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Now Watch the Comedy Movie "Detective Chinatown 3"

I saw this year's popular movie "Detective Chinatown 3" on the Internet platform, which is only open to WeTV VIP Top Up users for the time being. This movie, especially the front part, made me very happy to watch. Wang Baoqiang's funny skills are online as always.


I just wonder why Tang Ren, played by Wang Baoqiang, can’t go to the toilet if he has a stomach trouble? I used to be very entertaining and worried that Tang Ren could not help it. Maybe the director felt that my worries were unnecessary and didn't let Tang Ren make it easy. In addition to being funny, there are also many beauties in this movie.



At first I thought that Xiaolin Anna, played by Nagasawa Masami, was responsible for the appearance of this movie, and then KIKO played by Shang Yuxian, Sinuo played by Zhang Zifeng, IVY played by Zhang Junning, and Lu Jingjing played by Cheng Xiao were all more beautiful than Xiaolin Anna. At the end, it was discovered that Lin Nai’s mother Lin Nai, played by Wen Yongshan, is so beautiful in this movie!


Closer to home, I don't think the plot of this movie is outstanding, at least not reaching the level corresponding to the box office.


Japanese detective Noda Hao, played by Tsumabuki Satoshi, invited Qin Feng and Tang Ren, played by Liu Haoran, to Japan to solve a strange case: Japanese underworld boss Watanabe Katsuhei and Su Miwei played by Miura Yuwa for a new piece of Chinatown Land was negotiated in Jushuitang, Su Miwei was assassinated bizarrely.


The strange thing about this case is that there was no third person present at the scene except for Watanabe and Su Miwei. Watanabe fainted after drinking tea. He woke up and found that someone outside came in and Su Miwei fell to the ground.



In order to clear his suspicion, Watanabe offered a reward of 1 billion yen to solve the case. The high reward amount also attracted detectives from all over the world, such as the Thai detective Jack Jia played by Tony Jia. Since Qin Feng and Tang Ren got off the plane, Jack Jia started to compete with them. When Qin Feng and Tang Ren were led by Notianhao to inspect Jushuitang, they met the police officer Tanaka Naoki played by Xiaolin Anna, Jack Jia, and Asano Tadanobu.


Tang Ren couldn't help himself when he saw Xiaolin Anna, and he thought of old songs in his ears. The important exhibit-brass ornaments discovered by Qin Feng was taken away by Naomi Tanaka. Qin Feng, Tang Ren and Notian Hao went to the morgue to look for clues, and the other three groups of people also came to the morgue, and the scenes burst into laughter.


When Qin Feng found two doubts and needed to find Xiao Lin Anna to answer, Someya will play the role of Murata Zhaobang and Xiao Lin Anna.


Murata Zhao set up various levels to test the detectives. Noda Hao used his own helicopter to be considered cheating. Jack Jia was outnumbered and eliminated. Only Qin Feng and Tang Ren passed all the card tests. When Qin Feng and Tang Ren found Xiao Lin Xinnai, Murata Zhao's death pushed Qin Feng into jail again.


In order to rescue Qin Feng, Noda Hao arranged for Tang Ren to go to Thailand to find Sinuo. Tang Ren vomited all the way to Thailand in a humble boat.


Jack Jia goes to Northeast China to investigate the relationship between Watanabe Katsura and Xiaolin Anna. From here, Jack Jia changed from a simple-minded person with well-developed limbs to an excellent detective.


Tanaka went to see Qin Feng, Qin Feng guessed that Tanaka was Q, and pointed out that Murata Zhaobang's set of Xiaolin Anna and the level that tested him were all Q games. Tanaka Naoki confessed that Q is an organization and he is one of its members. He invited Qin Feng to join. Qin Feng refused.


The dialogue between Qin Feng and Tanaka Naomi resolved many doubts for him, and he was getting closer and closer to the truth of the case. Tang Ren thought of a way to clean up Qin Feng's guilt under Sinuo's instruction. After Tang Ren returned, he rescued Qin Feng with the help of KIKO and Notianhao. Qin Feng, Tang Ren, and Notian Hao took the police to find Tanaka Naomi, who had already ran away ahead of time.


Qin Feng and Tang Ren went to Su Miwei's car to find key evidence. The road is full of conditions, but fortunately there is no danger. Qin Feng, Tang Ren, and Jack Jia all rushed to the court at the critical moment.


The truth of the case is that the daughter retaliated against the father. This theme is not uncommon, so the plot of this movie did not surprise me too much. The truth of the case finally surfaced with the efforts of Qin Feng, Tang Ren, Jack Jia and others.


In the face of the truth, Xiaolin Anna complained in court for his father's abandonment of his mother and his behavior, recalling the difficult years of orphans and widows, Watanabe was also weak in his defense. After learning the truth of the case, Watanabe Katsuya wanted to bear the blame for his daughter.


After the case was solved, the detectives of China, Japan, and Thailand became energetic. Movie ending: Andy Lau, the boss of Q organization, shows his face. Does this leave a foreshadowing? Will there be movies with Andy Lau as the protagonist in this series of movies in the future? Does anyone expect the same as me? Hurry up and Buy Cheap WeTV VIP Subscription to enjoy this comedy movie!

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