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System Scan & Other Works

Dedicated to my family, my support.

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Michael Jessop

Oh, please change nothing!

"Terse" was intended to be a compliment:

Succinct or elegant might have carried the positive message better.

"Terse" seemed to go with the blunt, take-it-or-leave messages the system was giving you.

It reminded me of several recent attempts to deal with a government website,

and the panic as it shut me out;

Time and again!!!!

Until I could contact a nice, actual, person

Who offered me a restart.

Your poetry speaks!

Reza Wilde

You're right, I cannot deny you that. Constructively, do you believe I should expand upon it as I did with my summary, or simply delete an unnecessary page?

Michael Jessop

"A Poem"

A terse description of surviving the yes/no absolute world as one with greys and tones.

System Scan

  • Data found.


    Please Wait...




    File Corrupt.

    Searching for a solution.

    Full System Defragmentation reccommended. Create Restore Point?

    Everything's slowed down. I have to remind myself to breathe.

    Please Wait...

    My entire body feels so heavy. I can hardly lift my head.

    Restore Point Sucessfully Created.

    Behind my eyes my mind is whirling.

    Continue with Full System Defragmentation?

    Everything's being studied all at once, everywhere.

    Please Wait...

    How can I think so clearly when there's so much noise?

    Do not turn off or unplug your system.

    I can still hear you.

    Please close all other programs to maximize efficiency.

    I can still see you.

    Memory files successfully stored in vault.

    I just can't seem to feel anything.

    Request invalid. The server is busy.

    My body is just going through the motions.

    Estimated time remaining...


    I'm alive, and I know it.


    But it's hard to keep moving.

    Backlight will go out in five.

    I'm just tired.

    Entering Sleep Mode.

    I'll feel better when I wake up.

    Defragmentation will not be interrupted.

    Just give me two hours.



    Would you like to restart now?

    There, now. Things got clear again.

    Verify Username and Password.

    Nothing feels so unbearable anymore.

    System Fully Restored.

    I'm alright.



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Additional Poems

Following are a few of my poems which I feel have a very heavy emotional link to, and fit well with System Scan as a whole. These will cover similar themes of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, disassociation, OCD, and probably a few underlying mental health diagnoses as experienced through my travels in life. Each of these is very personal to me, and is not expected to register the same with another. These are my experiences, and they don't always make sense, even to me.

R.H.M. Wilde

(Please purchase this book to unlock ten additional poems.)

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