Everything You Need To Know About Gaming


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Everything You Need To Know About Gaming

There are around 2.5 billion gamers present in the world and gaming is the only platform where age doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an old man with a stick as long as you wish to game you can do it with all your passion and your dedication. There are different leagues of gaming which organize different tournaments and events related to it. There always is a high price for the one who wins in the gaming competitions that are being held in the world internationally.

Researches have said that according to the study gaming helps you reduce stress and depression which is a complete bonus for all the gamers and the gaming community.


The Evolution of Gaming 

If you’re a gamer then you must be attached to a game that you’ve played when you were younger. There’s always a good memory associated with that game and nowadays we don’t often get to play those games. These games were designed for Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) and games like these are the true stress-reducing companions for us.

Today, DOS games aren’t that popular but you can still play them if you like, the games being developed these days have taken over the old games and it’s most likely because of the graphics and the realism.

Nowadays quantity has become more demanding than quality and it is being applied to the gaming community as well but if we take a moment to look back to our old times those games were magical and if we think about any moment spent with those games, it feels so nostalgic and why not? Just like we used to watch old cartoons and listen to old music it still feels so magical even if we watch it again or listen to that music again.  


Benefits of Retro Gaming

One of the reasons that we loved the older games is because we used to play with our family and friends and it was good quality time. People today demand graphics more than story and almost 90 percent of the gamers recommend a game with a good storyline even if the graphics are not that great but if the storyline is good than game wins the heart of the gamers, therefore classic games have a plus point over games that are being developed today.

Yes, we agree that the games of today are also marvelous and amazing but mostly the development focuses on UI, textures, and filtering, not on the story.

Another plus point of retro gaming is that the developers are more likely to take ideas from the classical games. For example, remaking of an old game with high-end textures and improved graphical interface.

An example from the 90’s era is that there were games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Commandos, these games were a complete masterpiece for the 90’s kids and now they’re being developed or you can say are being remade for the sole entertainment of the gamers out there.


Categories of Gaming

There are a variety of gaming categories such as Shooting, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Racing, Puzzle, and RPG, etc. Each game is categorized into the categories that we mentioned above. Making it easy to find your game easily on any site. 80 percent of the gaming websites have categorized the games on their site so there wouldn’t be any problem for you for finding the game of your choice.


Affordability and Accessibility

The gaming industry has evolved so much and now it has different platforms for gaming for example gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo and on the other hand, we have PC as well. For console gamers, it gets harder for them to afford latest games and their gaming platform as the pricing is so high for them, if we take an example from a game that is being released for a console an average person who doesn’t earn can barely afford it and due to its increased demand it’s also difficult to get one.

For PC gamers it’s a bit of ease but still, if you want to play multiplayer, you’ll have to buy the complete game to have full access to the game. On the other hand, if we take a look at the classic gaming of old times, they’re most probably very cheap if compared to modern games.


Gaming and Technology

As technology is overtaking the world the gaming world is evolving as well, there’s a huge change in technology. We used to play games on the consoles like SEGA Gameboy but now VR is so common that no one even knows about the good old days.

VR and AR gaming is becoming common day after day and its features are getting more realistic. VR Games provide people quite good gaming experience and it almost feels as it were real. People are also using this technology as a business as it’s becoming so common the VR headset is placed at the gaming zones, museums, and wonderlands where people can experience a different experience.


Is AR Better Than VR Gaming?

For people who are new to technology, AR is known as Augmented Reality and VR stands for Virtual reality, you can say AR is more advanced than VR but when it comes to gaming AR gives the user the same experience in gaming as well but it feels more realistic than the VR technology.


Is Classical Gaming Worth It?

We would say it’s totally a yes, for us if anything which makes us feel Nostalgic is going to be totally worth it.


Why Developers Are Mostly Working On Gaming Remakes?  

As I mentioned above, the storyline is most likely to win a gamer’s heart and all the old games had some of the best storylines as they were single-player games and they had to focus on what was the storyline of the game.


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