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1. Just a norm-day

 "Mate, it's just a fucking bone. You don't need a boner every time you find a bone in the trash, you're a Garbage collector not a museum boner collector specialist ..."  


"Anthropologist" interrupts Jay, African-American academic prodigy university student with thick glasses "Annnn - Throw - Polo..."


Marc, an Australian Greek gym-junkie, parkour-loving university student cuts in "Shut up for a sec. I don't care. We're late and need to get to the depot before 7."


"All I'm saying is, these bones don't make sense. They're like some sort of small animal but blown up to something the size of a human. Look I'll report this to the police and maybe they'll understand more than your walnut brain can." Jay explains with exhaustion. "These bones keep appearing near the same area. What if they're human?"


Marc stops the truck. "Look Jay. I got you this job and you haven't stopped whinging about these bones since day one. It's day three. It feels like day ... A billion. So what? I've seen these bones since day one. No mass murders or mass number of people missing since I started two years ago. No reports of missing dogs or that huge cat... The hmmm... Maine Coon. How many butchers in the area? There's probably ten in the area. 


Just do the job and that's it. Got it?"


Jay angrily responds "No! There's a difference. I'll explain it to you now. Cows have..."


Marc's hits the gas then breaks. "You, shut the fuck up. No one in the world has time for an expert explaining complex shit then remembering it. I don't have time for this."


"It's really simple" replies Jay.


"That's what you said last time. Then you bitched about how I didn't really listen to that theory or story or whatever. This is a democracy. I choose what I want to hear and this is not one of them." Replies Marc.


Jay crosses his arms "It's the truth!"


"So what?" Replies Marc. "Here's a truth for you. You know why I don't sit on the left side of the couch?"


"Why?" Jay asks.


"I changed my niece diarrhoea leaking nappy there last year. Want to know why I don't sit at the centre couch?" Marc asks.


"Ok OK I get it." Jay gives up. 




Sitting on the couch with the laptop screen wide open sipping on instant coffee with fresh stolen milk from Macdonalds. Marc takes a deep breath in then talking to himself. "I can do this. It's only a maximum two thousand word essay. Really easy, just plan what I want to say then just let it flow like zen in my veins."


Closing his eyes he calms down to the point of focus. Then he opens them, touch typing on the computer he master taps the keyboard polishing the keys.


9:30 am.


The essay on Commercial Real Estate business continuity planning is done.


Word count. 


12,500 words.


"Fuck! " ... Marc is outraged "Mother fucking cock sucking bullshit tutor. How the fuck am I suppose to write a fucking continuity plan in two thousand words? It's not fucking sim fucking city you fucking piece of hot donkey shit."


Marc looks to his left, seated with a hot soup in a mug, Amber, the lesbian from the women's building.


"Lose your shit again Marky?" Asks Amber.


Marc bemused "When did you get in here?" 



"When you're typing. I reckon I can stab you in the back and you still would keep typing like nothing happened."  Amber comments whilst sipping.


Marc: "That's my dinner Amber. Not a lot of money in my milk delivery job I do every morning." 


Amber: "Cut the bullshit. I saw you in the dump truck bitching to your boyfriend this morning. Anyways I'm outta funds so I'm stealing food from you since you have a job."


Marc: "You should ask your girlfriend for help then."


Amber: "Oh we split." Pausing for a second "Now that doesn't mean you can ask me out. Not into men at all, so don't ask me again."


Marc: "You owe me."


Amber: "For what?"


Marc: "My dinner."


Amber: "Fuck off. Over a $1 cup-a-noodle?"


Marc: "I'll call the cops on ya. You'll have a criminal record."


Amber: "Resorting to extortion? Geez Marc there are thousands of chicks, hot ones, out there every day. You can screw any one of those. Why do you keep picking on me?"


Marc: "I just like you. How about we team up, I'll find a hot Bi and we'll have fun together."


Amber: "Really, wow that sounds like a great offer except I think you'll slip a cock in here."


Marc: "It's not that bad, how would you know you don't like it?"


Amber: "That is disgusting. You're a misogynyst. I mean can't you just accept that we are just friends but never fuck partners? "


Jay: "So why do you keep coming back here Amber?"


