The Mirror Da Shiell


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         Ancient stories spoke a tragic tale of a Cursed Demon Emperor who had sacrificed his life for the woman he loved. He had been a kind, caring leader, finding pain in the death and suffering of others, and dedicating himself to the betterment of his realm. He wished for rules, for order, but the world was not ready for him, and wherever he roamed only more death would occur. It was said he went into seclusion, unable to bare the pain of a world of consistent loss. He spent many years alone until one day, upon his doorstep, there appeared a woman. She was wounded and frightened. She plead he spare her life, give her sanctuary from those that pursued her, and like the kind soul he was he took her in, promising to protect her from danger. The woman recovered, and asked if she might burden the Emperor by staying a time, to ensure she was never found. The Emperor could not deny a life he had a chance to protect. The woman stayed. And the demon Emperor soon found that he was falling in love with her.

           A year passed, and on the anniversary of their meeting the woman told the Emperor she was with child. He could know no greater happiness, and it was the woman's wish that they leave this corner of the world in which the Emperor had sought solace, for the world must not be so cruel that they could find love, and a future together. Fearing no evil with his love by his side, the Demon Emperor granted her wish, and the lovers sought the world once more. But the world had not changed with their absence, and it was only months before a history placed on hold once more awoke. The woman was a Demon Princess, fled from her home, and sought for defying their laws and their ways. She was slain, and the Demon Emperor was blinded by rage, killing every single enemy in a most brutal fashion. Their blood on his hands, and his own moral up-holdings as defiled as he felt his soul must be, he knelt before the form of his lover and prayed she return to him.

           He heard a heartbeat. But it was not that of his love. In the distance, stained by the blood of soldiers, lay a mirror, black as night, but glowing with a crimson light from its core. The mirror asked what he would give for a life. The Emperor could not believe this possible. He begged the mirror, anything to bring them back. His love, and their unborn child. The mirror answered that such a task could be fulfilled only with a heavy price. The Emperor gazed into his lovers eyes, and told the mirror that he would give anything for the woman that had brought him back from the darkness, and shown him that the world still existed. The events that followed knew not even rumor, but it was said that the mirror now possessed the Emperor's very soul itself, searching for the one that it would awaken for, to fulfill the remainder of its purpose. Centuries passed, but it had never once awakened. Perhaps it was waiting for a kindred soul, a spirit like the love he had lost. After all, as the Emperor was named, so was the mirror. "Da Shiell."
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