My Love One Direction


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Chapter 1:His Voice

I rolled my eyes as Lola passed me the tickets. “X Factor? Really?” “Oh Daisy don’t be such a grump, it’ll be fun!” She smiled. It was her 18th birthday in September and she said she was going to get us tickets to a gig. I thought she meant Kings of Leon or Beyoncé but oh no, she had bought me and her tickets to the First live show of X Factor 2010. I didn’t complain too much seeing as it was her birthday party but I really didn’t want to go.

I was the year below Lo, just turned 17. I had a brother, Aaron who was 18 and a twin sister called Summer. We lived near London. Life was pretty normal, I’d just broken up with my boyfriend of 6 months, Aaron. We were great together and he was absolutely gorgeous but he started to get clingy and i didn’t want to get so deeply committed at such a young age. Anyway, so i’d also just finished High School, and me and Lola planned to spend the summer sunbathing and partying. We had met when we were four years old at nursery and had been best friends ever since. 

We didn’t really catch the Auditions and Boot Camp stages, too busy out chasing boys. I saw people’s Facebook status’s about it but never really paid attention. Summer, on the other hand would text me every two minutes telling me who her favorite act from the auditions was. She loved X Factor and I’m pretty sure she would have liked to have gone with us.

September came by so fast and before we knew it, it was the day before the first live show. Me and Lo got the train down to central London for some shopping. I got a beautiful dress for the show, a blue maxi dress with gold sequin detail from Lipsy and some black heels. I worked part time in a restaurant back home and i would have happily paid for it myself but my mum had insisted on giving me some money as i’d ‘been working hard lately at school’, if only she knew. Lola got a Pale pink Floral dress to compliment her blonde hair.

The day of the show we woke up late and did our hair and make up, I straightened my long brown hair and did smokey eye make up. Lola was exited and I was beginning to get into a happy mood. We went for a drink at the hotel bar and i saw lots of fans walking out with their posters. We sat and talked to a barmaid who said she loved X-Factor and wanted Mary to win, she told us to look out for her. We had a last drink and then got a cab to the studios.

When we got there it was packed with fans outside the studios waiting for their favourite acts. They had t-shirts, posters and were holding cameras ready to snap the stars. “Saddos” I said to Lola and she whispered back “Shut up! I really want to meet Matt from the auditions-he’s my favourite!” I was so tempted to whisper back “who’s Matt?” it was unreal.

We got in and walked into the room itself, it was huge and filling up of poster-clad people. I gave my ticket to an usher who told me our seats were on the front row behind the judges. There must have been some kind of mistake. “What! But we only booked cheap tickets?” said Lola. “You must have received an upgrade” he smiled. Lola shrieked in my ear and practically skipped to our seats. We took our places and I began to need the toilet so I asked Lo to come with but she wanted to save our seats, so I walked up the stairs and out a little door at the back.

People were everywhere, whispering things into walkie talkies, and everyone seemed determined for the show to go off without a hitch. I don’t know how but i guess i must have left the public section and entered backstage because i started seeing less and less people. There was a labyrinth of corridors and I was easily lost, I took two lefts and a right and ended up in a deserted corridor. Scared someone might find me and shout at me, I took my phone out, desperately trying to find Lola’s number
and that was when I heard his voice. 

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Chapter 2:Storage Closet

“Lost, are we?” I heard a soft but beautiful Irish accent behind me. I jumped and turned round, standing a few paces away was a gorgeous blonde guy with blue eyes who was my height and smiling. “Oh, hi, yeah well I was trying to find the tol…..” I was interrupted as we heard footsteps, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a nearby storage closet.

