How To Create A Successful Youtube Video?


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How To Create A Successful Youtube Video?

YouTube is the first preference of every marketer. It has more than 1 billion active users and is considered as the second most powerful search engine after Google. This means that most of the people look for their desired answer on YouTube. And almost 80% of the users are from the age group of 18 years to 49 years who watch YouTube video. Research by seo company in bhopal states that average session that user spend on YouTube is about 40 minutes and almost 300 hours of video is being uploaded per minute.  In addition to this, Google also determines the YouTube video while ranking the search result. That's what makes the YouTube as the number #1 channel for marketing. Let's explore how you can create a successful YouTube video like never before.


#1. Branded Intro Footage 


When it comes to marketing, the branding can never be overlooked. The reason is, branding helps in building loyalty.  Adding a branded info footage helps the target audience to recognize your brand instantly and thus, protect them from going to the competitors.  Along with this, branding is also essential to ensure that the viewer remembers the video, which is handy when they recommend it to someone else.


#2. An Attention-Grabbing Intro 


The survey reveals the statistics that almost 23% of the people watch the video just for the first 10 seconds. And even worse than this, they might also hit the dislike button and that lead to many to rid of the viewers.  Well, the main cause behind is the lack of proficiency in the intro. Once you add a branded intro footage, make sure to compel them to watch the video till the end. This could be achieved by explaining what they are about to view and how it will help them in real-life.  If the video is showing the solution to solve any problem, make sure to customize it as it builds trust and value.


#3. Background Music 


A video without background music is nothing but a boring stuff that only wastes the time of viewer. Well, people are more interested in what you are saying, that's why offering only the relevant and concise content is the common best seo company in gurgaon implements but this is also the fact that people get bored fast. So, it's necessary to keep the users interested. Adding a background music to the video not only captures the attention of the user but also, sets the mood and give them another reason to share the video.


#4. Being Clearly Audible 


A great intro and amazing background music are not enough to raise your brand and become audible. Do remember that the eventual aim of your business to allow your audience to understand what you are offering. If your video is nothing but simply a pictorial representation, even the nice background music won't do the work.  Even if you are including the oral presentation, make sure the background music doesn't affect the context in any way.


#5. Be Concise 


Not too short but of course, short videos have the highest level of engagement. Most of the audience watch the video based on the duration of the video. That's what makes the length of the video an essential factor to pay attention to.


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