Lower City Guide in WoW Classic TBC


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Lower City Guide in WoW Classic TBC

The Lower City of Shattrath is a place in WoW Classic TBC where refugees gather and provide help in their own way. Their quartermaster Nakodu (Nakodu) is located in the market in the lower city. The Lower Shattrath city also contains a very useful mana loom and an alchemy laboratory. Many NPCs have a wealth of manual knowledge-here you can train professionals and buy some unique recipes. The battlefield masters on both sides of the four battlefields and the doomsday tavern can also be found here.

Other important NPCs include:


The neutral master leatherworker, Damari.

The neutral master Skinner, Seymour.

The neutral master alchemist Lorokeem, the alchemist, has an alchemy laboratory.

Three professional tailors allow you to customize and purchase new epic tailoring formulas for armor kits and special bags.

Andrion Darkspinner <Shadoweave Specialist> sells patterns for the Shadow's Embrace suit.

Jied Sfarweaver <Sfar Fire Expert> sells the tricks of the "Sfar Fire Fury" suit.

Nasmara Moonsong <Mooncloth Specialist> sells patterns of Primal Mooncloth suits.



Until honored


Run Auchenai Crypt in normal mode to gain 750 reputation.

Run the Sethek Hall in normal mode, the reputation is about 1250.

Run the Shadow Maze in normal mode, and the reputation reaches ~2000.

Turn in Arakkoa feathers in Vekax.


Note: TBC Classic Gold Players who fight for a faction whose rank is higher than Honor should wait until Honor completes the down town quest.




Run the Shadow Maze in normal mode, and the reputation reaches ~2000.

Complete all available down town missions.


Sublime supreme


Run the Auchenai Crypt in hero mode to gain approximately 750 reputation.

Run the Sethekk Hall in hero mode, and the reputation is about 1250. This has the added benefit of including the "Re-rope of the Crow King"!

Run the Shadow Maze in normal or hero mode, ~2000 reputation.




The amulet sold by Griftah, a merchant in Lower City, is very interesting. He is quite a salesman, possessing items such as the immortal and wonderful Madestone, and as long as you return to the place where you died, you can regain your life. Buyers beware!


In worship, you can buy the Tabard of the Low City. The strange thing is that none of the NPCs in the lower city can be seen wearing them.


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