Amber & Marc : "When did you get in here?"


Jay: "Just got back from the police. One of the heads was so impressed he asked me to work for them so I'm going for an interview tomorrow."


Marc: "Congrats man! No more Garbo work!"


Jay: "Yeh totally. Finally can sleep in."


Marc turning to Amber: " Interested in Garbo work?"


Amber: "What makes you think I'm interested?"


Marc: "You're a lesbian and you like men's jobs."


Amber: "You're too stupid to understand the difference between men's pay and men's job. No!"



Two weeks later 6.30am driving to the depot



Amber: "Damn it's cold. Can easily see why Jay doesn't miss this job."


Marc's: "You're driving with a heater on. Shut up. I'm the one picking the garbage.  You still need to pay in arrears all the food you've eaten."


Amber: "Friends don't keep records."


Marc: "No. Only those in relationships. You still owe me."




As the truck approaches the depot multiple police vehicles await.


Detective John approaches Marc's with a yellow Manila folder. He gives Marc the news.


"Jay was found dead in the river last night."


Marc: "Are you sure he's dead I mean he's alive the last I saw him last night. You could bitch slap him and he might wake up."


John shrugs off the comment, showing him pictures of half his body washing up ashore.


Marc's: "Right he's really dead. Damn it! "


John: "Did he speak to you about bones?"


Marc: "Yeh. He wouldn't stop bitching about them to me."


John: "We've been looking for a serial killer for some time. Sad to see Jay killed like that. But rest assured we'll get him."


Marc nods. 


John: "I know you're shocked and all. Just get some rest. We'll get him, we're really close. Jay's work paid off."


Marc: "Thanks detective."







Sitting on the couch with Amber and Marc sipping hot soup and two tall bowls of cereal. Silent.


Silent, the first time in a long time.


A Buzz in the intercom.


No action.


Buzzes again.


Amber: "Pretty sure that is for you."


Marc: "Might be for Jay. Or maybe Jay forgot his keys again."


Amber gets up and answers the intercom. "Delivery for Marc."


Amber: "Sure, come on up."


The courier delivers the box.


Amber turns the television on. The same detective appears on the news. The serial killer is captured. A Chinese butcher.


Immediately Marc grabs the remote and turns the television off.



He looks at the box, shakes it and hearing a few solid items inside.


Turning to the back of the box, the sender's details.



Sender: Jay



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2. Leg-day

 Marc: "8th rep that's 160 squats Amber. That's only warm up for me." 


Amber: " You have a biological advantage dickhead."


Marc crosses his arms grinning. " What's this equality sermon you were saying this morning. About how all women can do what men can do and better?"


Amber: "I am better. If I was a man I'd kick your arse. Your turn!"


Marc squats with a smile: "161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170. Man I'm not even sweating, 171..."


Amber: "Show off. You should compete against Mr Cross-fit-so-much-I-can't-shave over there."


Marc: "176, I did and beat him, 177, 178, 179, 180. Your turn!"


Amber: "Can't. Can't feel my legs."


Marc: "181, 182, 183..... 250, 251 and 252..." Falls to the ground half way "251 and a half. Can't reach 253 like last year."


Amber: " Cause you were on Steriods. "


Marc: "I'm 100% natural. No drugs Amber, never do and never did."


Amber : "That's what they all say."

Marc opens his bag in shock. "No way!"

Amber: "What?"

Marc: "No Way!"

Amber: "Yeh so what? What is it?"

Marc: "No way! No way! What do you mean what is it? Was that you?"

Amber giggles : "Me? what are you talking about? Just tell me what it is!"

Marc pulls up the protein container with half a scoop of protein left. "No Whey!"

Amber: "Ah, you mean no Whey! Yeh I took the last scoop."


Marc: "Excuse me? Sorry but Whey costs. You can drink my instant soup but don't touch my WPI."


Amber: "What are you talking about? I've been taking your shakes since the day we met."


Marc looks left and right confused: "That was last year when I caught you stealing my Whey. That was once, what do you mean you've been doing it since?"


Amber: "You said I can take it, no probs."


