Dojin 土人


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Word to my readers:

I wrote this book as a last attempt to show the world how the Australian Aborigines were and are robbed of their futures whilst they dwell in a western Government that does not understand.

I normally selfishly write books for myself. But it's the first I've written for a minority that the world ignores. I want to thank the Australian Aboriginal Community for welcoming me as their family. One day you'll live as free as what I imagine you'll be.

For this reason, half of after tax profit(not revenue) made from this book will go into a trust fund that will look at strategically setting up mentorship training of Australian Indigenous teens with Japanese masters in the art. 

Obviously I need some funds to survive and spend time setting up structures to support this foundation.









Seated on a wooden bench watching the rising sun, Hideyoshi Toyotomi reads the newspaper presented to him. With a broom stick along with worn out clothing, he selfishly snubs the air avoiding all eye contact from other Onis, the ogre-like humans with small horns pointing out of their foreheads, a flimsical torture tool hanging off their belt and larger than humanly possible biceps. 


Hideyoshi’s line manager walks to seat, muscular red arms with a darkened red face, a Red Japanese Ogre with a single horn pointing out of his forehead, slams his fist down ripping the news paper he was reading.

Hideyoshi returns back with poisonous frustrated eyes, dusts off his sack-cloth cloak and proceeds to begin sweeping floor knowing there is no room for his complain.

A far-cry from his position when he was still alive before he entered into the afterlife. Hideyoshi was the general, politician and warrior that unified the whole of Japan. 

As Hideyoshi sweeps, he recounts the battle victories that allowed him to unify all of Japan. The parties that followed, the thousands of Samurais adorned with full ceremonial armour that bowed before him.

As the head warlord, every weekend he was presented with a new surprise wagashi, the new delight of the time when the Spanish and English traders had imported refined sugar. Hideyoshi had watched Seppuku as though it was entertainment, executed Japanese Christians for the sake of loosening the grip of the Spanish influence. 

On his death bed as he was struck with the bubonic plague, along with dozens of doctors and herbalists. He entered into the after-life with a grim smile, eagerly awaiting the next challenge. Instead he is visited by a bright glowing man in white european business clothing, cuffing his neck and ordering the Oni's to drag his spirit out of the room. 

Instead of being celebrated by the spirit world, as the single man that kept the Japanese culture intact and alive, he was ridiculed in front of the after-life court charged with mass murder of thousands of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Christian missionaries. His only supporters Amaterasu goddess of the sun or Tsukuyomi, god of the Moon show pity as his sentence was handed down. Over the two hundred years, Hideyoshi began to wither in character in the after-life world, losing nearly all identity by sweeping the floor of an Ogre’s totem. The charm placed by a Ramen Restaurant to attract good spirits so that his business would flourish.

Hideyoshi would hear stories of other historical figures but barely any good stories outlining heroic events by him. At the end of every shift, HIdeyoshi would sit back and watch the depressive sunset. With no wars or battles to fight, his identity faded.


Till one day in early 1920s, Orochi, the titan-sized legendary eight headed serpent arrived in Japan, specifically looking for Hideyoshi. Striking a strangely relaxed conversation.


Hideyoshi: “Orochi? I thought you banished by Susanoo into the depths.”

(Susanoo: God of Storms in Japanese Mythology, brother of Amaterasu)

Orochi: “No no. Susanoo banished me to the land of eternal loop” scratching the talking head with his tail. “Its more of a holiday down there than in Nihon.”


Hideyoshi: “Wish I could have a holiday. I’m stuck here, cleaning the area to attract good vibes whilst enslaved by that Fat Ogre”


Orochi: “You can. I have word there is an official letter to discharge you from Nihon(Japan) so that you can visit Goshu(Australia).”


Hideyoshi grabs hold of the letter replying to Orochi "What is the meaning of this? Goshu is a penal colony by the English. Its where they dump criminals.”


Orochi: "And you are?"


Hideyoshi: "I did nothing wrong. It's Nihon's destiny to be the governing body of Chugoku(China). Nihon is in a much better shape had I not been around."


Orochi: "I was like you once, until I was banished to the land of Eternal loop. You still think you're sinless by ordering the Chuokujins and Christians to their death. Have you been so deaf all these years when you were sentenced to work for the Ogre? Did you not hear what they say about you?"


Hideyoshi: "They say great things about me. About how I protected Nihon from the Spanish."


Orochi: "Even in spirit you are delusional. You're sweeping the floor off a noodle restaurant."


Hideyoshi breaks down in tears "I ... I never asked or was told what I did was wrong. No one questioned..."


Orochi: "Your heart told you it was wrong, you knew it was all wrong."


Hideyoshi: "But it was for the good of Nihon."


Orochi: "Come with me to Goshu. Your sentencer is there waiting. We have use for you."


Hideyoshi: "What use am I if all I do is sweep in my after life? It's now 1921, I am outdated. I am useless."


Orochi giggles as he replies “Outdated? I’m ancient and so is the group you will be working with. Do you know the word “Do” (道) as in Dojo (道場). You know it means path or the way. But do you know how ancient that word is?”


Hideyoshi shakes his head in confusion, trying to ascertain the relevancy of the word ‘Do’. 


Orochi continues “The way of the first travellers that continued to travel from origin. Your ancestors travelled settled in China but others continued the travel. Eventually reaching a new land, but they could not go past a certain land because in that land, a group of spiritual people had existed there far longer than any other race.”

Hideyoshi launches his wrists in anger, slamming all the ceramic cups to the ground with one swipe. “No, No, NO! I quashed that Chinese rumour long ago. Impossible.”


Orochi: “It’s real. Hong Bao and Zhou Man, two admirals…”


Hideyoshi snaps back “I know who they are. The English used their maps to get to Goshu. It's an empty land. And besides those stories came a hundred years before I was born.  I must return to the real world. I must erase the history of…”


A dutch man appears, legs crossed smoking a cigarette. HIs light grey hair, pale face and emerald green eye pierce through the conversation interrupting Hideyoshi without saying a word.


Hideyoshi crosses his arms “You, Bunko, why are you here?”


(Bunko in Japanese means a Collection of Books)


Bunko face, motionless and dull replies just after he exhales the smoke. “Here to take you to Van Diemen's Land. My ship is ready.”


HIdeyoshi replies whilst flipping his arrogant face away “ I can walk there myself.”


Orochi laughs “Even I have trouble swimming to Goshu without a guide. Since you’re walking underwater you’ll get lost easily in the mountains underwater.”


Hideyoshi turns to Orochi “Why don’t I ride on you? You won’t even notice.”


Orochi : “Do I look like a horse to you? I’m Orochi! You’re just a…”


Bunko throws a bright glowing letter like a shuriken, stabbing into the table in front of Hideyoshi. The warm salmon peach glow on the seal with it’s incandescent smoke slipping out.

Hideyoshi recognises the angelic seal, quickly hammers his fist into the table popping the letter up into the air and catching it between two fingers.


Bunko: “Its official. Your sentencer has a mandatory job for you now. Its better than sweeping the floor here right? If you want, you can have the Captains room on my ship.”

Hideyoshi smirks “Thats not why I don’t want to go on your ship.”


Bunko expresses confusion replying “Wait I know. You have a problem with it being calling the “Flying Dutchman”. You can’t afford a Japanese flying demon cart now, I doubt you have any other options.”


Hideyoshi: “Fine, just don't speak to me in Japanese. Your Japanese is poor and terrible."

Orochi: "Whats wrong with Bunko's Japanese. He sounds fluent."

Bunko: " I'm dutch, he doesn't like Gaijins speaking Nihongo"

Hideyoshi: "I hate the afterlife.”




—The Bunko: Genever

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Currently working on the other sci-fi novel just to push it out asap.


Thanks Simon, I'll be updating Dojin around January... just to iron out the plotholes.

Simon Rowe

Nice writing Nojimi. A great twist on the afterlife with Hideyoshi getting a taste of his own medicine. I live behind Himeji Castle which was 'remodelled' by Hidetoshi in the late 16th century, have also read Taiko by Yoshikawa Eiji, so I'm finding your writing highly entertaining. I intend to stick with it! Cheers, Simon

Chapter 1: Life's brick wall




Chapter 1



Dale lays low in shivering fear hidden within the rice fields. The Shinobi, glowing green eyed night vision helmet, armoured in black slick carbon fibre armour blended into the dark of the forest,  fires numerous flares to ignite the wet rice fields scaring any person or thing to make a movement. 

Just as the stinging frost of the cold mud eats away at Dale’s nerves on his toes, penetrating his thickest socks, the Shinobi’s automated turret picks up movement to Dale’s left firing thick rounds following the movement up the tree.


The turret stops, a lump of flesh drops to the ground. The Shinobi casually inspects the caucus, looking side to side. Using his katana, he stabs into the flesh and picks it up off the ground for a closer inspection. Having realised its a dead possum, he throws it carcass back into the bush. 

