Becoming Raven: the fall of kiendor fell


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After a long hard day travelling on the road to Ollal Asari, a quite market town to the west of Imyh Asari. The capital of Lys Edhil, where the great Dyamo Fachur Oru ruled. He was a fair but firm leader of mainly human population with the exception of a few elven, dwarven and Halfling clans housed on the outskirts. Raven came up to an opening on the side of the road, he decided with it being late afternoon and with a further two days travelling ahead to set up camp here for the night. Raven built a fire and got his rations out sitting down to eat realising there wasn't much left. He wished he hadn't left in such a hurry, leaving his horse and supplies in the last town. "Women they always get a guy in trouble." he thought to him self. 

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Chapter 1

After eating a meal that would only just fill a small child, Raven decided to get some sleep. It had gone dark already, he really hoped for some undisturbed  sleep tonight. Not long after dosing off Raven found himself dreaming of his mother again and within a flash he was a young boy back in his home town of janitor, hearing a name he hadn't heard in a while.

" Kiendor" he heard his mother call " Kiendor come on your tea is ready."

" Coming mother." he replied

" What have you been upto" his mother asked.

" I was out in the fields with Nac Frinn and Ras Griel."

"Oh was you now?" she questioned." And what was you doing up in the fields may I ask?" Kiendor lowered his head and sighed " We were talking about our fathers, they don't see their fathers either."

Mierla's heart sank because Kiendor didn't know that being half elf meant he could never see his father. Now that he was at the age of thirteen Mierla decided it was time to tell her son. " Kiendor please sit down we need to talk about your father." She sat down at the table with her son. " You see Kiendor your a half elf, your father is an elf of very high standing. His name is Elderan Oathseer, there is a rule elf's ate not allowed to see their children ifhey are not full elf." she explained." As a rule half elf babies are killed at birth." she continued, " Your father brought us here in secret. But he did tell me we would never see him again." she sobbed. " Why" he cried " What did I do Wrong."

" Oh my poor sweet boy, it's nothing you have done wrong." she sobbed. " Kiendor Fell you are an amazing boy. You will soon be a man."

Raven woke suddenly, hearing footsteps approaching. He hoped he wouldn't have to fight, if he had to fight he was more than capable. He was more tired then anything else, he reached for his sword. A soft gentle voice said " You wont need that I bid you no harm, I only wish to share your fire." the stranger announced. Raven sat up to see an elderly man stood in front of him. 

"And what do you have to offer in exchange for sitting by my fire." he questioned.

"I can offer food, mead and a good listening ear, I saw you sleeping and it was a troublesome sleep." replied the man.

" By all means sit." Raven gestured to a fallen tree near the fire. The elderly gentleman sat and smiled thankfully.

" My name is Xiridh Abe, I come from a large city in the south named Offends. Its a nice place to live now, but wasn't always that way. Many years ago, there was a huge battle. You may remember it." he stated.

" Yes Xiridh I remember it was when I was part of The Rangers Of Vanitor, we fought the King Pauktum of the Catfolk and his may armies." he replied

Xiridh looked stunned that someone of Raven's war heroics, would remember a battle like that. Xiridh knew that Raven had served  in many wars far longer then the two years the war of Imva Aqua lasted.

" Your name doesn't ring any bells though, I'm afraid." he apologised.

" I wouldn't have expected you to." Xiridah replied. " I'm no war hero, I'm just a simple councillor serving under Lord  Urod Khozel but certainly left an ever lasting a mark on me."

Raven smiled at the thought of some one remembering him for something good.

"Would you like some mead." Xiridah asked.

"Please that would be nice." Raven replied taking the goblet. "how come your so far from home, this is not a road the sort of road I would expect to find a councillor on . No offence."

" None taken Raven, you see I was deep in meditation, when I had a divine calling, telling me to come to this place. Now I sit here with yourself." he replied.

" Do you think I'm your divine calling Xiridah."

The elder man chuckled " I'm not sure but you are a troubled man, maybe I can be of some help."

" I'm beyond help, I learnt that along time ago." raven stated.