Marc: " Yeh just the once off. Fuck have you been stealing my Whey this whole time? Been trying to figure out who's been stealing it."


Amber: "Nah, you said I can take as much as I want. You only changed your mind on a shit load of things when you realised I'm a lesbian. "


Marc: "Still gonna cost you. I mean I thought the workers here would have reported to me that you've been stealing my whey."


Amber: "Nah. You idiot. We have a joint partner member ship, remember how you tried to ask me out by suggesting discount membership if we pretended to be partners.

(Putting on Marc's sarcastic voice) Hey, you know you can save 50% if we tell them we're together. Not serious or anything, just you know, helping you out?



Marc: "Yeh, what's this got to do with it?"


Amber: "They think we're couples. Hence they didn't report what isn't stolen. You're the idiot here."


Marc: "Not happy about this. You're milking me."


Amber: "You're the slimy one, trying to get into my pants with that shitty excuse of a partner membership.


Say, speaking of Jay. You still haven't opened the box. Why?"


Marc: "I'm just trying to envisage what is in the box as something that is good."


Amber: "Sorry? Are you thinking that it's meant to be a departing gift?"


Marc: "Yes, like paying back the rent plus any other gift for the shit I had to put up. But it doesn't sound like cash or anything valuable. Might be Ivory but it's risky incase he gives me trash bones."


Amber laughs in disbelief "Are you serious?  That's what's in your head the whole time? Are you stupid? The whole point of Jay sending that box to you is to tell you to continue investigating and don't trust the police. Yeh?"


Marc: "That's the worst possible outcome. I mean it's one thing that you're dead but it's another to handover baggage to someone alive when you can't handle it yourself.  I mean where did you even get the idea that he's going to send me shit to continue investigating?"


Amber: "Every murder mystery show and book I've read is like that."


Marc: "Look whey thief, I live in reality not in murder mystery fantasy land like you. Going to open the box as soon as I get back and show you what reality looks like."




1 hour later...



Sitting between Amber and Marc is Jay's mystery box. They're silent but eyeing each other on the couch.


"Amber, mind getting me a glass of water." Asks Marc.


Amber fires back "Get one yourself. And get me one whilst you're at it?"


"You're in my zone Amber. You need to do it." Replies Marc.


"Mr 252 squats wants me to do it. This is one more reason why I shouldn't even think about going out with you." Replies Amber smirking.


Marc picks himself up in pain yelling "FINE!". Returning with two glasses of water, carefully placing them on the coffee table without bending his legs.


Marc then grabs the box shaking it to try to guess the contents. He slowly peels the sticky tape off the box then grabs the sealed sandwich bag containing a handful of bones and a note.


The note reads: 'Sorry Marc. I can't trust the police. I've been foolish. The police are corrupted and they said they're going against a group called the purifiers. I don't know who they are but show them these bones and maybe they can help you out. Say hi to Amber for me. "


Marc crushes the paper, flicks it onto the ground yelling "Dumb fuck. Where's my rent! "


He picks up the bones and proceeds to the kitchen bin as though the leg training had no effect on him.


Amber pulls Marc's shirt, bending his weakened legs pulling him down to the ground with a thump.


Amber: "There's Latin inscription on the bones. Where are you taking them?"


Marc: "To the bin. It's where they belong."


Amber: "This is so fucking unbelievable. Jay died and you only care about rent. What did the note say?"


Marc: "Nothing.... And say hi to Amber."


Amber picking up the note and reading out aloud. Then turning to Marc "Really? That's nothing? Look Jay died uncovering something important. He's entrusted something to you and you need do something about it."


Marc: "Like what? Save the world? Look I know I look heartless and all but there is really nothing I can do about this so I shouldn't. I'm going to live a life of ignorance. Easy done!"


Amber: "Fine Marc, be a dick. I'll do it."


Marc: "Wait hang on."


Amber: "What?"


Marc: "You're placing your life in danger. You shouldn't..."


Amber: "So? What does it matter. We'll go our separate ways as of today. It's not as if we'll be a couple ever."


Marc: "Look all I'm saying it, let's take the easy road in life. "


Amber turns her back in frustration. 


