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Terms & Conditions

By using and/or visiting this website you accept the terms and conditions noted below. In the below paragraphs the term ‘Tablo’ denotes the company Tablo Pty Ltd, its website and its applications. The term 'you' denotes the person or company publishing or consuming content, or completing transactions with Tablo. The term ‘user’ denotes a registered or unregistered person who is creating or consuming content on the Tablo website or its applications.

Although Tablo may attempt to notify you of changes made to these Terms & Conditions, you should periodically review the most up-to-date version on the Tablo website. Tablo may, in its sole discretion, modify or revise these Terms of Service and policies at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits.

Author’s Rights

When publishing to Tablo, you retain all rights to your work an can add or remove content from Tablo at your own discretion. Publishing with Tablo is a non-exclusive agreement. You can also publish with alternative services without requiring any permission from Tablo.

By publishing with Tablo you agree that you are the owner of the material or have attained approval from the appropriate author or company to publish on their/its behalf. You agree that your book does not breach any individual's privacy, does not defame, does not plagiarise or pirate any other work or infringe any copyright or trademark, does not advocate or support any heinous acts or crimes and does not contain visual examples (images) of sexual or explicit content, with the exception of fine-art books based on the discretion of Tablo and its users.

By publishing content to Tablo, you hereby grant Tablo the worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute and display the content in connection with the Tablo website and its applications. Tablo will only publish content according to the specifications you have selected. You can maintain a private book on Tablo and never publish it, or specify hidden chapters on a public book.

You also hereby grant each user of Tablo the non-exclusive license to read any public content that you have chosen to publish to the website and its applications. You accept that metadata and statistics such as the number of reads and likes on your book may be visible to users. You understand and agree that Tablo may retain, but not display, distribute or perform, server copies of content and metadata that you have removed or deleted.

Tablo will not be held accountable for any claim of plagiarism or any breach of copyright, and any penalties or charges that result from breaches caused by your content or activity must come at your own expense.

You accept and understand that Tablo may access and use content, assets and data that you have uploaded to the website or its applications anonymously to test and improve its own services.

Publishing to Bookstores

If the bookstore distribution features of Tablo are utilised, you thereby grant Tablo the right to act as a distributor for your work on third party services and retailers including but not limited to Amazon and Apple’s iBooks Store. You accept that Tablo will distribute the book through its own accounts and act as a ‘Seller’ or ‘Publisher’ for your content. Tablo reserves the right to add or remove retailers from its distribution network at any time.

If Tablo provides an ISBN, this ISBN will be owned by and registered to Tablo but will be registered with your book's title and your author's name. This is a non-transferable ISBN.

You maintain the full rights to work distributed with third party services and retailers. You maintain the right to edit, update or remove the content at your own discretion. Tablo will endeavour to make sure all publish requests, submissions of metadata and all update requests are carried out accordingly, but you understand and agree that Tablo cannot ensure that all requests can be completed due to the various terms, guidelines, timelines and other uncontrollable elements of third party services.

Royalties and Payments

Tablo itself does not take any percentage commission on the sale of your books. By publishing content for sale with Tablo, you understand that retailers, bookstores, printers and distribution partners who are involved in the selling of your book may receive a commission or fixed-fee on sale or distribution of content through its or through associated platforms.

Sellers of any eBook published through Tablo will receive a 30% commission on your retail price for each sale of your book, and sellers of any paperback book will receive a 40% commission on the retail price for each sale of your book. For example, if you set your list price to $9.99, a retailer such as Amazon will retain ~$3 of this list price and the author will receive a ~$7 royalty, with allowance for 5-10% in variation to account for exchange rate fluctuations, sales taxes and any minor conversion or download service utilised throughout the retailer network.

If print distribution services are utilised, you also understand that there are costs associated with the physical production of each book that will be automatically deducted from each royalty. There will be no upfront costs associated with each paperback sale, and as each copy is only printed and distributed when purchased, these costs will be automatically deducted from your royalty. For example, if you sell a paperback book at $25, the retailer will receive a $10 commission on the sale, and a variable cost of approximately $5 may be deducted for the production of that book, leaving you with a total $10 royalty for that sale.

The actual print cost involved in printing and distributing your book is dependant on the book's size, colour and materials. You understand that there will be variations in the print costs that depend on your book's content and the region sold.

Tablo will distribute royalties based on the revenue received from bookstores. Royalties will thus be calculated after any local tax or tariff applied by the country of sale, and may be affected by fluctuations or changes in currency exchange rates. Tablo does maintain an audit trail of all sales and revenues received from the sale of each book and will attempt to share any details with the author where appropriate.

Tablo will distribute royalties on a quarterly basis according to the US fiscal calendar via the PayPal address you nominate when publishing. Commissions will be paid within 90 days following the end of each quarter. Tablo notes the end of each quarter as being September 30th, December 31st, March 31st and June 30th.

In the event of any party (Tablo, the author or bookstores) being unable to continue business then publishing may be ceased with the appropriate royalties being distributed.

Taxation of Royalties

Any royalties received from books sold via Tablo’s services are classed as 'other income'. You are responsible for any tax associated with income derived from the sale of books through Tablo. Tablo does not hold any responsibility for improper taxation of income attained from selling books.


We're doing our best to redefine the publishing model and provide you with more opportunities to publish and connect with readers. If you have any questions or would like us to clarify any term or condition of working with Tablo, please reach out and we will happily discuss our product and intentions with you.

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T.J. Madden

May 5, 2023
I submitted payment to Tablo in March and was told I was published shortly after. My ebook was nowhere to be found on any of the sites promised. I have been reaching out to them for weeks and continue to be told they are working on it. I even tried to remove my billing information because I no longer want their services and can't seem to do so. I do not recommend this company to anyone and regret wasting my time and efforts.

Jane O'Connell

This comment is dated April 18th 2023 after a period of non response from anyone at Tablo stretching for many weeks. Why is Tablo withholding author royalties that are due for payment when the author requests and activates withdrawal? Furthermore, why is Tablo no longer offering in person support on the website chat? Why are emails going unanswered? I think it's important to address this clearly in the Tablo Terms to ensure authors are fairly treated and receiving their royalties when they are due. Thank you.


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