as they are suitable for heavy loads, have more pockets and compartments. There are also models on wheels for more comfortable movement with them at maximum load. As for the color scheme, it can be both black and gray colors, and red, blue, combined.

Backpacks with reflective inserts are also on sale, which is very convenient when working in the dark.

Popular models

It is worth considering a closer look at several models from well-known manufacturers in order to determine the criteria by which the master will pick up a backpack.

WorkPro W081065

One of the most popular is the model of this company with 37 pockets. This backpack is made of polyester, which gives it strength. It has three compartments, a wide bottom, which ensures stability. The waterproof plastic from which the bottom is made protects against water and dirt. Materials are easy to clean. A feature of this model that distinguishes it from the rest is its ability to load up to 65 kg of tools, while its own weight is 1.6 kg.

This model is available in several color options, but the most popular is black and red. The backpack has a compartment for a laptop and accessories. Many pockets make it easy to carry a large number of tools and consumables. With all its advantages, it has a relatively low price - about 4000 rubles, which is fully consistent with its quality and durability.

Stanley Fatmax 1-79-215

This model which shown here has the greatest popularity. A distinctive feature is the number of pockets - there are 50 of them. The backpack is made of high strength nylon, has wide adjustable shoulder straps, as well as a separate laptop compartment. The wide waterproof one makes it steady. The rigid form and tailoring allow you to open the compartments very widely, use the backpack as a horizontally laid out set of tools.

Inside, it is sheathed with an elastic band that allows you to hold many tools. The backpack can be opened from any side thanks to two locks. It looks like an ordinary backpack, so you can easily go on a trip with it. It fully justifies its price, judging by customer reviews. It costs about 5000 rubles.

KVT C-07

This model is often called among users as a backpack installer. She is one of the most popular models, looks stylish, and it is very convenient to use. With such a backpack you can not only work, but also go camping or go on a trip, while abandoning a suitcase that takes hands. This backpack is made of waterproof polyester, a fairly tough material. It has a loop of slings, so you can hang additional pouches on it.

Compared to other models, it has few pockets - only 19 pieces. Two deep side pockets allow you to store essentials. It has a stitched elastic in the front compartment for vertical storage of screwdrivers and keys, as well as a small transparent pocket for business cards. Despite its relatively small size, it has a pretty good capacity. The weight of the backpack itself is about 1800 g. It is mainly produced in black and gray and costs about 3,500 rubles in online stores.

Intertool BX-9020

I advise you to purchase this model for those who need a wear-resistant backpack with the necessary pockets and compartments, but in the middle price category. This model is made of textiles, but using modern technologies. It is very stable and also has a waterproof bottom. It costs an average of 2000 rubles.

Important! The ranking of the best manufacturers of backpacks and tool bags, in addition to the above, according to the results of last year included such companies as TOPEX, DeWALT, Pro'sKit. There is even a Russian manufacturer - Bison.

A transforming bag from the Russian manufacturer Zubr is in the budget price category, it costs about 1,500 rubles. It is made of textile, very roomy and wear-resistant. This model is made by modern technologies, has a strong waterproof bottom and 17 pockets. You can carry the bag for two small handles or using a shoulder strap. The only drawback is that it is a bag, not a backpack. Therefore, before buying it is worth considering whether it will be convenient to wear it and carry out repairs with it. For high-altitude work, for example, it is definitely not suitable.

How to make the right choice?

It should be understood when choosing a backpack for the tool that the model must be stable, have the required number of pockets and a wide bottom. Design and color can be chosen to your liking, today they are presented in large quantities. Imagine mentally what you want to carry in a backpack and how much space you need for small things.

Remember what tools most often carry with you, what other devices are needed.

Based on this, decide what is more important for you - the number of pockets or, conversely, several spacious compartments with a small number of pockets. And feel free to make a choice based on these criteria.


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