Marc breaths a sign of defeat. "Ok ok. We'll go look for the purifiers."


Amber snatches the bones out of Marc's hands inspecting the Latin inscriptions. 


Bone 1: Invoco

Bone 2: Brutum

Bone 3: Os variatio Carnisa 

Amber then places the bones carefully on the coffee table inspecting each one. "Marc, this is weird..."

Marc crashes onto the sofa inspecting each bone replying to Amber "Yeh, it's like these bones are from a small animal but blown up to human size. It is odd."

Amber grims her face "Oh shut up, those were Jay's words weren't they?"

Marc: "Kinda, I mean we study together so I kinda got to know a lot about Bone science."

 Unconvinced Amber asks: "Yeh, so what's that profession called?"

Marc: "Look it doesn't matter what it's called ok. What matters is that these bones come from an animal we've not seen before, and the only known fossil comes from a prehistoric era where this may have been a larger descendent of the current known animal. And maybe just maybe this species of the larger version of the animal escaped extinction..."

Amber smiles "Bollocks. Absolute Bollocks. You make an awesome Politician, I mean some of the shit you say somethings, I have no idea how you get away with it."


Marc: "What?I'm expressing what I feel based on your analysis."

Amber: "Right. I'm saying it's weird for a different reason."

Marc: "And that is?"

Amber: "I'm a language teacher you moron. I can read Latin." Picking up Bone 1 "Invoco, it means summon or invoke" then picking up Bone 2 " Brutum is Brute and stupid, just like the animal sitting in front of me"

Marc: "Yeh I can accept that, because you know you'll have a good time with me..."

Amber: "Not interested. You're little borderline rape games don't work."

Marc: "No. You got drunk yourself last month."

Amber: "Yeh, natural instincts, pashed another chick in front of my ex and it's been hell since. Look this talk goes on forever. Let's get serious otherwise Jay's death is in vain.

Look the last bone Os variatio Carnisa means Bone variation flesh. It's not even a proper latin sentence."

Marc stares at Amber confused.

Amber: "I'll start again.

Bone 1: Invoco means Summon

Bone 2: Brutum means Animal Brute 

Bone 3: Os variatio Carnisa means Bone variation flesh.

And since Jay is an Anthropologist he would know latin. So he must have known something was going on."


Staring at the three small bones intensively for 5 minutes, sweat appearing from his forehead, fingers tapping each other. 

Marc: "Nope. Tried... they're just bones."

Amber snaps back : "You stupid piece of fucking shit! I swear, you never fucking learn do you? The moment an idea goes into your head, it goes unchallenged and dominant over everything! You decided it wasn't worth it and no matter what evidence is in front of you, you try keep the idea of being ignorant as the only solution out of this. Get this stupidity out of your head Marc."

Marc: "I'm sorry but no. All I see if three bones and some crazy nut case writing random words."


Marc's room door creeps open with the loudest of silences. Detective John silently with confidence slides into Amber and Marc's vision, wantonly throwing his eyes onto the coffee table, smiling with the darkest of breath.

Telekinetically pulls the three small bones to the palm of his hand with a red glowing satanic symbol tattooed on. 


In a deep demonic voice "Jay you naughty naughty boy."




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MUST HAVE MORE. I love the bickering between Marc and Amber, Theyre such a dynamic partnership.

3.Fun Run day

Detective John rolling the three bones in his palm wickedly smiling. 

Amber viciously stares at him "You killed Jay didn't you?"


John winks at Amber "Yes. And here are the details and I'd like to remind you you'll have the same fate, only this time there isn't a river to wash half the body away. My cute little hell spawn will eat you alive over two days.". 

Lifting his hand to the air he chants a foreign ancient language. The red glowing pentagram on his right palm throbs with burning smoke, then a gentle smack onto the wooden floor the pentagram is imprinted then expanding opening a portal.

First a claw, then the face of a horned demon creeps out with dark scales on two legs faces Marc and Amber. His left hand replaced with a sharpened giant claw. 

John pats the demon on his back "The usual Soma, and by the way don't fuck up like last time. It's a lot of paper work. And make sure you scrub and clean the floor afterwards. You have my number, I'll be back in two days with a few bottles of beach."

