Baseball betting strategies in bookmakers


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Baseball betting strategies in bookmakers

To make successful baseball bets, you need to know the sport thoroughly. Outsiders and favorites can change in an unbelievable way for an inexperienced person.

Baseball is not the most popular sport in our country. TV broadcasts on the leading sports channels are enjoyed only by the top matches of the world championship. Somewhat different situation in the world of bookmakers and sports betting. Here the popularity of baseball, of course, is not comparable to soccer or tennis, but many players prefer this sport for betting.

To make successful baseball bets, you need to know the sport thoroughly. The outsiders and favorites can change in an unbelievable way for an inexperienced person. Even one game can dramatically change all the statistics.

The main rule of baseball betting on is to study and carefully analyze statistical information. Despite the fact that baseball is not one of the most popular sports, all the information about the games can be easily found on the internet.

Here's the thing: Obsolete statistics are interesting only insofar as they might be useful. Teams may have a personal grudge against each other that's been piling up for decades. To draw any conclusions about a team's current level, it's worth examining current data, changes, and rankings.


Live baseball betting

Since most major baseball games are played in the United States, there is one nuance common to all North American leagues. When baseball games are played in Moscow, it is nighttime. Usually the games start around 9:00 p.m. and end at 05:00-06:00 a.m. Therefore, fans of live baseball betting should be prepared to spend a sleepless night.

Experts have developed an interesting baseball live betting strategy. To take advantage of this strategy, it is necessary to choose a bookmaker's office that allows you to bet for and against a certain outcome.

Live baseball betting strategy is a kind of "forks". According to the rules of the strategy, the player has to bet on the victory of a particular team within seconds after it has led in the score. After a while odds on the victory of this team begin to fall, odds on the victory of the opponent begin to rise. When the odds on the opponent's victory reach a maximum, it is possible to bet against the victory of the first team.

In order to successfully use the live betting strategy, it is necessary to be well versed in all the subtleties and nuances of professional baseball and to find live broadcasts.


Total in baseball betting

Almost all bookmaker's offices in parallel with bets on the main outcomes include in the main drawing of bets on the total - the result of the game, expressed in quantitative terms. In baseball, when calculating the total, runs of athletes, or wounds, are taken into account.

A baseball game consists of nine innings. In rare cases where the score remains tied at the end of the main last inning, additional innings are scheduled, up to determining the winner of the game.

One of the main strategies for live baseball betting is based on the fact that, on average, four to five innings out of nine end in a tie. And the player's goal is to catch that draw.

The strategy is based on one of the modifications of the catch. In the first inning, the player bets on a tie. The bet wins, the player makes a profit and moves on to another game, or stays in the same game and bets on a draw in the second inning. If the bet loses, a triple bet is made for the second inning. If the second bet wins, we take the money. If it loses, triple the second bet and bet on a tie in the third inning.

At least one draw happens in almost every baseball game, so the strategy can be considered a win-win. Since the overtake here is not to double, but to triple the bet amount, you should be wise in calculating the initial bet amount. Optimal for beginners - 100-200 rubles.


There are a few nuances

Ties in innings are very common. However, sometimes there are cases where 4-5 or more innings go without this outcome. Given that the betting amounts are tripled after each loss, you should once again assess your financial capabilities. If the last inning of a baseball game ended with a result other than a tie, the first bet in the next game is the triple of the previous one.

Before you start working with this strategy, you should study the statistics. It is possible to calculate the possible amount you could win in the previous week, combine it with the possible loss, estimate whether you could afford to triple the bets, and with what amount it is better to start the game.

Among the disadvantages of this strategy is the fact that many betting shops working in Russia do not work with live baseball bets. Suitable outcomes can be found in large international companies, such as William Hill.


mlb betting strategies

MLB is the major baseball league located in North America. Most world-class baseball games are played here, and it is the matches within this league that almost all sports betting is done on.

One of the most interesting MLB baseball betting strategies was developed by an experienced trader, Tony Staffo. He created an algorithm to find an underdog with serious chances to win.

We go to a bookmaker's office and study the odds. The odds on the underdog's victory should not exceed 2.50. This part of the work is done by the BC analysts themselves. We look through the statistics of the last matches. We remove from the list the teams that have lost their last three games in a row. Such team can win, but can also start a longer losing streak.

If the favorite has won three games in a row, it is in great shape and is likely to win the next game as well. Such a game is also crossed off. Examine the list of pitchers from the top 20 teams. We remove from the list of underdogs those who meet in a match with the best pitchers. After excluding all unsuitable matches, we bet on the victory of the underdog. In this case he will have the best chance to win.

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