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love story number two

The sun was shining through the trees on a perfect New York morning. InIn downtown city district the light the trees and the air was light and crisp, not like you would expect in a big city like New York. The wasn't the sound of traffic just the chirping birds.

  I was on my daily walk through Madison square gardens and I thought of Lennon and Plathe. How much I loved them. Other American artists came to mind as I wandered the park . An Aussie in New York looking for fame and to publish a book. That's when I met him. Harry, he was lovely, I thought I was to old for love, to old to fall in love ever again.Whatever that means and besides Hillary nClinton made single look cool, competent and successful. I wanted that for myself to be like her I loved the American way and my new home.  But he was perfect, lovely in fact a warm smile a sensitive heart and a strong mind. I saw him everyday on my daily walk.

   My thoughts wandered as I walked through the Autumn sun, as if in a dream he approached myHe bounced up with a smile. "Where is that woman "he playfully said," that beautiful woman I see every day."I looked up and there he was , he had a warm welcoming smile. He seemed kind in his approach which was gentle. "Hi do you mean me?" I nervouslyn said All of a sudden I felt shy. I blushed and walked towards him. My heart palpitated and I mustered up all of my courage to have a conversation with him. "Im Harry "he said. "Im from California, I work for the NYPD.""Im Kayla I am from Melbourne Australia".

    "We sat on the park bench and just talked, we had so much in common. I was a member of the New York art gallery and so was he. He loved post modern art and I loved him. We had so much in common. . He was physically fit and healthy. His face glowed and so did his smile so beautiful it lit up the area like the sunshine.

As the weeks went by I learned more about Harry the policeman. I knew it was love. I was freelance writing at the time. He was in the NYPD and it just worked. Harry, no mental health problems, no diabetes addictions except chocolate and physically fit. Just the usual trauma to be expected in a job like that. He saw situations and he dealt with it, a masterful negotiator he never drew his weopon preferring to talk things through, I loved that kindness about him. A brilliant communicator and and a good conversationalist he was perfect for me. Perfect for a wanna be writer and journo, we love to talk.  Storytellers.

    "Lets have a toast of champagne over dinnerto celebrate meeting each other", after weeks of getting to know each other we went out for dinner. "Please join our poetry societyHarry", thee conversaion flowed and so did the champagne. "Sounds good join my gallery", he replied. "You have a gallery?" she gasped with joy. My heart fluttered as i wanted to hold him. I wanted to be in his company forever. The seual tension filled the air, you could feel the warmth. I knew he would forever be in my heart and my soul.I admired his grace and style.

     He started to open up about his career, the day he had o break into a womans apartment on 5th Avenue who had suicided, hung herself with a scarf. There she was hanging from the ceiling. Did she have children , a husband, tears filled in his eyes. He was lovely.He tried despeately to get in, but it was too little too late, they didnt make it in time. Brave Harry a hero I thought. A tear filled my eye as I thought what that must have been like for him.How horrible. The guilt of not being there in time. Awful as it is for survivors of those affected by suicide. He spoke of how they temporaily blamed themselves for being too late. What could we have done diffently. "Nothing I said, it was her decision, she had obviously made up her mind, who know what drove her over the edge", he smiled back"Thats true honey. ""Noones to blame". Softly he kissed me. 

    Pop Art , Picasso and Warhol wee my favourite artists."Lets go to the picasso exhibition at the gallery", I began to get excited. The exhibition was at the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park. Princess Diana had been the patron when she was alive. The Princess from the monarchy of England. I gushed he was so lovely and cultured. We had so much in common I couldnt wait to go with him, that would be nice I thought. It was a symbol of our love for one another.

     That night I couldnt sleep with excitement of seeing him again. I picked up the phone and rang him. I missed him I told him."I'll come over if you want, I know its late but I miss you as well". An hour later he arrived.

     There was a knock at the door. I opened it and Harry was there. I ran into his strong arms and kissed him passionately. He kissed back and came inside. We sat dwn on the couch and the conversation flowed. One thing lead to another and soon we were embracing and kissing again. He slid his hand down my top and I shivered at his touch. I knew I was in love. Warm and kind in his touch. We pulled at each others clothes and he slowly undressed me., holding me the whole time. We made passionate love which turned into slow lovemaking. After the sex ended we embraced and lay talking. "I think I want to spend my whole life with you", I felt the same way. He kissed me again"Do you mean that "he said. You are so special Harry". There was a special connection, a bond I knew it was forever as you do.

  He couldnt believe her words, how lucky he was. He had been waiting for someone special and there she was the whole time in the park. Weeks passed by and on their daily walk and excercise conversation was chirpy as usual. Lovemakinghad become comfortable and the nor. They were in love and couldnt get enough of each other. "Do you want to move into one of those apartments looking over the park?I love you so much". "I cant believe it its a dream come true. I love you so much of course I will.

   They moved oin together and had great dinner parties with their work and gallery friends, friends and his NYPD mates. Life was great, why get marrid and place those pressures on yourselves, lets stay in love she thought. Lets stay like this for a while.  "We dont need to own each other", she said. "I agree" they had similar values, freedom and respect. "I know you love me Harry", their house was filled with joy, they deserved it. The house had a fireplace and a view of the park. Why ruin perfection. "Lets stay romantic and in love"Harry had thought it through for a while. They kissed and watched a film together.

   Years pased by and finally nearing fifty they decided they wanted commit to growing old together and have a civil ceremony to marry. It was an expression of their love for each other. Kayla wore a long flowing gown and vowed to love and cherish him, look after him until death do them apart. Harry wore a tuxedo and pledged the same promise, they read poetry to each other. All from a walk in the park. they vowed to grow old together and always stay romantic and in love. It was the right time. "You may now kisss the bride"the celebrant smiled and they kissed, the connection still strong. 

    They lived until their eighties and died within days of each other living eternally together in the afterlifeIt was true love as only the good have together. Pure souls. Thats why they were lucky and all because of Hyde park and their walks. And madison square gardens. I love New  York

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