The demon Soma growls in disappointment " John, why bleach? You'll say I fuck up again after that. It's wooden flooring. Give me Jif or just sugar water will do. Blood dries up and just wipe. Put bleach in and the wood turns white. "


Amber surprised: "You can speak?"

Marc dismisses Amber: "Pheeee yeh. The demon is what a few thousands years old, would have learned English by then yeh? What a stupid question."

John surprised by the response laughs "Marc, you're going to be dead soon. You can start acting scared like Amber of there?"


Marc rolls his eyes "Right ok, I'm scared"


John: "As in you're going to die."


Marc with his poker face and dismissive pose "Yeh no, just can't get it out of me."

John throws his hands in the air "Fuck it. Don't care, I'm done here. Jay said you have a brain of a jelly fish. You're a lost cause." leaving Soma behind he walks out the door whistling.


Soma looks back at Marc and Amber sitting on the couch. "You two, don't you dare move"


Marc: "Can't, even if I wanted to, just won't happen."

Soma confused: "Why not?"

Marc: "Heavy leg work out. Say Soma, how does this summon thing work with you and John?"

Soma: "I'd wished you didn't ask that question. I'm bound. It's a stupid contract he made with his soul with a soul dealer. I lost a bet and yeh need to pay my debt. Anyways I'm going to get the job done now. A lot of work a head of me."

Marc: "Yeh I can imagine. You only have one hand to clean up. That claw of yours can't clean shit. Must be hard."


Soma: "Yeh, damn straight. All these years I'm doing this extra cleaning work for John. Seriously does he understand how bloody hard it is to clean the floor with one fucking hand? It just drives me insane. You bound me and you give me house cleaning jobs. What the fuck is wrong with him? "

Marc: "So what's this binding thing you keep talking about? Like a folder binder?"

Soma: "It's a contract. As long as he is alive he commands me."

Marc: "Did he ever say you need to protect him?"

Soma: "Hmmm... No. Never. Why?"

Amber watches the two converse with her hands clutching each other unable to determine if she's afraid, impressed or just dumbfounded to think Marc actually held a proper useful conversation at once.


Marc yells at Amber: "Marlin rifle under the couch.". Under Marc's sofa he pulls a scope and throws it at Amber as she quickly assembles the rifle. "Back of John's head when he leaves the lobby"

Marc, Amber and Soma watch from their window, John walking out. 

Amber a bit hesitant "Got him in my scope. Marc, are you..."

Marc: "Fire!"

Amber pulls the trigger, the top half of John's head blows off in a bloody mess. Brain matter splattered across his white car.


Marc pulls himself up, patting Soma on his back "Mate, here's your freedom."


Soma looks out the window, then looking back at Marc with a confused look. "Thanks?"


Marc smiles with a thumbs up: "You're welcome buddy. Amber let's get out of here. Need to go to a safe place. We'll deal with John's body when we go down"

Amber scratches her head "Ummm, why do I get the feeling you've done this before?"

Marc replies whilst packing his wallet and computer into his bag. "Yeh, earth to Amber, who's been working as a garbage collector for 3 years. Dumping bodies is normal."

"What?" Amber snaps back.

Marc replies "Yeh once in a few months, boss tells me to pick up some bodies and we take it in. We get paid overtime so it's ok."

"It's not ok" replies Amber clutching her fist "Dumping bodies means you need to report it to the police. Because dead bodies belong in cemeteries not garbage tips or rivers."

"No! Says who. Dead bodies can go anywhere that doesn't disturb the living. And why would you go to the police, they're corrupt" replies Marc.

Amber realises for a second the crazy logic in Marc has finally blossomed "Wow. You've improved, you've finally realised the police are corrupt. That's amazing."

Marc: "Good, let's get out of here!"


As Marc and Amber enter the lobby looking over the carpark, to Amber's shock John's body is missing. 

Marc finds the blood trail leading to the second elevator. Then looking at the illuminated floor on the second elevator, the elevator is on the 5th floor dropping to the 4th, then 3rd.

Marc grabs Amber's arm. "He's tried to go back to get us. Let's go!" rushing to the subway.

