"World of Warcraft" TBC Classic: What Are the Advantages of the New Raid Mode?


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"World of Warcraft" TBC Classic: What Are the Advantages of the New Raid Mode?

Demand and distribution have always been an old topic. In the past 40-person raid, the problem of demand and distribution often appeared. Some people said that I needed this, and some people said that I needed that. Unbalanced distribution is a serious problem. For the current 25 people, because there are 15 people less directly and it is easier to gather elite forces, there are relatively fewer problems with demand and distribution.


In the 25-person raid, because the fixed talents of each class are emphasized, and everyone is refined, there is basically no problem of excessive demand. In addition, starting from the T4 suit, each class can be exchanged to suit oneself Specialized equipment, which also curbed the problem of excessive demand to some extent.


It is precisely because of the decrease in the number of raids that for fixed raids, the professional expertise has been refined. Everyone has a scale for the equipment they need, so that the team will not be messed up. So compared to demand and distribution, 25-person raid has an advantage. There are only a few people in each profession. It will not be because the number of a certain profession is too large, and the tendency of equipment has changed. It is the team that strives for balance. The root of progress.


Let's talk about the overall difficulty of 25 people. Although the direct number of 40-person raid is 15 more than 25-person raid, 15 people can allocate more DPS and treatment, but the blood volume of BOSS is also quite terrible, moving several million. However, in the 25-person raid, because the number of people is smaller and the equipment is stronger, the difficulty has been greatly reduced compared to the original BOSS with several million blood. And in the 25-person raid, there is basically no BOSS with too abnormal HP.


More professional participation means that the team can enjoy more team buffs, such as shaman’s totem and knight’s blessing. Starting from the TBC version, the pattern of the iron triangle of warfare and animal husbandry has gradually been broken, and many former fringe professions have also been introduced. The qualifications of entering the capital and the previous dominant occupation are compared.


Today’s TBC Classic, I’m afraid everyone is familiar with the raid strategy. It’s no longer the difficulty of crossing the river by touching the stones. So professional optimization is more important. This is one of the reasons why classic PVE racing has become the mainstream gameplay one.


Another important point is that the raid material consumption in the TBC version has become more acceptable. For example, the Alchemy Specialization has made the price of the potion more approachable, and most of the mixture lasts for up to 2 hours. , The difficulty of obtaining herbal medicine has also become lower (see the output of the magic lotus and the output of the black lotus that year). It is much easier to find 25 players who are willing to knock the mixture than to find 40.


And in the future, you can even use some special items to directly exchange mixtures and potions in the hands of NPCs. The threshold for “taking medicine” has become lower, and the player’s enthusiasm will increase accordingly. After all, who wants to play the game all the time Lagging behind.


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