Worn to Death


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Worn to Death

There was no soul

Upon her face

Empty eyes

Black as spades

A broken jaw

Worn and loose

Rigged teeth

From harsh abuse

Her nose was crooked

Slightly long

As though her sent

Was mostly gone

Her hair was tangled

Webbed in knots

Where beauty lived

Until it lost

Her heart was weak

Barely there

As though it had

No breath of air

Fingers callused

With broken nails

From the beating

Of stair case rails


There was no smile 

Upon her face

But broken dreams

In its place

Her legs were thin

Brittle and cold

Her mind was lost

From aging old

And as she rocked

Still in her chair

The broken clock

Just barely there

Struck midnight

Through the house

Of empty noise

So very loud

She stood to rise

Upon her feet

In ragged clothes

Down to her knees

Barefoot still

She walked alone

To the door

Of solid stone

And took her hands

To feel the edge

Where there was

No knob to rest


She screamed a whisper

In despair

With her last

Breath of air

Please come back

And let me leave

From this house

Of misery

I will not cry

Or walk away

But softly sing

As I pray

Into the night

Of wishes deep

Where I’ll lay

Down to sleep


Then as she walked

Upon the stairs

Her fingers touched

The rails still there

From where she fell

Thrown into pain

By her burglars

Soul of vein

Her memories all

Came flooding back

Her heart then felt

It was attacked

She took her steps

Up to the top

Ever slowly

Lost in thought

Until she reached

The bedroom door

Where love had died

Forever more


She laid to rest

Upon her bed

Where her love

Was lying dead

Still in pain

From the shock

A single blow

To death he rocked

No one had heard

A single noise

Yet there her life

Had been destroyed

By just a single


Cruel intent

So meant to be


She prayed to god

That very night 

And asked the question

Forever why

Why did this happen

Just today

I have no words

Left to say

Where is my angel

Where have they gone

I cannot see

What has went wrong

I cannot think

My mind is lost

I cannot feel

But pain the most


And then she stopped

To take a breath

Listened close

To feel her chest

And laid beside

The man she knew

Would never return

From heaven’s view

Until she closed

Her eyes at once

To meat him there

In peace and love


© 2013 Kimberly Charbneau


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