Xiridah smiled " lets have a bite to eat, how about some bacon, sausages and .... mmm here it is, some bread."

Raven felt his stomach rumble. " Yes please, if you have enough to spare." raven smiled.

It had been so long, since he had eaten properly. With the sausages and bacon sizzling in the pan, they spoke little.

" So what happened to you Raven? What makes Vanitors finest Ranger, a sword for hire." Xiridah asked.

Raven shifted his gaze from Xiridah to the floor. he hated it when he met up with some one from his rtanger days, they always wanted to know why he fell from grace. They all wanted to know the fall of Kiendor Fell.

" There's a lot that troubles me Xiridah, I have been through a lot recently alone. I have been dreaming a lot about my younger years lately, especially since the death of my mother."

"Oh my condolences on your loss." Xiridah replied.

" Thank you ." Raven replied sadly. " You see Xiridah if you know me as Raven, then how do you know my days as a Ranger?" questioned Raven.

" well until I saw you, all I knew was I was to meet a man named only Raven, but as  soon as I saw your face, by the way hasn't aged at all. I knew the mighty Ranger Kiendor Fell had fallen and Raven had taken his place. I am here to listen and help in any way possible."

Raven stared into the fire for a second contemplating whilst finishing his mouth full of food.

" I'm not sure you are able to help, things seemed to have spiralled  out of control after my fourteenth birthday, that was the day I turned my back on my elven heritage for many years. I turned very bitter during my late teenage years, there was many fights."

Raven thought about his first ever  fight when he was just fourteen years old. He fought one of his best friends over a girl, a girl he couldn't even remember the name of. The beating he took at the hands Ras Greil was embarrassing. Kiendor was so embarrassed by the beating, he threw all his might into his hand to hand combat, long bow training and his sword play. When  Kiendor had turned sixteen, he demanded a rematch with Ras. After a lo0ng battle, their other friend Nac Frinn had to pull him off of Ras, which caused Kiendor to attack Nac out of blind fury. the punches flowed and Nac wasn't fast enough to block Kiendor's attacks. After a while Kiendor started to tire, when he finally stopped Nac was unconscious and bleeding quite badly. Kiendor saw what he had done and left home, only to return to Vanitor each year on his mother's birthday,until his twenty-first birthday.

During his late teens, whilst on the run Kiendor noticed his elven looks would get him a lot of attention from young girls and women alike, this usually end up getting him in a lot of trouble and many fights. The anger he kept deep down inside was hard to control and usually ended up making him loose control. Kiendor blamed his father for everything it was easier then facing up to what he had done. He remembered one particular fight, at an inn in a small town named Winnas. Whilststaying in the inn named the Hogs Head, he was being very flirtasious with a lovely young barmaid, he didn't know she was being courted, when he found out he didn't really care and decided he wanted her any way. The young barmaid refused and Kiendor became very immature and started to shout at her in a very abusive language. Ensa Vigar, he believed her name was. He certainly would remember the name of her gentleman friend, Zelgu drangi, he was a good foot taller than Kiendor and a larger buildaswell. This didn't stop Kiendor, he moved slowly towards Zelgu. He watched every move the bigger man made and how he held himself, Zelgu took his stance and pulled out a machete.

Kiendor attacked with a right knee to the kidneys, Zelgu dropped to one knee, blocking Kiendor's next attack , pushing Kiendor at least eight feet backwards. Zelgu stood up and Kiendor attacked once again, this time he threw a right hook into Zelgu's ribcage followed by a left foot to the neck, Zelgu stumbled backwards, getting his footing under control as Kiendor's foot came flying at his face. Zelgu caught the foot and then grabbed the leg, he then swung his attacker round and forced him out of the inn door. Zelgu ducked under the solid oak door frame as he stepped out the door of the inn, kiendor attacked again, this time knocking Zelgu to the floor, having the high ground he screamed 

" Do you yield."

" Never." Zelgu screamed back. 

