Poems from the Heart An antholgy of raw emotion and love


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Chapter 1      

My heart always starts to sing

whenever you are around

That is why i wear your ring

My love for you is like wine

Sweet and lovely as a starry night

As ripe as the grapes from the vine

I brought you flowers in the spring season

Since then our love is deeper

The heavens have been the reason


i will marry you and stay with you forever

Stay with me through the night

Dream of better times 

In remember the days when we didnt fight

Our love remains strong

Like the nights remain dark]

I will love you forever even if you are wrong.


The America Watergate files ended finding defendants guilty and creating generations of cynics who understood they had been betrayed in the most sinister way, almost unthinkable to most an incomprehensible betrayal difficult to understand with no reason but power and greed. The Vietnam withdrawal and the equal rights  and emendments was being campaigned for by women. Punk Rock arrived in Brittain and Margaret Thatcher passed the first act of discrimination and equal pay.

Trying to escape the awful and deeply sad assassination of her husband President John F Kennedy A beautiful rose and star was born. Jaqui Kennedy Onnassis, We remember her as a young woman, and her son John we remeber him. We remeber her grace and style, We remember her charm and elegance in the face of adversity and grief. A frist lady A grieving mother and widow, A single mother, an avid reader and love of the arts and poetry. She stood alone and still to this day has not been replaced. Her laegacy and love unparalleled for her country her family and political institutions in America that will remain forever strong. Jacki had an infant son who passed away when he was two days old in August 1963. It was devastation for the kennedy family and a grief that never left an unspoken elephant in the room always there. Still weak fro m her cesarean she still greeted foreign diplomats and dignitaries,  with her mother by her side. 

Her love of art blossomed she was a sophisticated poet herself and lover of words and as a child art history and literature were her favourite subjects. Jacki gave us strength and inspiration as women. She also spoke French at school as we all did which was common on the curriculum in convent schools in those days. 

In another part of her life she submitted her work to vogue magazine. This woman was the proudest moment of Vatican history. And to start this anthology I would like to reference and publish one of her poems written in French on this day 17/4/2019, a symbol of strength.Written for her sister from the White house


I danced a gravitate,

I ate eclair

I look for Lee(my sister)

But she wasnt there

Mais Vous novez pas vau

Yes she is taking air

With Monsier Molier

"But have you seen my sister?'

She is so young Im scared

I drank Minuet

i drank Champagne

Look for Lee(sister)

Always in vain

"MaisVous navez pas au petit

Elle est jeure jai un peu per"

Oh she is behind the trees

With the due disguise

As we stood talking Mrs Capa walked a study man

Of 56 with bushy hair eyebrows and a smiling face. the baby


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Emily i love your smile

i love your smile

I love your laugh

I loved your dad

I loved your birth

You are the best thing that ever happened to me

You are my joy My love My life

You are my passion, my reason My hero

I love you Emily You make  my heart shine

You are the next Minister The first Australian Princess

You are whatever you want to be

This is my wish for my duaghter Emily

The best girl in the world and the only place to be.

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there are those people who you instantly love

Its true I have a crush on you

Dont let crushes die

Maybe thats why i cant concentrate

Maybe its not a disease

Love I think I love you

Maybe not Im not sure

But if I do its just because you are you

You are nice, You are sexy, You are you

I will love you forever, You are the one for me

Paris Rome London anywhere when Im with you Im happy

You are special until we meet again.aureviour

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Gentlemen prefer Blondes

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Part Two Gentleman Prefer Blondes going international and other hair colours

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A  tribute to our Julia

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Opera House and Harbour Bridge Poem, We love Sydney.Stream of Consciousnesses Frist draft 20/08/2018. Theme Freedom and Love.Ode to Sydney Poem One.

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