With one hand the Shinobi picks up the turret, automatically folding back into a motorbike for him to make his way to the Dojin sacred land of Kame.

Hideyoshi springs into anger screaming “That’s a Katana you disgraceful pig. It’s not a stick, it’s a Katana! You lack any respect for your ancestors.”

Dale ponders in frustration in hearing Hideyoshi’s rant “Out of all the times I’m hallucinating…

Fuck me! ”






Two weeks prior


Dale’s Day Dream


Walking around the long underground hall, Dale inspects the massive line of yellow flags, wrapped with Chinese symbols. Eventually walking through the underpass and into a small passage leading to an empty room.

He overlooks on the table holding large paper maps of the 5 economic subsets that make up the entire economy.  The five are labelled as “Oil+Water, Fire, Earth, Wind+Metal and Electricity”. 

Dale grins with subordinates bowing with smiles. In cantonese he responds to their gestures "It's almost time. I can't wait."






Dale Wong wakes from the usual dream, as a commander of a hypothetical Chinese Economy and military force. A former computer game addict, an expert in strategies such as “Starcraft” and “Command and Conquer”. But since the birth of his daughter Natalie, he barely has time to play. 


Dale calibrates his senses, separating his dream to his current reality by rubbing his fingers across his forehead.


He realises he is seated on a standard and repetitive hospital aisle seat, An un-comforting feeling of plastic surface of the seat as his skin sweat in the humid hallway. 


His consciousness wakens into reality, finally hearing myriad of sounds from electronic heart beeps to rushing footsteps along side a squeaking wheel. He looks at the all too familiar health diagnostic sheet. Looking up he sees the clock ticking away slowly. He turns around to see the Prince of Wales Hospital of Randwick in Sydney Australia sign, hoping it’ll be the last days in such a wretched and depressing place.


Dale sitting alone ponders his life’s achievements, events and dramas in a random order.


Now it’s 2010, two years has passed since he lost his job as a lucrative Financial advisor. Dale gets by with publications on how to fix the global financial crisis as well as domestic economy. His greatest paper titled the 5 Economic kingdoms based on his dreams, allowing Dale to tour across Australia and Asia for the good part of the year.


Dale followed the corruptive steps of his colleagues and his bosses as a financial advisor. Selling multitudes of junk financial products to the Asian community. 

"Loss protected derivative product that gains when the market goes down, but higher yields when the market goes up." The financial lingo that no one understood yet were completely sold on a complex dud. 

What followed was a snowball effect, Chinese community exiling him in shame, the Chinese churches ignoring his spiritual needs, friends and family ignoring him out of existence. His bosses knew he was a spoon with a broken handle, no longer fit for purpose and barely selling any products there after.


Dale’s family haven’t contacted him for years, only a few cousins from Hong Kong visiting to see his family. 

Every financial products he sold soured, ending family and friendships in an instant. He became the face of the Chinese idiot and traitor with a Japanese wife. Chinese churches hatred of Dale was so strong, they went all the way to misinterpret Christ's teachings on forgiveness.


Despite the persecution, Dale’s wife, Miyuki stayed with Dale being the emotional pillar of strength. All Dale wanted was for Miyuki to smile, despite the financial stress and oppressive life endured by the family, Miyuki smiled as though there is a tomorrow.


Dale met Miyuki, a daughter of a Rice farmer, via an exchange program as part of his University undergraduate degree.

He placed Germany, Sweden and UK as his top three but was strangely allocated Japan. 

His first day at the university, he observed a myriad of students and mobiles with paraphenalia.

Naturally he didn't fit in, but he noticed Miyuki arriving into the lecture hall late, plastic bag containing her books and writing material. Miyuki caught Dale's attention as she lacked any paraphenalia. 

That afternoon, Dale seeking a department assistant that could speak english to help with purchasing rice. Miyuki was found peering across the rice section.  

Miyuki had simply wanted to see how much rice was being fetched and whether it was time for her father, a rice farmer, to hire a labourer.

Dale still remembers Miyuki bowing as she introduces herself and guiding Dale through the selection of rice and how to cook it with a pot. In the end Dale took Miyuki out for dinner only to find out how her family had invested all their savings and sold half their land just for Miyuki to study at the university and pay for rent. 

His relationship with Miyuki deepened after a life threatening incident when she failed to appear in two consecutive lectures in class. Dale storms through the heavy storm to reach the outer village from city just to reach Miyuki’s home. It was empty.

Dale soon learned Miyuki’s father was ill in hospital. Miyuki and Dale would then toil the grounds on the rice field to have the rice ready for harvest. This had meant Dale had to skip classes and eventually catch up on subjects later in the year.


Miyuki and Dale bonded closely, the forging of soul mates that Dale’s family had jealously attempted to destroy. 


His iPhone buzzes waking him out of his day-dream. It’s Miyuki calling from home asking about the results. Dale shakes his head knowing Miyuki can’t see the gesture. He replies “I don’t think theres any point.”. Miyuki pauses for a few seconds then hangs up the call. 


Dale's heart senses her anguish. He desperately tries to find the right words to say.  After struggling for minutes receives a simple encouragement from her “Gambatte :) ” 

Dale smiles then silences his iPhone, knowing Miyuki for now is ok.

Relaxing his neck he looks up and begins to sees blobs of dark objects walking through the corridor, each step they make in sync with each other like line of soldiers marching creating a water droplet like sound echoing through the hallway. The semi-synchronised march produces a melody, a harmony between that and the natural world.


Some other dark blobs independent of the lines decide to jump out the window popping into a floating parachute with bright large cartoon-like eyes. Dale shuts his eyes quickly thinking to himself “Oh no. Not again. I’m Hallucinating. Stop this please! 






Opening his eyes again, the blobs of cute creatures with wide white eyes look at him. Another kiwi-bird like creature with white fur run across the corridor shifting left and right in high speed avoiding the black marching blobs. From the glimpse of his vision he notices another person is seated on the seat next to him. Judging from the clothes, it is someone familiar. Finally facing him making eye to eye contact.


Dale breaths a sigh of depression “Hideyoshi, why are you here?”


Sporting a full Shinto Buddhism attire with Golden laced patterns and a bald head. Stroking his long moustache, smiling in a calm manner. In english he replies to Dale 


Hideyoshi: “I’ve told you, man cannot enjoy life if you give him unlimited time.”


Dale closes his eyes in an attempt to ignore him, but Hideyoshi continues “ You once told me you want journey into a new world. But there is no new world to journey. It’s all on the Internet. No new cultures that haven’t been discovered. If there the problem would be your ignorance. But what if you could?”


Dale replies with his eyes shut “Shut up. You are a hallucination. I never said I want to go to a new world. You're a Christian murderer, in fact a mass murderer.

I also believe you hated the Chinese. And I married Miyuki diluting your Japanese heritage. Is that enough for you to shut up?!”


Hideyoshi giggles whilst stroking his thin long moustache. Replying in a merry tone “Da-Le, everyone changes over time. Even the dead. I never hated Christians. I hated the religion. It was a tool by the Spanish to steal land and power and authority. It pains me to kill my own race, but I had to do it so that more won’t fall under the same trap. I was protecting my race. I also never hated the Chinese, just the Emperor. Most Emperors were born as idiots, just because your ancestor was a great leader does not mean you should lead. And besides I play chess with Qin Shi. I guess you westerners call him a sore loser.“ Hideyoshi sadistically laughs for a few moments then turns to see Dale disinterested .


Dale shakes his head with a bitter reply “Don’t see how that was funny. ”


Finally Dale hears footsteps of humans on the corridor. It’s the doctor, with a gentle hand gesture he leads Dale to his office. Dale’s hallucinations instantly fade.


Seated down, Dale feels the small bullet sized hard bulge just under his left rib.


The doctor takes a deep breath, with a moment of vacuumed silence. Finally words flow out “Sorry Dale. You probably only have 6 months left.”


Dale replies with regret “I know. I just want to know, had this been detected earlier…”


The Doctor buts in “No Dale, this bulge crept up out of no where. We’ve done everything. We started with Chemo, then surgery and this thing popped up from no where after your surgery. I don’t know what it is. I can see it spreading to the skin and nerve cells around your waist. I can’t explain this tumour. I know your time is short, the last thing you’d want to do is sit here in my office when you should be at home with your wife and daughter. Make preparations with your family and finances and everything else that you need. Oh and this thing may have infected your brain as well. I don't suppose you've seen anything strange?”


Dale nods with acceptance “No nothing strange as yet.Thank you Doctor. I’ll head home now.” Dale ponders again " if I had said yes I was hallucinating, they'd lock me up. No, I must be with Mui (Miyuki) and Natalie. I made the right choice by lying.”


