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Chapter 1

I always hate trying to straighten my hair. It's almost immpossible to do. I am cursed with my mother's long frizzy hair. As I start to go over the same section of hair I've already done repeatedly my phone rings. I check the caller i.d. It's my best friend Alyssa. I give up on my hair for now and answer. "Hello?" "Oh my gosh, have you heard about what happened last night?" She said excitedley. Only Alyssa could be so perky this early in the morning. I sig

hed. She took that as a no and continued. "I heard from Megan that Holly broke up with Jason. Apparently she caught Jason in bed with her neighbor, isn't that crazy?" She asked. "Not really, considering he cheats on her and they break up and get back together like every other week." I replied while pushing stray hairs away from my eyes. "Anyways, I don't understand why you had to call me before school just to tell me about this, you know I can't stand Holly." Holly's the typical slutty cheerleader type. We were friends all through middle school, but as soon as we got to highschool she desserted me for the 'popular girls'. Luckily shortly after Holly left me alone I met Alyssa. We've been friends ever since. "I know how you feel about her, I called to tell you, well actually, warn you to keep an eye on Scott." She said, sounding kind of disappointed that I wasn't as surprised by the news as she was. "What are you talking about?" I demanded. Scott is my boyfriend, we've been together since we were both assigned as lab partners last year. I would turn red every time he happened to glance at me. I fell for him completely, and after a long month of hoping he would ask me out, he did. "Geez calm down, I just said to keep an eye on him, don't forget that they used to date." she said. I cringed. Like I could forget, the fact that they used to date is part of the reason I'm filled with insecurity some times. They had dated for a short time before we met. He had admitted to me once that they had slept together, and he did like her, but he was always paranoid that she was out cheating on him so they broke up. "Yeah they used to date, what does that have to do with anything?" I asked. It was her turn to sigh. I set my phone on speaker and placed it on the bathroom counter, where I happened to be getting ready for school. I went back to straightening my hair. "Well Holly and Jason breaking up wasn't the only news I had to tell you, Megan also heard that Holly isn't going to take him back this time, that she has her sights set on an old flame." She explained. "Scott's not the only guy she's been with you know." I tried to reason. "Obviously, but let me finish, Holly also said that this particular guy has sandy brown hair and is on the football team.." damn Scott for being a football player. "That still dosen't mean its Scott-" "Will you please let me finish?!" Alyssa begged, clearly annoyed. "Right sorry." I said and reached for a bottle of hair spray. "The last thing Holly said was that this guy has really unique hazel eyes." she said hesitantly this time. I froze. The thing me, and every other girl love about Scott are his eyes. He has the muscles, the genuine smile, the brown spiked hair that never gets messed up, but his best features are his hazel eyes. I tried not to let this affect me, but who wants a known skank coming after their boyfriend? I wondered briefly if Scott would choose me over Holly. It hurt to think about it. "Chloe? Chloe are you still there?" Alyssa was saying. "Yeah, I'm still here." I replied. She could hear the hurt in my voice. "Look, I didn't tell you all of this to upset you, I just wanted you to be on guard, that's all." she said. I felt a little better. "I know, thanks Alyssa, see you at school." I said and hung up. I went to pick up the straightner but gave up and left the bathroom feeling frustrated. what a perfect way to start the day.

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Chapter 2

I left the bathroom and went downstairs into the kitchen only to find it smokey with a bad burned smell. My mom, Kathy, was standing over the stove fanning a frying pan that was issuing puffs of smoke with a dishtowel. My 13 year old brother Benji was opening windows trying to help. The smoke detector started beeping loudly. I quickly pulled a chair out and unscrewed it from the ceiling. Once I did the noise stopped. Mom then took the pan over to the sink and turned the water on, making the smoke stop with a sizzle noise. Mom turned and seemed to notice me for the first time.

"Oh good morning bunny rabbit, how did you sleep?" She asked, like nothing even happened. I shook my head slowly and stepped down from the chair. Sometimes I honestly think my mother might be crazy, but I love her no matter what. "What happened mom?" I asked and set the smoke detector on the counter. "Hmm? Oh right, see I was trying to make you and Benji-boy spinach omletes but I wasn't paying attention and I guess they got a little burned." She said and gestured to the black crusty pan. "Just a little." I mumbled. "I tried to tell her that cereal was fine but she wouldn't listen." Benji said while going for a box of Fruit Loops. Mom made a face. "Cereal is not good breakfast food, it's full of sugar and who knows what else, plus it dosen't fill you up." she said and frowned. Benji rolled his eyes and dug into his Fruit Loops.

"It's okay mom, we like cereal, and next time you want to make us breakfast try something more simple, like toast." I said and hugged her shoulders. "Alright" She sighed. My parents have been divorced for awhile, dad was the one who could cook so mom has trouble with it. Benji and I live with mom most of the time, we spend every Wednesday with dad and his wife Terri. A year after my parents got divorced dad married Terri Because she got pregnant. They love eachother of course, but that was the main reason they got married. 3 months after their wedding along came my half sister Lola. She's over two years old now. I sat down at the table and poured a glass of juice.

"Anything happening today at school?" Mom asked. Benji shrugged, mouth full. "Not really, but there is a party tonight at Courtney's house." I said. "Which Courtney, the one who wears all that make-up, or the volleyball captain?" Mom asked while handing Benji a napkin. I laughed. "The volleyball one." "Do you want to go, because you can if you want." Mom said. I thought about it. I like Courtney, everyone knows her because of how great her parties are. "Yeah I might if I'm in the mood." I said. After breakfast I got dressed, comfortable jeans, blue band t-shirt, and converse shoes, typical outfit for me. When I was ready Benji and I got into my car and left.

I usually took turns with my mom taking and picking up Benji from school. This morning was my turn. "Have a good day Ben." I said when I dropped him off. He waved. At school I parked and checked my hair in the mirror. It was back to its natural frizz, like all that time with the stupid straightener this morning was for nothing. Oh well. I sighed and got out of the car, ready to officially start the day.

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