Fall-excursion to Golem Planet


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Chapter 1

"I beg of you, enough with the torture. I accept... Clugot get me out of here! Please!" Nii yells as he is pulled into the hover-yacht in the night of a heavy storm.

Pierre heavily pats Nii on his back to coughing up remaining water. "Boy, you're safe with me. Who was torturing you?" 

Nii pauses for a few seconds, shaken by the cold waters he replies with confusion... "I... I don't know. I can't remember."

"What about Clugot?" asks Pierre.

Nii rushes to port side of the hover-yacht peering into the dark shifting ocean illuminated by green and orange lightning.

"Clugot was here." replies Nii "But I don't see Clugot ... I've never seen Clugot."

Pierre also peers into the open darkness hoping to see Clugot. Turning to Nii "Can you describe him, is he tall or short or Coral or Pyron?"

"I can't, I've never seen Clugot. I also don't know what you're talking about. Coral meaning the glowing animals that live on reefs?" asks Nii.

"Coral is a robotic race" replies Pierre " Never mind."

Pierre wraps his arms around Nii bringing him into the Medic bay for full checkup. As Nii is being scanned Pierre introduces himself as a retiree with compulsive desire to find the spell of immortality.



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