The Doctor uncomfortably emphasises “Just remember about your family. Your Finances. You need to give them the best when you leave this word. Don’t be selfish ok? I’ve seen a lot of selfish people and destroyed families when they leave their Children with nothing. Just remember about your family ok?”


Dale responds on a low tone “I know.”

'Finance?' Ponders Dale... 'Since when do doctors give advice on finance?'



Walking out of the hospital, the 370 bus arrives at the bus-stop. Dale rushes to catch it, his bag accidentally nudges the tumour with the strap of his bag creating an immense pain. But Dale continues further to reach the bus. The bus driver quickly parks the bus and leaves his seat to grab Dale’s arm. He asks Dale “Mate, do you want me to bring you back to the hospital?”

Dale shakes his head “I’m ok. I need go home. I’ll be fine.” With that he dips his Bus pass into the machine then takes a seat on the left. Passing down High street he sees the new developments of the University of New South Wales in Kingsford. Occasionally sighing because Dale loves to see new architecture, but with 6 months left it was one of the various sacrifices he knew he had to give up.


Every shadow casted down by the Morton bay fig trees from the afternoon sunset reminded him of his impending end. Dale had felt alone his entire life up until he met Miyuki. Leaping from one depressive episode in his life to the next, from sociopathic chinese parents, Miyuki empowered Dale to choose what makes him happy and not what his parents want.


Dale had always been interested in Language and Ancient History however his family had forced him to take a bachelor of Business Finance. Forcing him to create a false passion for Finance.



Every day for five minutes, he looks up to the sky, praying for forgiveness and hoping that Christ would forgive him and save him from his wretched past. But it seems Dale feels the tumour is God’s punishment as it becomes increasingly sensitive along with more nerves attacks.


Hideyoshi and other hallucinations appear more frequently as the days pass. Even at times he believed they were real and spoke to them without realising that others were watching him talk to thin-air.



The bus finally stops in Beaconsfield, a suburb not far from Randwick, between Mascot and Zetland. Dale steps out of the bus and looks forward at the apartment block he owned. Hideyoshi proudly stands waving his arm from the balcony.


Dale does his best to avoid eye contact from Hideyoshi and continues through the lobby to enter into the building. He feels a slight disturbance in the air and ponders aloud “Hi-de must be playing with the home again.”


The elevator door opens and a burst of colours explode in his vision. Numerous peacock coloured puppies with long feathers across their back, run in circles yapping away. A long growing vine with red and yellow contrasting flowers litter the narrow corridor. 


Dale makes his way to his apartment. The door is unlocked. The first thing he notices is the 5 extra pairs of shoes left at the entrance of the apartment. Thinking they were his regular friends he yells out “Hey guys I’m back.”


Instead he was met with a deafening silence, Natalie running to grab hold of his leg. He turns around again to see the long dark leather shoes and a small nimble shoe too small for Miyuki but too large for Natalie.


A guard standing behind the door, silent and equally shocking surprise to Dale, slowly closes the door behind him.


He immediately steps into the lounge room to find two built African-American men in suits, a scientist still in his lab coat, an American executive in his Hugo-Boss suit with matching prescription glasses and an young Japanese woman in similar outfit that Hideyoshi wears on a daily basis. A shinto buddhist priestess, serving wagashi whilst Miyuki serves green tea. 


The American executive makes an immediate stand holding his hand out to shake Dale’s hand, introducing himself as Ron. The two men in suits stand also and pull out remotes that flash numerous LEDs scattered around the room.


Ron looks around the room and receives the nod from the two men in suits, and begins. “Good, no one is listening. Dale I had to make sure whats said here doesn’t go out. I partially work for the American Government, a private unknown organisation that you will never hear of. 


You’re probably wondering why a million dollar salary executive that works in the shadows would appear with two body guards and a junior shinto buddhist away from the nice ambience of a hotel room. 


Or you’re wondering why I didn’t just kidnap you and take you in. Well let me start off by saying that the situation is a little complicated. Luckily we still have plenty of time but it’s not unlimited.


I’ve read through your medical certificate, well not me, we have a few hired doctors around. You’re about to die and we have a lot of money. You have your family here and I have a job that only you can do. Have you sorted your finances?”


Dale pulls a chair and takes a seat bewildered and some what bothered the script sounds similar to his doctor's suggestion. He replies “No. You’re going all this way to sell me insurance?”


Ron laughs “Which insurance would want to insure you now! You're about to die .... I’m so sorry, that's a good joke. At my level I can sound a bit arrogant with all the high level sale spins. No. I’m giving you an option to secure your family if you perform a job for us. I know it’s difficult, my doctors believe you only have 4 months left but we have an experimental nano-drug that can alleviate your bump and allow you to go (pause with a fist-pump gesture) Umpth!... that extra mile.


I understand you wrote a brilliant article about the 5 Dragon kingdoms, having 5 different economies represented within one nation such as Australia or China or America. The examples provided about China was so detailed and so real. I read it, I’m a fan but it’ll probably only work in New Zealand.”


Ron walks around with a finger in the air, climaxing his speech to make the critical point “But thats not the job. Oh no. No Sorry. This Job is crazier than Steve Jobs.


Yoko can fill you in.”


Yoko bows her head and begins “Dale, I believe there is strong spiritual ki coming from you. In olden times people practised to pull Ki to use. However there were others where their spirit was so dense that Ki naturally flowed out. You are one of them.”


Dale suddenly feels a natural pressure on his skin, fearing the sensation he snaps at Yoko “What are you doing?”


Yoko replies “I’m sensing …”


Dale agitated replies “Stop it! Just tell me what this job thing is.”


Yoko: “Ok. We want you to use your ability to go into the Spiritual world and tell us what is there, what you see and come back with information.”


Dale responds with a partially confused face. Just as he was about to send the guests out of the home Ron opens an envelop showing high grade facilities of transportation gates, Joe Miller’s Totem and numerous dead test subjects.


Ron points his finger at one of the test subjects “See that. Old friend, go all the way back. Died trying to do what Joe Miller did. You know about Joe?”


Dale shakes his head. Hideyoshi appears beside Dale, nodding.


Ron continues “Of course you don’t know him. If you did then I’d know you’re a filthy liar, unlike me. You see Joe’s dad, John Miller, was Robert Oppenheimer’s janitor. Sure not a significant role, oh and by the way, yes I have the same surname but I’m not related. John did something very naughty, he sent details about the Manhattan project over to somebody via a long range radio device. 


Luckily they didn’t receive the message, because if they did, we would have picked it up. 

Turns out Johnny here doesn’t know anything about electrical engineering. Hence probably the reason he pushed Joe go to uni to do the course.

Seems John discovered something else, he found a way to communicate outside this world. Which is why he created a glowing floating totem. We all thought this was Robert’s pet project with radiation. Theres voice recordings of the totem speaking and Joe creating some sort of device.


Soon Joe creates a device to monitor the Spiritual pressure hoping create a gate and enter the other side. From his frustration he takes a holiday to Japan and accidentally takes the monitor there. To his surprise the pressure density was high, enough for him to create a gate. 


He returns, finds a job and dedicates his entire savings to moving to Japan then disappearing for good.


And he’s not returning, do you know why?”


A moment of silence in the room, then Ron continues “Why? I think he found Heaven. I think that this is the passage way into the promised Kingdom, but he found a short cut. Why go to church and do all the good things, when there is a short-cut to it? I think John Miller found it and tried to tell all of Americans and mankind, here is salvation the easy way. And I think Joe wanted to keep it all to himself.


We discovered Joe’s basement when we demolished him home. No one was there, unpaid bills and all sorts. His little basement has been blessed by some magical thing that I can’t explain. Could not demolish it.


Thats when we hired Yoko’s family to look into it. Their family traces back thousands of years…”


Yoko interrupts “Just a few hundred years. Not thousands. The floating Totem was very obvious.”


Ron corrects himself “Right. You get my drift.


Jo left his diary, the last entry was in 1995. Seems he’s experimenting with these strange devices until there was no Spirit energy left in New York to suck. Hence flew over to Japan to make his final trip.


Now you’re wondering about the Job right?

Dale nods but is focused more on Natalie and Miyuki playing hand games.


Ron notices this as well and changes the order of the topic. “Ok how about this Dale. 


I’ll tell you what I’m offering, then I’ll tell you the job.


See your bank account, the one shared with Miyuki. I’ve just loaded it as a good will gesture of 2 hundred thousand dollars.”


Dale checks his Commonwealth Netbank account on his iPhone app to find exactly as Ron said, 2 hundred thousand loaded on the account.


Dale looks back at Ron with focus. “Tell me the job.”


Ron smiles “Wait a sec, let me finish what I’m offering.


We will pay Miyuki an annual income of $160,000, her position is to manage you. But the family needs to relocate to La Perouse. We have a base setup on Bare Island. I’ll also add a bonus of ten million dollars if you can stay with us for one year. If you die within the year, we’ll guarantee at least two million for Miyuki. Year after, we’ll talk about it when we get there. And those Nano injections to keep you running, those are complimentary. But I can say each shot costs us about 2k to make.”