Amber and Marc sitting on the train motionless. Amber shocked at the circumstance, taps her head to confirm she's still awake.

Marc: "We'll get off next station. It's only a thirty minute walk to the depot after that and we should be good."

Amber nods.


The two step out of the platform with crowds of commuters also stepping out. Waiting for Marc and Amber is John with a beanie covering his blown head. Blood shot and glowing red eyes sporting a slightly disappoint yet grinning face.

As the crowds move past John, oblivious to know the situation they're in, Marc and Amber face him on the platform quiet until the crowd disappear up the escalator.

John: "Marky, marky marky. You have no idea who you're dealing with do you?"  Snapping his finger "Soma, finish the job."

Soma emerges from the dark with a sad face.

Marc grins "Yo Soma, sorry for getting you in trouble."

John takes a step forward, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and igniting it without a pocket lighter.



Marc without hesitation bolts forward grabbing John's shirt and pants, lifting him up. Running to the edge of the station he throws John off with the Train making a large splash of blood partly smearing Marc.

Soma looks at Amber asking : "Ummmm.... is he always like this?"


Amber looks back with a dumbfounded face "Hate to say this to a demon but yes."

Marc: "Soma, you're free now."

Soma: "That's not enough to kill him. You need a purifier. Run now!"


Running up the escalator then into the village of shopping malls where thousands of tourists flock to shops and street markets. 

Marc confidently smiles "We're safe, let's go to Starbucks."

Amber taps Marc indicating he should look behind.


Behind them, John with torn flesh, half a brain with glowing red eyes growling in anger. No longer smiling. His fingers grown into claws, breathing smoke out of his mouth, a glowing chest with dark hell flame.


Marc nods whilst facing John "So you want to play that game. You lose John. It's over."

John shakes his head "Really? How can you say that? My eyes sees everything. There are no traps that you've laid out. My mind can read your mind, you've got nothing. So how can you say you've won?"


Standing behind Marc and Amber are crowds of people and tourists. Many with smart phone and cameras filiming John.

Marc screams "It's a Zombie.....Arghghgh"


Marc runs pulling Amber's arm into the crowd. The crowd also turn around running the opposite direction. 


Moments later news helicopters appear with police sirens and federal agents swarming the area pointing their weapons onto John.

John yells "It's useless fools." he throws the three bones Jay sent to Marc then chanting latin to evoke a summoning spell.

Looking at the bones on the ground with no response he again repeats the same enchantment but the bones do not respond.


Falling from a Federal Agent's helicopter, Joe, a purifier in a white cloak drops onto John with a claymore thrusting straight into the glowing heart. A few seconds later the flames stopped burning, John's eyes turn pale white, his last words "Jay you bastard!"


Joe sniffs around then calls " Alpha 331 do you copy. "



Joe replies "Summoner is dispelled. In pursuit of his summoned pet.  I can also sense subject Lemon 101 near by"

"Roger, sending drone sensors now"

Joe asks "Put me through to the Director, encrypted please."

Director: "Joe, what's the commotion?"

Joe taps his ear piece "Summoner belonged to the City police. Detective John White. I'd say the whole department needs to be cleansed."

Director: "Ok. You have my support. Anything else?"

Joe: "Yes. John was in bad shape. Didn't put up much of a fight."

Director: "Corrosion?"

Joe: "No, he's at least mastered spell binding. He was in pursuit with someone that inflicted those wounds. Must be an outcast purifier."

Director pauses for a few minutes : "No, you know that is impossible. The Outcasts use forbidden techniques to kill hell spawns and summoners. From the pictures I'm looking here now, looks like a normal person had a fight, probably drunk at the time during the day, and he's taken the summoner out without knowing how to kill him. Be honest with me, you're excited. Sounds like you have finally found a potential recruit or partner. Yes?"


Joe nods : "Yes. If it is true this man is of high potential and intellect, he would be in a good position to turn the tide in our war. Hence it is our utmost priority to recruit him without delay sir."

Director replies with a more positive tone: "You're our best Joe and we definitely need this new recruit no matter the cost. I'm sure you won't disappoint."








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4. Freedom day

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