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It took me only 12 hours to fall for Georgie Reed; and 24 hours later, here she was, straddling my waist, staring down into my eyes, and engraving her being into my heart. Her body and soul was the reason of the stupid smile I wore right now.

Her face in the crook of my neck, licking and sucking, attempting to give me a hickey, "I like crazy people who don't give a fuck." She smiled against my neck as I giggled. "Same," I added, not knowing if I fit into that group. Honestly, I didn't, but I wanted to be with her. "I like you." Her smile reached her eyes and I knew it was genuine as she thought of something. Shaking her head, she looked down at me, scrunching her nose. She kissed me hard. Releasing me minutes later, flipping her hair to one side, she tapped my nose with her index. "Good luck with that," she said. Her tone playful, but I knew she wasn't one to play with peoples feelings. 

Especially not with mine.

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"You keep me safe. I'll keep you wild."

That was the first promise we made to each other and it was the only promise we needed.

Until the time came we'd need to break it.

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Matthew's POV 

        "Maybe, we should see other people," the blonde with deep red lips said without looking at me.

I stared at her attire, never happy with the things she called "clothes" they were always a little too small or too tight, what was wrong with well fitted clothes? I never could figure her out, never understood what I saw in her either. Going from Georgie to her, then again, no one ever compared to the girl I once loved over everything on this planet. She was one of a kind, my girl, the love of my life, and here I was now, looking or trying to look into the young blondes eyes for answers.

        "Did you hear me, Matt?" "Matt?"

I heard her, oh I heard her loud and clear, but the thing was I knew about her antics with other man. So, the "we should see other people" thing wasn't really true. "You cheated on me, just say it." Her face finally turning to meet my stare, eyes blinking rapidly. "What!?" She stood and bent down, her body in a pathetic position for any woman.

The young girl I once loved would never grovel or beg, down on her knees you would never find her. "Get up," I sternly spoke. She stood shakily, nervous now, for I knew what she thought had been a secret she could get away with. "Matt, I- it was just once, I was drunk and-" smiling, amusement covering my lips because that was always the go to answer. "That's no excuse." Standing, I walked over to her dorm room door, turning as I heard her sigh. "You never loved me anyways." Shaking her head as she sat cross-legged on the bed. I chuckled at that, "you wouldn't know love if it bit you on the ass."

        "I do know love, I was close to loving you, but now not anymore." My turn now to shake my head at her audacity. "Darlin' if you loved me, you wouldn't of cheated on me." Getting up quickly, she stumbled to get in front of me, grabbing at my wrist and speaking, "people make mistakes, I'm not perfect." Bowing my head and pursing my lips, "no, you're not perfect, but at least have respect for yourself." Her hand releasing my wrist and backing away. "What do you know about love, about respect?" she spit, annoyed now. "One, respect isn't given, its earned. Two, you sleeping around... makes for little respect towards yourself and three, with love comes trust and that turns into respect."

        "I hope you fall in love and they break your heart!" Her back to me now, my smile turning into a frown. Hand tight around the door knob and leaving the room. The door slamming behind me. I spoke to myself as I got a little ways down the corridor, "well, it's a bit too late for that."

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