Dale eyes opened wider thinking “This is the best thing I can do for my family. At least I know they’ll be financially safe.”


Ron continues “Now you want to know about the job right?


Easy, we send you to this new world and you send us pictures, intel and anything you have. Yoko here will send you the injections along the way, she can open up a little gate from Jo’s little device. Of course if it’s heaven they’ll have a cure for you. You can return, pick up your family and go back to heaven, along with us of course. We’re not paying for nothing right?”


Dale’s hands clutched together, contemplating the situation. He can leave the deal and hold two hundred thousand dollars and spend the remaining time with his family. Or he could go into a new world for one year with the possibility of being healed and have Miyuki and Natalie’s future financially secured.


Ron shrugs his shoulders “All good. Say Dale. What do you think? No pressure right? Apart from the gun before, but harmless… you know we Americans carry guns and all. So think hard okies?”


Dale looks around to find Hideyoshi smiling back, nodding in encouragement. Speaking aloud “You wanted this right Dale? Adventure to the new world. And your family secured financially. Look to the bright side, you’re going to die soon so why not die sooner… oh wait, I lost the flow of logic there. I mean, die sooner with more excitement and money? …” Hideyoshi pausing for a few more seconds. “Oh, I’m sorry Dale, I lost my train of reasoning. Just take the offer, it’s good for the whole family.”


Dale nods in the air then looks to Miyuki and smiles. “For Miyuki and Natalie, We’ve… I mean, I’ve made the decision that is best for them. It’s what is best for them and not me. I’ll do the job Ron.”


Ron leaps into the air, with a single thunder clap “Yes. You won’t be disappointed Dale!”


Miyuki’s eyes shook and screams “In 5 minutes you made that decision? No! Dale you can’t! What if this is a trick? You’re dying and they’re taking advantage of you.”


Yoko attempts to calm Miyuki down by holding her shoulder, only for Miyuki to violently shrug them off. Dale runs to Miyuki and hugs her whilst tears of mixed emotions flow.


Dale whispers in Miyuki’s ear “Please take care of Natalie. I did this because I love you and Nat.”


Miyuki replies “Dale, stop this. You are so gullible. Don’t be so stupid please! These people are using you. You’re only accepting it because you’re not in your right state of mind. 

Just say No…

  Please Dale!.”


Dale walks over to Ron asking “How safe is this by the way?”


Yoko replies “Oh about safety. We’ve tested objects and they are successful. A few human subjects, ummm… failed. They stopped breathing after being transported. But we believe it’s because they’re not leaking Ki unlike you and Joe.”


Ron: “We’re doing something different this time round. We found there is a dense pocket of Spiritual energy at the Aboriginal community centre in La-perouse. We’ll use that, and it’s done above ground and not in a secret bunker. At least we’ll all be able to see it in broad daylight if anything goes wrong. But don’t worry, nothing will go wrong, we have the best doctors and emergency crew. And I’m not a man to accept any failures.”


Dale nervously nods “At least 2 million is set.”


Ron: “Love your positivity!”



Later in the evening, Dale reels from a heated argument with Miyuki. Attempting to bribe her with the two hundred thousand in the bank with expensive dinner. Dale is left to sleep on the couch whilst Natalie and Miyuki sleep together in the room.


Hideyoshi looks at the nightsky with a flask of Sake and a small plate to sip. Dale reflects on the choice he made today. Despite logically insane, his heart felt an unexplained warmth and comfort. Dale attempts to shrug off that feeling, as it reminds him of the crazy days as a Financial advisor. Attempting to filter the possibility that Cash was giving the feeling of warmth and comfort, a slight spur of memory from his grand-mother detailing her experience of World War 2.


Dale tires from filtering his feeling and thoughts. He begins to dream again.


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Chapter 2: The Deep end begins

Chapter 2


2 weeks later.



Dale, Miyuki and Natalie are relocated to La Perouse. Ron's team wasted little time moving the goods within 2 days into a newly built apartment.


A sandstone watch tower hides over ten levels of military research facilities underneath, connecting to Bare Island. The facilities recently built via a coverup set of local new apartments nearby.

Dale sits with Miyuki drinking a plain cup of Nescafe gold blend coffee whilst nibbling on pieces of arrow-root biscuits. On her iPhone, two Shibe Inu paraphernalia puppies hang off her phone, which she refers them as Dingo and Dango.


Miyuki asks Dale in a polite yet quirky manner “Ano… why don’t you spend the money on better food. If you want I can go buy some melting moments.” Tilting her head, nodding to Dale as a favourable suggestion “Yes?”


Dale replies smiling back at her “No, it’s not like I’m on death row. Every cent counts when you appreciate it. Plus the coffee and bicki is free.”


Miyuki responds with a disenchanted nod and a low “Hai.(Yes)”.


Dale responds with a cheerful reply “I want to spend as much time with you as possible.”

Miyuki automatically rebukes “Too late. You should have said that part of the excuse first.”

Dale smiles as he apologises “I agree. Gomen (Sorry).”


Miyuki looks across the beach front and feels the ocean breeze ruffling her hair. She asks Dale “You’ve been sleeping quite well the last two weeks. Is it because you’re happy we're financially better off?”


Dale seriously pauses to determine whether the suggestion is a comment or a hidden complaint. He responds “Miu, is that a serious question?”


Miyuki replies with an honest look “Yes, but not like that.

I just don't understand what is going on with you. You know that room you keep saying it's my secret. That's your room when you sleep walk. You're like a different person every night. 

But in the last two weeks, you slept in your bed from night to morning. Did something happen?”


Dale inhales a deep exhausted breath  “I don't know what you're talking about. That's not my room, you use it more than me. My hallucinations are getting worse. Last night I dreamed of him again.”


Miyuki: “You mean Hideyoshi again?”


Dale: “Yes, just him talking to an ancient giant eight headed japanese speaking mega snake about Australia. It’s really random and stupid. I don’t know what’s going on.”


Miyuki: “Orochi? The eight-headed serpent? I wish I could dream what you dream. That's exciting. My dream last night was reading a letter, getting angry running to a room and crying whilst I pulled a knife wanting to cut something. Instead I threw it out the window. I felt cold, lonely and sad. I was drinking sake and just watching the city. It was scary to be alone and without you and Nat-chan. ”


Dale depressingly looks to the ground without responding worrying if there will come a point where he won't be able to distinguish his hallucinations from reality.

Miyuki rests her arms across his shoulders “Hey Dale, maybe it’s not such a bad thing to see things. It must be somewhat magical. Can you tell me what you’re seeing now?” He responds “I see a giant snake. It’s really long, probably around a kilometre and it’s taking up the whole street. No wait, it’s only part of it because there are other parts moving out of the ground.

His head looks like a sea-turtle’s head, but has the same fork tongue as a snake.”


Miyuki looks at the street below, a few children running across the road whilst a sports car parks pretending to see the snake. She asks “Wow a big snake. Must be amazing. What colour is it?”


Dale looks out to observe the snake further “Oh its hmmm… it kinda changes depending on the angle you look at it. It’s like leaked oil on the ground where you see rings of rainbow colours.”


Miyuki springs up “Wait you mean the Rainbow Serpent?”


Dale puzzled asks “What? What’s a Rainbow Serpent?”


Miyuki replies “It’s part of the Dreaming. Stories from Australia’s indigenous villages. Didn’t you learn this in school?”


Dale scratches his head “Yeh I think we had some guest speaker talk about it, I never really paid much attention to it. I learn more about Captain Cook and the early settlement than folk lore. What do you know about the Rainbow Serpent?”



Miyuki explains with energy “It’s what Aborigines believe to be the creator of his land. The hills and water holes all made by the Rainbow serpent” 


Dale observes the snake further and notices the trees gleam with breath as though they’ve just inhaled a breath of fresh air. Then each tree emits a rainbow aura last a few seconds before vanishing as the Serpent slides into a spiritual hole in the earth.


As his hallucinations fade, Dale pulls out his notepad to see what tasks he has remaining. Looking down the list he sees the long dreaded task that is yet to be completed.


Write farewell to tyrant family.


The last text message received from his mother barely helps. It writes “Son, I don’t blame you anymore. But you must divorce your wife. I can help find other women that are ten times better and are not lazy. We are family, your wife is a curse. If you divorce, I will forgive you.”



Miyuki stands behind Dale, gently massaging his shoulders she whispers “Nothing you write is going to change their feelings about you. You know who they are, they wanted to marry you off to some girl with the same family status as them. They’re all about money. If they knew you died so that 10 million was going to our account, they will hunt me down and tire me until I give it all up.”