He picked up his machete and attacked, Kiendor side stepped letting Zelgu's momentum carry him passed him and that's when he hit Zelgu square in the back of the head. Kiendor knew he could end this at any time as Zelgu was fighting angry, he knew his opponent had lost control of his actions. Kiendor drew his sword with Zelgu turning to attack again, he parried every attack with ease, deciding if zelgu refused to yield he would end it quickly.

" I'm warning you Zelgu, if you don't yield, I will be forced in to killing you. I am the better swordsman by far." he warned.

Zelgu was in such a rage that he either didn't hear or ignored Kiendor's warning, he flew into another attack, screaming

" You dishonoured my betrothed, you dishonour me."

Kiendor parried away the attacks once again.

" I'm not playing Zelgu, I mean what I say." he warned again.

Zelgu tried to attack again, Ensa tried to stop him, knowing he was going to get hurt or killed, she stood in front of Zelgu and the momentum of his attack pierced her heart. Ensa slowly dropped to the floor, Zelgu screaming in anguish, his heart breaking as Ensa's eyes began to dull. Zelgu dropped to his knees sobbing, Kiendor sheathed his sword his head bowed, he never wanted thuis to happen.

" I swear to you stranger, I will have my revenge one day, one day I will watch as your eyes dull as the life pours out of you." screamed Zelgu 

"I await that day Zelgu and until then, I offer you my condolences and inform you I am Kiendor Fell of Vanitor."

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Chapter 2

Raven looked over at his companion, tears strolling down his cheeks. Xiridah instantlyresponded. " Her death was not your fault Kiendor, I believe it was her time and she acted blindly out of love."

" It was my doing though, if I had just left her alone , she would have gone on to live a full and healthy life with her betrothed." Raven cried.

" You don't know that for a fact Kiendor, if it was her time to leave this life and enter the after life, ishe would have died some how anyway."soothed Xiridah

Raven sniffed back a tear" that is not the only incident that weighs down my heart, I have done many bad things before becoming a Ranger, and since leaving the corps."

" But you have also done many good things before and after becoming a Ranger, Kiendor you must realise this..." Xiridah exclaimed " Kiendor yo..."

" I must stop you there, why do you insist on calling me Kiendor. I go by the name Raven now and have done now for many years." He asked

" Because Kiendor is your true self,  you go by the name Raven because you are lost and alone in the dark. You must bring balance to yourself by uniting the two halves of yourself. Only then you will be whole and be able accomplish anything. Tell me Kiendor what else troubles you?" Xiridah asked 

Raven felt like he was falling through time and space as the memories flew passed him, until he landed in Vanitor he remembered this one, he was eighteen and was sneaking back into Vanitor to visit his mother on her birthday. He had matured some in the two years since he left, his elvish looks had made him very handsome. Entering his mother's road he spotted his former friend Nac Frinn, Kiendor pulled his hood further over his face to try and hide who he was, hoping Nac wouldn't notice him. But to his dismay Nac had already spotted him.

" Kiendor Fell you bastard what are you doing here." Nac shouted.

" Move aside Nac I'm not here to fight, I'm here to visit my mother on her birthday." Kiendor replied .

" I will not move aside, not until you explain why you attacked me and Ras." yelled Nac.

" I can't explain it, I am truly sorry for attacking you Nac . You was never ment to get hurt. I lost my temper, Ras on the other hand was for the beating he had given me years earlier." he replied

"To little to late Kiendor , you could have killed me. Once you have visited your mother be on your way, and you better hope Ras doesn't see you, he will kill you Kiendor."

Mierla was so happy to see her son that she started crying. 

" How have you been my dear son, you really have grown into a handsome young man."

Kiendor smiled " I've been good mother and have missed you dearly. how have you been , how's your health."

They talked for hours , only stopping when a commotion from outside disturbed them. Ras had found out Kiendor was in town and really wasn't happy about it. he rallied as many people that would stand by him as he could.

" It's Ras Griel." his mother cried.

" I will deal with this mother." Kiendor replied opening the front door.

" Kiendor Fell, you have some nerve showing your face around here, take your leave now or taste the steel of my blade." Ras yelled drawing his sword.