It was pitch black and as soon as the footsteps seemed to have gone I whispered “What was that about?”. If this guy hadn’t have been so good looking I would be screaming and running away, what kind of a person pushes a stranger into a closet in the dark? “Sorry it’s just that your not meant to be back here, you could get in trouble. You had a wristband on so i guessed you were an audience member, not someone who works backstage.” His voice sounded close, like he was stood right next to me in the dark. “Oh, thank you” i replied, happy he wasn’t just some creep. “Your welcome. Looking forward to the show?” he replied. Looking back now, I should have asked him why he was backstage and then I would have figured out who he was, but I was lost in his accent. “Not really, kind of got forced into coming” I moaned. “Aah, oh well. At least you got to come behind the scenes” he joked. “I’m sure all my friends will be envious of me visiting the storage closet” i jokingly replied. He laughed, the sweetest most memorable laugh I have ever heard. “I’m Daisy, by the way” I reached out in the dark to shake his hand, but instead of shaking it he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him, he was so close I could feel him breathing on me. My heart stopped beating as he pressed his soft lips against mine and wrapped his hands around my waist. I twisted my hands around his neck, and kissed him back passionately. 

“I’m Niall” he smiled when we finally stopped. I felt around the wall for a light switch and came across a cord attached to the wall. I pulled it and the room was lit up. I immediately turned around and smiled at him, he was rubbing his eye and smiling back. He looked at his watch and looked worried. “I’ve really got to go, but it was great meeting you, Daisy” he reached for the handle and walked out. I was in shock, i had just kissed one of the most good looking guys I had eve seen, but he had just walked away.  It was over before I knew it. I stood there for a moment wondering if he had just used me or whether he’d felt that instant chemistry that i did.

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Chapter 3:Was It Real?

I rushed back to Lola, thinking the show would have already started but as I walked in, the lights were still on and there was a gentle murmur of people chatting. I walked to the front and sat down, “Sorry Lo!” I whispered. “Where have you been? I was about to send a search party!” she joked, but she looked annoyed. “Just a really big queue” i replied. “Oh, i suppose I can forgive you just this once as long as you tell me which smile i should do when Matt comes on st…..” but I wasn’t listening, I was thinking about him. The way he had smiled at me, his beautiful Irish accent and the way he had wrapped his hands round my waist. He was perfect. My thoughts were interrupted by the lights dimming, I rummaged through my Paul’s boutique bag and got out my blackberry, ‘one new message - Dylan’. Lola looked over my shoulder, “Open it! Do you think he wants to get back together?” she grinned. “Oh, who cares!” I turned my blackberry off and put it away. “Daisy, a few weeks ago you would have done anything to get back with him!” she looked confused. “Yes well people change and  the show is starting, so shhh" 

Dermot came out and introduced the judges, Cheryl Cole is as pretty in person; by the way. "Now,” he smiled “It’s time to introduce the first act, Simon…take it away.” Simon beamed “This.. Is One Direction!" 

The crowd, including Lola went wild, and the VT began to roll. It showed 5 young guys, about my age, all extremely good looking. They introduced themselves "I’m Harry” “I’m Zayn” “I’m Liam” “I’m Louis” “and I’m Niall.” Niall? Niall! It couldn’t be? Could it? I looked at the VT but it had changed to a blank screen with the name “One direction" 

Before I could think the doors opened and the five boys walked out. I scanned their faces and found him instantly, his blue eyes pulling me in. It was him alright. He was stood on the far left wearing a black shirt with pale jeans and boots. "WOOO I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!” Lola screamed at me. “ME TOO!” I screamed back. Lola gave me a weird look as if to say, 'what? I thought you hated them’ I grinned at her as I sang along to the familiar Coldplay lyrics. He didn’t see me, was to busy working the crowd, but boy, did I see him.

The judges comments were great and I watched them walk off the stage but Niall didn’t turn around, too busy high fiving his band-mates.

The rest of the acts were good and before we knew it the night was over. I picked up my coat and began to walk towards the doors with Lola. Suddenly, a man dressed in black with an earpiece in came up to me. “Daisy?” he asked “Yeah that’s me, why?” I replied puzzled. He simply passed me a note and walked away. I unfolded it and read it, on it was a phone number and underneath it said 'I want to see those brown eyes of yours again, call me - N.'  I smiled and felt like a million dollars. “What was that about?!” Lola asked. “Oh, it’s nothing, let’s go before the queue gets too big!” I put the piece of paper in my bag and we walked up the stairs and out the door. Sat on the underground, filled with young party-goers, he was all I could think about. Those soft lips, blue eyes and blonde hair. I wanted to see him again. I had to see him again.


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Chapter 4:Girlfriend Or Not

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Charpter 5:Dream

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