Dale nods his head “I agree. Look when I die, take the money and just live in Japan. Don’t worry about Australia, just go. Or maybe ask Yoko about getting a new identity and working for whatever their department is called.”


Miyuki bursts into tears, forcing Dale to stand and wrapping his arms around her shoulders whilst kissing her forehead. Dale looks at the clock on the wall, it’s midday sharp.


The door of the room opens, Natalie walks through the door with Yoko and Ron. Whilst Yoko visits the family regularly, this was the second time Dale had seen Ron. Ron’s entrance densifies the air and a signal for Dale to enter the Ritual to explore the new world.


Dale immediately recounts the rigour practises and exercises of the past two weeks to prepare him for the new world. Including basic hand to hand combat along with understanding wild animal behaviour should he encounter a beast. 


Oddly, he expected the scientists to be busy running around in lab coats, preparing his departure. Instead most of them wore base polo shirts with jeans, saluting Dale off in the hall way. Shaking his hand and bowing down a gesture of good luck.


Along the way Dale is given a tall backpacker’s bag along with numerous equipment. 


Walking out of Bare island, onto the beach and through to a sacred Aboriginal floor, Yoko begins the activation of Jo’s totem-pole like device with a eleven Elders from the Aboriginal Community. Each Elder has been trained to provide spiritual support for Yoko as she waved her arms as though she’s writing in the air. 


This included a sacred dance with smoke dusted in the area by waving a branch of Eucalyptus over a small fire.


Dale watches the ground as it begins to crack with light. From a distance he could see Hideyoshi seated on the edge waving to Dale.


In amongst the group of scientists with Miyuki and Natalie, a strange man dressed in white suit, blonde hair with sharp illuminating blue eyes wanders amongst the crowd. He stands next to Ron like a business partner, smiling at Dale, waving along with the crowd as though he was strangely familiar, seen else where with different coloured eyes and hair.


Dale sees the skies darken but the ground glows beneath, in an instant he sees a pool of water  above drop onto him, violently pulling him into the other world.


Surprisingly the journey is short lived.


Dale finds himself on the ground waking up on platform he was originally on, except the elders and crew had disappeared. The man in white, where Dale was focusing remained in his vision before turning around and walking into the bush disappearing from sight.


His thought disorientated, unsure if the travel was successful or not, or whether it had been minutes or days.


All but one Aboriginal Elder remains, however he does not recognise him to be part of the eleven that were originally there. His bleached white hair tied back, the white beard contrasts with the darkened sun burnt skin along with a red-oak katana presented in front. His red wooden samurai-like armour with Aboriginal engravings decorated across the rims, gleam in the sun. Rigorously Dale rubs his eyes to clear his vision. He notices a head-band wrapped across the forehead of the Elder, the Aboriginal flag.


The elder asks     “Anata dare?”


Dale suddenly perplexed with the Aboriginal accent speaking Japanese. Unsure if it really was Japanese he responds “Kon'nichiwa watashi wa Dale des” pausing a few seconds “My name is Dale. Nice to meet you. Am I still in La Perouse”


The elder smiles and responds “You speak the old language. Why do you speak that oppressing language?”


Dale replies “It’s English. You don’t like English?”


The elder nods “This is crazy. I saw you appear out of no where. You are not from here.”


In that instance Dale realised that the transportation had been successful. He looks around the harbour of La Perouse. The surrounding homes and new apartment blocks replaced with strange Shinto-like temples with a more earthen Aboriginal style. The ground paved with large stones, with carved drawings of the rainbow serpent.


Dale asks the elder “La Perouse is different?”


The elder laughs “I not heard of that name a long time. We’re on sacred land called Kame, a smaller name for the original clan that lived here known as the Kameygal. Governors felt Kame easier to write than Kameygal. La Perouse is bad.”


Dale asks “When was the last time you spoke english?”


Elder replies “Maybe 10 days ago”


Dale  understood now his english is difficult because of the lack of practise. The name Kame was easier for Japanese to write. Looking around he remembers the mission he was sent to do. Looks up at the blue sky, the same blue sky that he was familiar with. 


Dale smiles and focuses back to the elder “Oh by the way, name is Dale. Yours?”


The elder replies “Garu”


Dale notices Garu with an iPad-like device. He asks Garu “Whats the date and time?”


Garu responds “ May 22nd 2010.”


Dale speaks to himself “Same date. Oh and Garu, why do you know Japanese?”


Garu replies “Because the Japanese are our governors. They took over the East side of Australia in the 70s.”


Dale reacts with a surprised look “What, you can’t be serious?”


Garu continues “ I am.”


Dale: “They won against America in World War 2?”


Garu: “No no, they signed a peace treaty. Allowed them to keep the nations they took over provided there was a trade treaty in place. East Australia was not taken till after the Bark petitions.”


Dale: “Taken? You man the Japanese invaded Australia?”


Garu: “Yes. When we first saw it, we thought it was another invasion like the British. Instead they are good. They allowed us to reconnect our families with the land and with the dreaming.


They sent Shinto monks to decorate and transform us into better people. In return for our support, we became governors ourselves and often contact sent to Nihon(Japan) to mingle with the senior ministers. Currently my brother Tobi represents us in Nihon.”


Dale: “You’re fluent in Japanese. Wow.”


Garu: “Our children are raised to learn Nihongo(Japanese) and our Native language. Because our tribes are apart and split, they helped us simplify and unify language. Then specialise based on heritage and location.”


Dale responds with curiosity “Oh thats nice. But won’t you lose the cultural substance with the Aboriginal Language?”


Garu churns an aggressive response “No! Ha…” then a few seconds of silence before calming down. He continues “Gomen(Sorry), you are not from here. We are not known by white man’s picture of us as Aboriginal. We are Dojin. Language is Dogo.


Dogo is foundation and preserves ancient arts. 


And Dojin was once racist word. But now, Dojin is us. It means Native and Entitled. Nativeness brings understanding and community to those that belong.


Dojo is the place of practise for martial arts, the origin. The Nihonjin recognise that we Dojin were original ancestors to Goshu(Australia) just as Chugoku(China) to Chugokujin(Chinese) and Nihon(Japan) to Nihonjin(Japanese), and hence sees us as family.


We bring order and prosperity to Nihon.

Dale bows to Garu for forgiveness. Then looking up he sees two Dojin guards. Their uniforms styled with Shinto underlay and an overlay of traditional Aboriginal wooden armour. Both sporting a katana on their left and a pistol on their right.


Garu motions the guards to return, and gently holds Dales shoulders and leads him around the sacred grounds of Kame (La Perouse) for a site seeing.


Garu then stops, turning around he looks at Dale “You seem to know a bit about World War 2. You’re from another world right, and you’re surprised the Nihonjin took over the East coast of Australia. Did they take over in your world?”


Dale replies “No they didn’t. They lost severely in the second World war. The Atomic bomb was dropped on their land by Americans.”


Garu nods “I see. So in your world they were dropped in Nihon, in ours Berlin. But you come here with no weapon or katana. You are well disciplined.”


Dale bows and accepts the compliment. He notices each stopping point a flow of water stream, somewhere from the top of the hill. At each stop, Garu bows down with both hands scooping the water that had just passed through a young Gum tree. Washing his face. The guards also perform this ceremony.


On closer inspection Dale notices the new thin Gum Trees contain patterned engraving. Like the sacred trees in Japan, each Gum Tree at each stopping point had a thick rope wrapped around it, with wooden tags strapped onto the rope. Dale looks at each of the tags. Various symbols, strangely a number of tags contain the Christian cross. Upon touching the tag with this symbol “火”, the tag would burst into flames. Dale quickly scoops up water from the stream to douse the flames. 


Garu smells the smoke from the flames, instead of looking to Dale, he looks to the village. “Dale, I think lunch is early today. I smell a charred kangaroo”. Dale breaths a sigh of relief and follows Garu up the hill to one of the major sites for Kame.



Dale notices the steps made of stones with the Rainbow Serpent painted and engraved with messages written in hiragana. This site overlooking the waters of the Botany Bay port. The port now used by the Japanese empire’s merchant vessels with attached fishing ports. Next to the rounded stone used as a seat by Garu lies a wide Brush Box tree, roots strangling the nearby rocks. The branches still contain copper wires, as though the Dojins are creating their own Bonsai garden but for larger plants.


A stream of water run from the top of the hill is now more visible, with the various native sacred trees sitting above the stream.


On closer inspection on the more established tree, it is engraved with patterns within the growth rings. The fresh pale colour of the engraved suggests this is maintained on a regular basis. The outer and inner bark is manually stripped to create an oval exposing the growth rings of the tree allowing the engravings to take place.


In addition to the engravings, a thick rope with various talismans wrap around each sacred tree the stream of water passes. Each Talisman is written in ancient Kanji dating back to the era when China introduced the written language to Japan.