" Ras, please don't do this, I'm here to visit my mother on her birthday, I'll be gone by tomorrow evening." Kiendor pleaded.

" Not going to happen, you need to leave now or like I said I will kill you."

Kiendor smiled  " Ras I have beaten you before, please don't make me kill you."

Ras turned a deep shade of red with anger, screamed at Kiendor. "I have also beaten you in the past and now I am a better warrior. you are now looking at the Captain of the Vanitor Guards, if you stay , I promise I will destroy you in front of your mother."

" No..." screamed Mierla. " Please just leave my son alone." she cried .

" Hush mother..." Kiendor stated " Ras please not in front of the mother, please just leave i'll be gone tomorrow evening." Kiendor repied.

" If you refuse then stop hiding behind your mothers skirt and draw your sword." Ras screamed turning even redder

Kiendor stepped out in the garden, his sword still sheathed. " Again Ras I beg you don't do this."

Ras charged forward, Kiendor side stepped and ducked as  Ras's sword flew over his head, Kiendor then leaped forward and rolled in the dirt, nimbly landing back on his feet, he was a good seven feet away from Ras now.

" Please Ras I don't want to do this, you should never attack in anger, that is something I learnt when I first left ." Kiendor begged again.

" Anger, I'll show you anger." Ras replied swinging his sword again and again. 

Kiendor side stepped and jumped backwards out of the way of the violent swings.

" Ras I'm showing you up without using my sword, please leave now and sleep on it, if you still wish to kill me tomorrow, I shall meet you on the fields, we used to play on when we was but boy's." Kiendor stated.

Ras stopped looked over at his pregnant wife and agreed. " Tomorrow then Kiendor, enjoy your final night , for tomorrow I will end you." 

With that the crowd dispersed, Mierla grabbed her son by his arm as he walked back into the house. 

Kiendor you must leave immediately take some provisions for your journey and go my son." she begged.

" No mother, I will spend the rest of today with you. I will leave tomorrow like I said... " Kiendor replied " Believe me mother, I have no intentions of dying tomorrow. Now off to bed with you, I will do the pots."

Mierla smiled. " good night my boy."

" Good night mother." he smiled back.

By the time Mierla got up the next morning Kiendor had left, he had left her a note saying he was sorry, but he had to leave early. There was also a second note, before she had chance to pick it up she heard loud banging a her front door. She expected the Vanitor Guard to arrest her son. When she opened the door, there stood a very angry Ras.

" Where is he Mierla, why has the coward not shown up for our battle."

" I don't know Ras, I thought he had gone to meet you up in the fields... one minute." She  stated returning back into the house, coming out  a few seconds later with a letter in her hand. " I guess this one is for you." she said handing it  over to Ras.

Dear ras, 

I'm sorry for the last time we met, I'm also sorry for embarrassing you infront of your family last night. Maybe one day you will forgive me and hopefully you, Nac and I can be friends once again. If  you find you have to brand me as a coward, by all means do so. Last night I saw the fear in your wife's eyes, she was scared I would kill you, and your child would then grow up with out a father like we did , I could not be the reason your child suffered our fate.

                     Your friend always


Raven remembered the last words he had written in that letter all those years ago, he returned to the here and now .

" You see Xiridah, there is so much hurt in my life time and I have caused even more then I have felt." Raven stammered holding back the tears.

" Kiendor, do you not see, what good you have done aswell. Look at what you just told me, you let the possibility of  people looking at you as a coward, then harm some one you called friend, even though that person didn't look at you in the same way. That is not cowardice, that is compassion, has Ras lived a full and healthy life."Xiridah asked. 

" Yes he has, he has five children and been happily married for many years." Raven replied.

" So you see Kiendor if you hadn't shown your friend compassion, he wouldn't have had such a  wonderful life, if you had fought and lost, it would have changed his life."

" I guess so." Raven replied. " But I have also done so much more wrong ."

" And Kiendor, I am sure , you will show me as much love and compassion aswell." Xiridah smiled.

" I don't know about that ." Raven replied.


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