Strategies for betting on virtual soccer in bookmakers


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Strategies for betting on virtual soccer in bookmakers

Virtual soccer is a simulation of a real soccer match, created in accordance with the basic canons and principles.


Virtual soccer is a simulation of a real soccer game, created in accordance with the basic canons and principles. Everything is computer-generated: players, soccer teams, schedules and game events. 3D broadcasting is created for the most significant events of the match.


Virtual soccer has a number of features that make the number of bets on it constantly growing.


The duration of the virtual match is only a minute and a half. There is a break and small pauses before and after the match, increasing the duration of the tour to 4 minutes and 35 seconds. In other words, you can make a bet and in a few minutes to get the calculation. There are no off-seasons, vacations and weekends in virtual soccer. On any day and at any time, there are several virtual matches in the line of the bookmaker's office like


Considering that the world's top championships are not played as often, and betting on Japan's third league is not suitable for everyone, virtual soccer is a great temporary substitute for a real match. No need to lose time analyzing teams, researching information, weather conditions, team lineups, injuries and more. Only the theory of probability works here. All situations on the field are randomly generated by the computer.


Betting strategies for virtual soccer

Virtual and real soccer are different things. In real soccer, you can study statistics, assess the physical and psychological state of the players, the importance of the championship and make the necessary conclusions. In virtual soccer, every match starts from scratch, and the team at the top of the standings may well lose to a complete outsider. However, such situations sometimes occur in real sports.

Initially, the mathematical advantage is on the side of the bookmaker's office. You can not cheat the theory of probability. It is impossible to predict the outcome of a match in advance: everything is based on random numbers. Finding a pattern is theoretically possible. If it existed in practice, it would lead to the closure of bets on virtual soccer in bookmakers: companies do not like to lose.



Catch-up and derivatives

According to the same probability theory, no team can lose to infinity. And no program takes into account all the individual characteristics of athletes. Only random numbers work. The closest analogue is the slot machines in online casinos.

One of the developments based on the Martingale strategy used in virtual soccer, called "Topim for Madrid. The principle of the strategy is that the player bets on a particular team until it wins. After a loss, the bet amount is increased by half a percent.

As an option, you can allocate a small bank specifically for betting on virtual soccer, and test other financial strategies. Tournaments in virtual sports are almost instantaneous, which allows you to evaluate the performance of the financial system before using it in real bets.

You should not get carried away, make large bets and make a catch-up with the whole bank. Do not forget, unlike real soccer, nothing depends on the athletes here. This is an ordinary online casino, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

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