Garu motions his hand for Dale to sit on the ground whilst Garu speaks whilst seated on the stone. A gesture for Dale to show respect the elders by listening.


Garu moves a welcoming hand around 360 degrees and speaks with a smiling face “See all that Dale. The Nihonjin (Japanese) helped us rebuild in return for our loyalty and service. When they first came to our shores, we could not stand to fight another invasion. First the white man, then the Nihonjin. Maybe one day the Chugokujin (Chinese). We fought with the white invaders against the Nihonjin thinking they will respect us more. Instead the Dojin was posted on the front line ahead of the white man and many more of us died.


The Nihonjin have a samurai heart, they see us Dojin as strong. When we lost the battle, the white man blamed us for failing the Australian public. I still remember when they spat on me, calling me stupid abo. Where were they when we cried for help on the field?


Soon Sydney came under the control of Tomitaro Horii.


The Nippongun ippan (General) decided on a whims notice to give us, the Dojin, authority. Almost two hundred years of oppression, we were finally given freedom by the Nihonjin. And we did not disappoint. 

We helped the Nihon army drive the white man to the west of Goshu(Australia) and there they remain to this day. We, Dojin, are experts in our own home land.


In service to the Nihonjin they gave us our rightful land and setup this beautiful site. The next generation of Dojin cannot and will not learn the white mans language. 


The stream of clean water passes each sacred tree blessed by the elders, Shinja priests and shinto monks from Nihon. 


When the stream reaches to the kishi(shore), our shison(Children) will drink the blessings from each of these sacred blessed trees.”


Dale replies with awe “Thats beautiful.” 


Garu takes a deep breath of ocean breeze in then crosses his feet on the stone. “Meditate here for a few minutes.”


Dale nods and looks up the hill on the next set of sacred trees across a clear blue sky. After Dale’s second blink his hallucinations return. The large sacred brush box tree on top of the hill has a rainbow aura within the engraving. Along side the tree is Hideyoshi seated on the long stone, tapping the stone with his fan whilst his legs semi-crossed striking a conversation with the Rainbow serpent “Niji”. His head measuring twice the height of Hideyoshi, the rest of the body hidden away on the other side of the hill.


From this distance Dale could make out the conversation between the two.


Niji hisses as it responds in laughter “Susanoo should just relax. Orochi isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Besides we don’t even look alike.”


Hideyoshi: “Well I won’t condemn him in full. Yeshua shook a few things up in the spirit world. Susanoo is too resistant to change?”


The Niji breaks out in laughter. Dale also laughing with the serpent.


Hideyoshi looks down and points at Dale , then turning his head back to the Niji . “Oh thats my piece.”


The Niji takes a closer look at Dale by moving down the hill, turning his head slightly to the side so that it’s left eye is within centre metres from Dale’s face. Then it quickly moves back onto he original site with an intrigued face.


Hideyoshi sadistically smiles “Don’t you dare tell anyone about him.”


Niji nods “No, I would not ever dare to. To think I didn’t recognise him till now. He’s the author of the 5 Kingdoms right?”


Hideyoshi opens his metal hand fan covering his sadistic smile replying “Co-Author. I’m the head author”


Dale returns his focus back to the sacred tree next to Garu. During his hallucination episode he notices the carving emit a multi-coloured aura. As the aura fades he begins to feel the ocean breeze revitalising his body. 


Garu slaps the stone he’s seated on and moves to the next sacred site. The following paths consist of stones with turtles and fish engraved with the Rainbow Serpent. 


The next sacred site consists of two sacred trees with the steams diverging into two streams to touch the sacred engraved trees then merging together to form one steam again. The tree overlooking the coast is a Ghost Gum, incredibly smooth pale-white bark. This tree is contrasted by the Red Iron bark gum tree, the charcoal charred outer skin with exposed red cracks. 


Again each tree has ropes tied with talisman strapped around it. Dale asks Garu “These two are symbolic right? May I touch them?”


Garu replies shaking his head “No, you cannot touch them. You cannot touch any trees here. They are blessed.”


Dale replies “So what do these two trees mean?”


Garu turns around and using his sandals he kicks away the sand that is built up around the spot. He then looks over the shrub to find a broom to brush away the sand and dirt build up. Next to each tree a build up of dirt is removed by Garu’s broom, small streams of water begin to move in and around Dale.


Garu walks around the site as the water darkens grooves valleys within the ground revealing further engravings on stone. Garu awkwardly throws the broom back into the bush and coughs, “It has been long time when we last cleaned. The white represents the purity and morality of each individual human. The black represent strength and dignity.


We call this circle Diramu Nanga Mai. 


The Iron-bark we call simply Iron and the White Ghost gum we call Ghost. 


To be good, one cannot have purity and morality if they are to ignore those around them. Strength and Dignity support pure thoughts. If friend or neighbour is hungry, your strength should support your purity by helping them in need.


If you have Strength and Dignity but no morality then you are a tyrant.

During the second world war, the Nihonjin were of the Iron. Strength and Dignity but no moral. They even corrupted purity by claiming purity comes with birth rather than choices or heart. But Ghost cannot be controlled, changed or moved because Ghost is transparent, pure, clear and a mist.


Tomitaro Horii is one such blessing from the heavens. He has both the Strength, Dignity, Morality and Purity.


He was horrified by the work that the Nihonjin did to Chugokujin, made a rule for his own men not to do it.


Later he returned and convinced the Emperor the reason the Nihonjin were losing the fight, because area of where torture occurred was where there were greatest resistance and loss. He is the embodiment of this Diramu Nanga Mai, but this concept did not exist until he came to free us. 


When Tomitaro came to take the east coast away from the white-man in the 70s, our burdens were lifted from our backs.


We are grateful for Tomitaro Horii.


Dale takes various photos of the surrounding and writes notes on his pad of paper.


Garu pauses for a few moments “However Dale, I wonder. What are you?”


Dales pencil stops scribbling, pondering for a few seconds he says “I don’t know. I could be more to the Ghost or maybe to the Iron. But would you trust someone that asks you to trust them?”


Garu breaks out in laughter “Good, Good! So I will ask about you. Who are you and why are you here?” 

For a few seconds Dale smiles and it suddenly struck him. With the Imperial Japanese Army working with the Dojin, Dale realises his immediate danger as an un-armed chinese with an Australian accent. Like a lamb being lead to slaughter, oblivious to the sacrifice that is yet to occur. 


Dale clears his throat. This time Garu moves from the stone as a seat to sit on the floor with Dale.


Dale begins “As you know I’m Dale. And you can tell I’m Chinese from my skin, which you call Chugokujin but I was born here in Goshu. Well not here. 

I was part of an experiment to explore this world. To bring knowledge back to people in my world about this world. You said that the Nihonjin took over parts of Goshu. In my world, Australia is still Australia and the Nihonjin are still in Nihon. The Dojin are still called Aborigines. 


Umm... in my world I was a Financial Advisor, telling customers where to invest. Then I lost my job and found I had cancer. I decided to travel here so that my wife Miyuki can get some large payment and that Natalie my girl can have a secure future.”


Garu smiles “So your wife is Nihonjin, but daughter has white name. You should give her proper name.”


Dale replies “Well Miyuki decided that, sometimes she’s called Natsumi. I know its not favourable but it’s what it is there.”


Garu nods then asks a personal question “And the Dojin. How are they? Are they treated well?”


Dale smiles “Oh they’re treated very well. They get government payments, a lot of recognition. Cathy Freeman won Gold at the Olympics. From the news I read they’re doing very well.”


Garu replies in curiosity “ But they’re under white man’s control right?”


Dale diagonally nods with a bit of hesitation “Yes I guess so. I mean since all have comfortable homes. Where as everyone can’t pay their rent.”


Garu quizzes further “ And what of Kame. Ah I remember it’s still called La Perouse. Is it like this?”


Dale shakes his head “No, it’s just brick homes. Theres nothing this beautiful in my world.”


Garu becomes a little agitated “Living in a white mans home. They sound separated from the land. Do you know how many Dojins there are in your world?”


Dale replies “Oh they’ve been growing strong. They grew five fold I think since the 1950s.”


Garu presses further “What’s the exact population?”


Dale replies “Just over four hundred thousand from the last statistic. I came across that by accident, lucky that knowledge came in handy.”


Garu’s fist punches the stony ground, with a tense face he looks at Dale “It’s not ok. Dojin here now has population over three million. 


And you said that you are here to send knowledge to your world. Sorry I cannot allow you to do that. 


I have been thinking maybe the Nihonjin have forgotten the Dojin the last few years. When the white man in the west have started many Skirmishes, we fought back but with no backup. Now I know, we must not let the white man win Goshu.


The Dojin must remain strong and without the Nihonjin help, we can prove to the governors of Nihon that we are strong. 


Dale, it was nice talking to you. But if the white man from your world come to Goshu, we will be slaves again. My guards will take your belongings and bring you to your cell.”


