Working strategies for betting on basketball in bookmakers


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Working strategies for betting on basketball in bookmakers

Basketball is among the traditional sports for betting. It is in the lines of every major bookmaker's office.

Basketball is among the traditional sports for betting. It is in the lines of every major bookmaker's office like Basketball has an interesting scoring system. Thus, if the ball is thrown into the ring from medium or short range, the team scores two points. If the ball is thrown from long range, the team scores three points. Penalty shots count for one point.

Different levels of basketball competitions are held almost daily. Among the most popular championships are the Euroleague, the Eurocup and FIBA. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is considered the leading championship.


Selecting Basketball Matches for Betting

Ideally, a strategy should be responsible for the selection of basketball betting matches. Not all matches are suitable for one or another game strategy, this is important to understand. Also, when choosing leagues and matches, it is worth considering your knowledge and skills. Of course, the priority should be meetings involving those teams that you are very familiar with and have previously watched a lot of their matches.

Basketball bets have some features. Ties in this sport are very rare, but they do happen. Here you can bet on the comparison of quarters, matches, in play you can bet on the number of fouls that the leader will score during the match.

Basketball also has its own win-win betting strategies. Some of them are universal, and with some adjustments applicable to all sports. Others have been developed specifically for basketball.


The best betting systems

Basketball has its own unique strategies that work only for the sport. You can also use some universal strategies for different sports.


Betting on overtime: are the risks worth it?

A tie is a rare occurrence in basketball. But in the NBA overtimes happen more often than in other championships. The reasons may vary. Whether it's the style of play of the players or the coaches' policies, whether it's trying to force a win in overtime and prevent a weakened leader from playing the better part of a game.

To win with this strategy, it is necessary to study the statistics of teams that play with overtime more often than others. Odds for overtime are usually around 10, but as the match progresses, some bookmakers may offer 14-16. These are the kinds of offers you should be looking for. Even when one team has a clear advantage, it is still possible to bet on a draw.

Naturally, the strategy is long-term and requires investment, time and attention. About every 10 to 15 bets you have will win. In the short run, you can guess 2-3 matches with a draw at once and come out in a good plus.


Financial Strategies: Consider the Benefits

Financial management strategies provide discipline, minimize risks and allow you to make regular profits at a distance with proper analysis. These are the main advantages of financial strategies. There are no disadvantages as such, but with the caveat that they are not used in their pure form and the player chooses the optimal odds. As for the second point, it is always necessary to take into account the fact that some strategies work on high odds, the second on the average, and the third on low quotations.


For experienced NBA fans

With the right betting strategy on NBA games, you can make a profit of up to 17% if you play for a long time. Losing some bets is inevitable, but losses will be outweighed by gains. The essence of the strategy can be summarized in three points:

There are teams that play with overtime more often than others. Even if they lead by 10-15 points over the course of the match, they still manage to bring the match to a draw.

It is necessary to regularly study and evaluate the odds of bookmakers on special bets. They can vary greatly on the same outcomes. For example, for overtime can give both x10 and x16.

The optimal choice for betting on overtime are matches between two roughly equal in class and play teams that like to finish matches in a draw. One sure sign of how to determine whether teams are evenly matched is by evaluating the bookmakers' odds. If the prematch line gives a handicap of less than 5 for each of the teams, and the odds are 1.8-1.9, then it is worth taking a closer look at this event.


Working basketball betting strategies

Let's consider strategies for basketball betting that are popular among players and are considered very promising.


Basketball Corridor

"Corridors" are ideal exactly for basketball, as this game is productive. The strategy is best explained by an example: one bookmaker gives 1.90 for a total of less than 150.5, the other gives 1.90 for a total over 146.5. If the match ends with a score of 147-150 points, you will have two bets going at once.

Naturally, you need to do a good search for such matches and corridors, but for an experienced player it will not be difficult. Such variants appear, you just need to react in time.

It happens that one of the bets for the corridor can be made in the prematch, and the insurance bet - in play. This is risky, but profitable. If you are sure that the match will not be productive, then bet on the TM in the prematch, and then back it up with a bet on the top in play.


Bet on the plus handicap

Bookmakers often offer a big handicap for the favorites to win the match. For example, -20 or even -25. But it is not that important for the team on the floor with what kind of advantage in their favor the meeting will end with.

They will be satisfied with a stable advantage of 10 points over the course of the game to feel confident. For the bettor, not even a one-point underdog threatens to lose the entire bet. That is why we leave bets on the minus handicap for self-confident fans of the favorite.

For the practical players it is recommended to bet on the outsider, especially in the course of the match. If you see the leader's advantage growing, but the opponent does not look so bad, it is reasonable to bet on the underdog with a large plus handicap.

There is a chance that the leader will get tired of spending a lot of energy just to build up the numbers on the scoreboard. Therefore, by the end of the match the chances will appear in the outsider. If the match looks ambiguous, at the first opportunity it is worth to back up your bet on the plus handicap with the minus handicap.


Line betting method

Basketball betting strategy, which is based on a careful analysis of the prematch line. Start watching the quotes a few days before the event. For the same outcome, odds can change. There are different reasons for the changes: suspicion of a rigged match, injury of one of the key players, a large number of bets on one of the outcomes. Usually, quotations confidently move in one of the sides. If you notice a movement, then bet on the quotation that is growing. Then you can back up your bet. Most importantly, do not forget about the possibility of draws and overtime.


Strategy B1

The author of the strategy is considered Ayrat Dulles. The essence of this betting scheme is that you need to choose outcomes with odds not more than 1.30 on the total more. It is necessary to bet on the results of the quarters. Ayrat himself sells his predictions and sends them via chatbot, but we can analyze the meetings by ourselves.

Consider the following important nuance - if there were more than eight fouls in the previous quarter, you should not bet on more in the second quarter. There is a high probability that both teams will play more carefully, sitting back in their half of the field. The strategy is only relevant for betting in real time. It is necessary to monitor the situation on the court and commensurate with the bookmaker's quotes.


Three-point shots

The strategy is based on a careful analysis of the individual skill of individual players in terms of making three-point shots. It has nothing to do with the standings or rankings.

An underdog team may have several players on its roster who are masters of 3-point shooting. If these players are declared in the lineup, and the team is motivated to win, then it is safe to bet on the TB on the individual total in three-point shots.

Bets can be taken both on the team and on individual players. If there is no motivation, it is worth betting low even in the case of participation in the game of the masters of three-point shooting.


New Player

The arrival or departure of a strong player from a team can significantly affect the odds. If you follow the transfer market news and can predict certain events, then try to profit from this. For instance, a victory of a weak team in a match against a favorite might be given as 2.80, but after the transfer of a strong player the odds predictably fall to 2.30.

Your task is to catch the moment when the odds are still maximum, but the transfer window opens. It is necessary to bet on a victory of a weak team. Then you can back up your bet by betting money on the opponent.


7 shots

A new development, which for a long time was paid on the Internet. The strategy is really interesting, but I have not tested it yet. According to this system, it is necessary to bet on the total more in the quarter when the opponents foul a lot and, accordingly, is assigned a lot of free throws. In particular, the strategy advises to find matches where both teams are hanging on fouls. That is, the opponents have 4 or more team fouls, for example, 4-4, 4-5, 5-4, 6-4, 4-6.

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