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5 Causes Of Unhappiness In Dogs

There are about 200 million stray dogs in the world today. These dogs run off from their owners who don't take care of them most times. A dog's happiness is necessary and if you own a dog, you should pay attention. Perhaps you are a dog owner and you are doing your best to ensure your dog's happiness but it just won't budge. What do you do?

There are about seven signs of a dog's happiness which include wagging tails, being active, barking excitedly, etc. But when your dog doesn't show these signs, then there's a problem. If you want to get more interesting details about dog's happiness, you may visit this site.

In this article, we will look at five causes of unhappiness in dogs. They include the following;


A dog can experience mental or emotional stress when strangers are around. This form of stress is usually accompanied by mood swings, refusal to eat, exhibition of destructive habits like physical attacks, ruining furniture, etc.

You can also stress your dog by overburdening it with work. Security dogs for example keep watch for a long time and need food. Denial of food and rest can make it unhappy.


Sicknesses or diseases can affect the overall countenance of your dog. Notice when the dog is always sitting quietly at a place or being inactive. It could be a reaction to pains or weakness the dog is feeling. 

When the dog feels such pain or weakness, it is not happy. You may want to employ the services of a veterinarian if you notice such behavior. 


Some puppies die very early, leaving their mothers to mourn for some time. The pain a female dog encounters during delivery is massive and the loss of any of her puppies is more heart-rending. 

You would notice that your dog would suddenly withdraw to mourn its puppy. You would also notice how sad and extremely quiet it would become.


Not many people know how to take care of dogs. Some show various forms of wickedness like, refusing to feed the dog, beating up the dog without reason, subjecting the dog to despicable actions, etc.

Dogs don't deserve such treatments and will definitely not be happy in such toxic environments. They would eventually run away or die.

Major Changes

A major change in routine or lifestyle can alter the mood of your dog. Some of these changes could be;

Moving to a new home

Embarking on a journey to an unfamiliar place

A new baby in the home

Bringing in a new pet, etc.

Dogs are sensitive and emotional creatures. So you could expect them to react to life situations too. Such changes can make them unhappy or moody for a while, before they begin to adapt.


Now you know the various causes of unhappiness in dogs. Do well to review this causes when you notice mood swings in your dog. With the points above, you can guess what the problem could be.


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