Dale immediately becomes breathless and replies “You’re not slaves in my world. You’re as free now as there. And why are you trusting in the Japanese. Do you know how many Chinese they killed at Nanjing?”


Garu turns around and slaps Dale in the cheeks “Do not call them Japanese. They are Nihonjin.”


The two Dojin guards return, one with the Katana drawn and motions Dale to drop his back pack. More guards appear from the bushes pulling their pistols back into the holster, as though they have been watching Dale the whole time.


Dale yells “This is a big mis-understanding. There are no slaves, everyone in Australia is equal. Garu, it’s hard to explain but please. Maybe if you would come with me, I could show you…”


Garu snaps back “Enough, I am not falling for your trap chugokujin. Know your place!”


Garu then ignores Dale and moves into the bushes and disappears from sight. Dale is led through other sacred areas upstream till he reaches the top of the hill facing down the village centre just across from Bare Island.


The village centre, named as “Uzamaki”(Whirl pool) consists of a circular roof-less town hall built with large sandstones as seats to represent the position of each Dojin leader. The centre of the town hall is a half deep pit. 


The surrounding buildings around the town hall are smaller round shops. Between each shop and the town hall are small white pebbles. Within the town hall, the gaps between each stone seat are red pebbles.


He notices the guards begin to motion the rest of the Dojin to move out of the area. Another guard from one of the shops emerges with a number of scythes to hand to other four guards. Two guards emerge with an extraordinarily long rake. Moving into position the two long rakes move into position to cover the path between the shops and the circular town hall.

The five Scythes are then thrown into position over and in front of the rakes. Slowly the seven guards move, the rakes creating a flat surface whilst the scythes creating lines. 

Dale realises finally the town is made to recreate the Aboriginal artwork of a pools of water. With the numerous carvings of the Rainbow Serpent, he could understand from this tradition that this is a ritual to worship the Serpent. The rakes and the formation of art is similar to shinto buddhism temples except that the town hall has an open roof.


With a nudge from behind, Dale continues to walk down the hill with the Dojin guards watching him from behind.


As the patterns are finishing, the guards pause for a few moments to allow the elders and Dale to walk through to the town hall, then closing the circle.


Garu sits at the highest spot within the Town hall seats. Laid out in pieces in front of Garu are the items found within Dale’s back pack. Consisting of mainly toiletry and his nano-particle injections, these items were cast to the left and discarded.


Dales iPhone and iPad were carefully laid out on the right side of Garu. Garu pick up the iPad and compares it to the device he carries in his back pouch. The same size as the iPad with similar touch sensitive functionality known as the “Mizuishi” (Water stone)


Upon seeing the nano-particle injections, Dale instinctively touches the tumour under his left rib, still overly sensitive yet borderline in pain.


Showing Dale between the two devices, Dale could see the design differences. The iPad being generally horizontal in functionality. Whilst the Mizuishi design is vertical with horizontal functions for menu options.


The virtual keyboard opaque glass like overlay of a box used to write. 


Garu motions a young Dojin to take a further look. Speaking in a Dojin Japanese dialect that Dale has trouble translating, he picks out the word from the speech “Radio”. 


Garu nods and asks Dale “Does this have Radio communication?”


Dale shakes his head and says “No it doesn’t have Radio. It has Wi-Fi though.”


Garu motions his hand for Dale to explain further what Wi-Fi is before concluding with the Dojin that Wi-Fi was in fact the Radio they were referring to. Garu shaking his head each time he speaks to Dale. 


Eventually he was asked to connect the iPad to the Radio signal and see how that connects. Dale opens the iPad, whilst he’s able to see the Wireless available, the names are gibberish. Connecting to any of them is impossible.


Garu translates the Dojin’s analysis, that whilst the wireless signals do match between worlds, partly because the radio frequency laws were the same once before diverging. However the software require to authenticate and use the Internet are substantially different.


Garu orders Dale back to the centre of the Town hall, the guard carefully place the devices in a suitcase, then disappearing from plain sight. 


After long communal discussions with Garu and Dale, the sun sets exposing the same lonely moon. 


The Kame town hall boasts an impressive array of light beneath the stones making the site glow. Along with torches made from old sacred hollowed out trees, the flames powered by the gas station.


The elders grow hungry and before long lines of Dojin teens walk out with food to serve to the elders and to Dale.


The plate produced is a ceramic earthen ware plate, Dojin artistry in painting and in design along with strong Japanese influences as the overlay and choice of background colour.


The first set of food were the Tempura Wichi-grups, prawns, sweet potato and various native yams.


The main dish consisted of Marbled meat. Dale asks the Dojin if this was Wagyu, to which they all shook their heads. 


Garu walks over to Dale and whispers “It’s Dugong. Sea Cow. When the Nihonjin came, we presented the Dugong. Because of white man the Dugong almost died out forever. However we told the Nihonjin that we could farm the Dugong like Cattle. We now have Dugong in cold regions and we feed them a lot. Dugong now domesticated and have shorter breeding cycles. 


Last year our exports of Dugong exceeded over ten trillion yen. There are Dugong shows and Dugong farms in Hokkaido. I did Dugong farming for about 10 years, because of me, I selected the Dugongs that can eat wheat as part of their diet. Because of that, they are able to produce a lot more fat and hence you get this beautiful fat marble in the meat.” 


Dale picks up a slice of slightly charred rare farmed Dugong.Tasting the meat and the fatty tissue, Dale smiles at Garu and replies “We never had anything like this. It’s like Wagyu but has the smooth tuna texture to it. Dugongs are a protected species back at home. There were protests to stop Dojin from hunting them in the wild.”


Garu asks “Are the protests by white man?”


Dale nods “Yes, but they consider themselves green as in Green peace or the Green political party. Ummm.. but still white.”


Garu take a deep breath in and looks out to the darken sea “Dale, do you feel that this is a better place to be?”

Dale nods and smiles back, suppressing the thought of Miyuki and Natalie just to win favour with Garu. Garu walks back in time for the final main dish.


Kangaroo, Uni(Sea Urchin) and scallop sushi, along with a bowl of fruits including the Finger Lime.


Slowly chewing away the assortment of food, Hideyoshi appears in front of him, same posture with his legs crossed.


Hideyoshi looks around and smiles “Beautiful isn’t it. Your journey here seems to have gone a little wrong.”


Dale refuses eye to eye contact by replies “I wondered if, maybe I had said words differently. If I agreed with him that our Aborigines were mistreated. Would I have been lead away like a criminal.”


Hideyoshi slaps his legs as a natural reaction “You heard Garu. There is nothing you could have done to change all that. At least you got to eat Dugong. You know I love whale meat, there is always something about it that made me want it more. Then the Dugong came, it had that flavour plus the marble fat. Oh how I wish I was still alive not and just taste the Dugong.”

Dale replies “Besides Dugong, every other food is normal. I was worried I had to eat some slug thing before I came here.”


Garu walks over and kneels down in front of Dale. “Dale, didn’t you think it was strange that the whole time we spoke that we could talk. You had the chance to escape just like that but you didn’t. But I guess you would have been killed, we have hidden guards and Dojin are experts in this land. You accidentally made the right move.


I have one final question, it bothers me. Is there a rule imposed by white man that says that the Dojin cannot have more than two or three children? 


What I want to know is why there is so few Dojin.”


Dale replies empathically “I'm so sorry, it's because Dojin children die a faster rate than children born from Australians in general. A lot of the times it's to do with Alcohol abuse. 


In 2007 the government took control of the Northern Territories with police and military. And…”


Garu’s face tenses up with vessels appearing across his forehead “They went in and stole the Dojin Children just like what they did since they arrived here. Do you know how many Dojin were stolen from our families? It’s stolen generation again!”


Dale quickly replies “No the children weren’t stolen 3 years ago. It’s just that there were a lot of issues…”


Garu fires back “The white man caused the problems. The Dojin, hopeless and depressed, separated from their land. Look at us now, we have family, community, land, vision, wealth and spirit.


Even from Arnhem land to Uluru, the Dojin are prosperous. In that land the Dojins are known as Shinja, we are still brothers but they have peacefully adopted the religion of Christianity. Unlike the white mans religion, they practise it and work with us to make Goshu a better place.


That is why at least one of the Talisman has a Christian cross on it. They are also peace keepers between us and the West, where the rest of the white man escaped to.


To think that Northern Territory was invaded in your world makes me sick. The Shinja are so pure, they deserve better.” Garu picks himself up scratching his chin muttering “Ryu, you’re right. Glad I never doubted you.”


Eventually only Dale and two guards remain, where they lead him to an open guest room on Bare Island overlooking Botany Bay. The guest room consists of a small Japanese garden with two carved rocks for sitting purposes.





Dale takes a seat on the taller rock so that he could feel the breeze from the bay. Hideyoshi is seated legs crossed sipping Sake on shorter rock.


    Hideyoshi clears his throat to take another sip of Sake, waving his hand to grab Dale’s attention then points to the moon.  “Tsukuyomi, I see you want Dale to speak to Yoko am I right?”


From the shadows emerges, a young male with long hair walks into the light casted by the moon. He leaps to the fence then onto the corner stone of the garden where he takes a seat.


Tsukuyomi replies “Hi-de, always around before trouble arrives. You’re still too young to be a deity. Today young priestess calls for me to speak to young master Dale.” 


Waving his arms around in circular motion, a cloud is collected between his two circulating palms. He then throws the cloud onto the stone floor which forms into a translucent image of Yoko.


Yoko opens her eyes, from her vision she sees Dale.


Yoko smiles “Dale you’re here! I can’t believe it. You’re still alive!”


Dale shakes his head in disbelief “What? This is all a hallucination.”


Yoko replies confidently shaking her head “No, this is the Spirit kingdom. You’re in the Spirit Kingdom, this is amazing. This is like a guaranteed short cut to heaven. Is everything there amazing?”


Dale lacks any enthusiasm. His head faced down onto the ground “ I really think my hallucinations are getting worse. I think I’ll probably last a few more days and I head straight to heaven.”


Yoko replies waving her arms at Dale “Hey, it’s not a dream. Remember how I told you that you’re one of those people that naturally leaked Spirit because you’re full of it. You’re a natural at this without any training needed. What is a way I can test this out is to prove that I’m real.


Hmm ask me a question that you don’t know the answer to?”


Dale ponders for a few minutes if there was any point asking about questions about this world. 


Eventually he asks “Does Horii Tomitaro exist?”


Yoko ponders “Thats a strange question Dale-san. Let me check. Why? Did you see Tomitaro-san today?”


Dale replies “No, just want to verify.”


Yoko pulls a laptop from behind and begins to type away. Moments later she replies: “Hai Dale-san. Ano, he was an …” Yoko pauses for a few seconds, a little confused “… was ano (ummm), Japanese Imperial General in world war 2. He died in 1942 when his boat flipped and drowned.”


Dale replies “Ok Yoko, I think I know what is happening here. This is an alternate world. Horii Tomitaro didn’t die that day. He lived on and sometime after the Bark Petitions he took over the East coast of Australia. 


Then some where along the lines, the Aboriginal group got promoted up the social status and became known as the Dojin”


Yoko feels the shock of hearing the news, freezing for a few moments “So a different world. Then that means the Japanese won world war 2. And why Dojin? Isn’t that a umm… racist word?”


Dale replies “I’m not sure. I need to ask more questions. But the Dojin have a really impressive town and temple in La Perouse. They call this area Kame.”


Yoko looks to her left “Ron, I’m glad you’re in the room. I’m speaking to Dale right now. Unfortunately I don’t have much strength left to continue the conversation. Did you want to ask anything?”


Yoko nods as she listens then asks Dale “Did you see any survivors from previous experiments?”


Dale shakes his head “No. Actually when I came to this world, I was in the same place where I left you. So if you dropped your early travellers in a different place, you’ll find them there.” 


Yoko replies “Oh no, we did it underground in a secret bunker.”


Dale twiddles his thumbs “Ummm… does that mean they got teleported under ground? Ouch”


Yoko pauses for a few seconds and whispers to Ron whilst scratching the back of her head. She returns her attention with an awkward look whilst remaining silent.


Yoko then looks around “Ummm Dale. Are you in danger?”


Dale replies “Yes I’m being held up by the Dojin. I think the Japanese army will pick me up soon. I hope my Japanese is good enough. They took away the iPad and iPhone that you gave me. The wifi never worked. But would be handy if I got some sort of device.”


Yoko nods “Not today Dale. I can’t transport one that easily and it’s too much work. I need to recover strength to send physical objects to you.”


Dale sits back and replies in a relaxed manner “Sure no rush, I’m being held anyways. Even if you send one, it’s only going to get confiscated. And one last thing, please tell Miyuki and Natalie, I love them. Daddy is ok!”


Yoko nods “They’re sitting in the same room. Oh and Ron is a little distracted, I think he was expecting an easy pass to get to heaven. And he said that we’ve opened up a new bag of pain since we have two worlds full of problems. Oh and he asks if you’ve taken the nano-injections for the tumour?”


Dale shakes his head “They were destroyed. Sorry. You shouldn’t hold up any further. Please get some rest. Oh and are you speaking to me in the same place in our world?”


Yoko nods giggling “Yes. Ron threw a few things to light the island up and have the guards open the island this time of night.”


Dale: “How did you know I was here?”


  Yoko replies “I summoned the Tsukuyomi  talisman.”


Yoko begins to fade, whilst Tsukuyomi takes a deep breath in then vanishes into the glare of the moon. Hideyoshi continues to drink Sake. 


Dale looks to the ocean whispering to himself "Tsukuyomi? I just saw him and Hideyoshi mentioned him even before Yoko. Wait maybe Yoko is a hallucination. Who is Tsukuyomi anyway?"

Hideyoshi catches Dales conversation " Tsukuyomi is the deity of the moon, Amaterasu deity of the sun. Susanoo, well I don't think I need to introduce him to you."


Dale replies "Why not? "


Hideyoshi explains in a pompous tone "Because he prefers to introduce himself."


Then Niji appears from behind replying to Hideyoshi "You're a terrible liar. You love to watch Susanoo make fun of himself."


Hideyoshi rebuts with his casual sadistic smile behind his fan"He enjoys it, why spoil it. He's been refining his performance over the centuries."


Niji replies "Just need to make sure Dale isn't on a canoe or anywhere near deep water. No offence Dale, I'm sure you're a good swimmer, but we need to look after you."


Dale asks "Why canoe?"


Hideyoshi giggles behind his fan " Accidents can happen. Best to ask Susanoo himself, you’ll be Horii-fied!”


Dale smiles at Niji “Hi, we haven’t met yet. You’re the rainbow serpent right? Niji?”


Niji: “I’m known by many names.  Borlung by the Miali, Dhakkan by the Kuli, Kajura by the Ingarda, Goorialla by the Lardil people, Kunmanggur by the Murinbata,Ngalyod by the Gunwinggu,Numereji by the Kakadu,Taipan by the Wikmunkan, Tulloun by the Mitakoodi, Wagyl by the Noongar, Wanamangura by the Talainji, and Witij by the Yolngu, and many more. Lastly Niji by the Nihonjin.”


Niji moves around so that it’s face is facing between Hideyoshi and Dale. “Say Dale, Hideyoshi and I have devised an escape plan. You only need to travel to Maroubra then you’re free.”


Dale replies “What do you mean?”


Niji answers “The Chinese are numerous in Maroubra. There is also direct Tram access straight into the CBD. The Tram runs on Tomitaro Road which is the same road in your realm as Anzac Parade. Once in the city just blend. ”


Dale shakes his head “No I don’t think escaping is a good idea. I’ll get caught and…”


Hideyoshi interrupts “And you’ll die? If you stay you will die. So why don’t you kill yourself now? We have an escape route laid out for you. 


Do you see the guards, they’re sleepy. What you must do is close all the windows and leave the gas on. I’ll show you how to start a fire.”


Dale responds with his left eyebrow dipped “Umm, won’t that kill me?”


Hideyoshi shouts “Let me finish, you’re going to die anyway right? Ok, so during the explosion you hide in front of this stone and the flames will not get to you. Then the Dojin will come and you can figure out the rest from there.”


Dale baffled by the request walks into the guest room closing all the doors and windows. Pretending to be boiling water he turns the gas on and promptly walks out the glass door and back into the garden.


The Dojin guard looks at Dale in a strange manner, to which Dale replies “Oh I just wanted a warm room.”


After an hour, Dale looks into the sky and ponders when this explosion will happen. Dale looks back and sees Hideyoshi sniffing within the guest room, nods as though the conditions are finally correct, quickly rushes back to Dale’s side.


Hideyoshi’s finger writes 火 (Fire) on the ground. Dale follows the inscription then automatically writes more characters on the ground. The characters light up, then roll into a small flaming ball that forms into a fire-ant the size of a tennis ball. 


The fire-ant looks at Dale then marches towards the room, slipping through the small slit under the door, continuing through to the kitchen at the source of the gas.


Dale throws his face back, a large fire ball flies out of the room and igniting surrounding rooms. The Dojin guards blown across the garden hitting the fence.


Pausing for a moment to catch his breath filled with gas and smoke, two hands on the ground he launches himself up-right rushing towards the cover of the darkness in the direction Hideyoshi is pointing to with his fan.

Without hesitation or a worry of treading onto death Adders in the bush lands of Kame, Dale had disappeared from the sight of Garu's Dojin guards.






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Chapter 5: Opera whispers

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Passages cut out

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