What Kind of Game is World of Warcraft


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What Kind of Game is World of Warcraft

What kind of game is World of Warcraft, which has been popular all over the world for nearly two decades? Despite its reputation, in the current mobile game environment, there are fewer and fewer players paying attention to the end game, and this increasingly highlights the preciousness of MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft. So today I will introduce you to World of Warcraft from the overall framework. Maybe this is your next game.


Game type


From the perspective of the game type, Warcraft is an MMORPG game, also known as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Each player in the game controls a character to participate in the adventure of exploring the world and killing monsters to capture treasures. Of course The subsequent adventures have become more and more ambitious, and adventurers have no idea how many times they have saved the world.


Payment methods


World of Warcraft adopts the payment method of game time billing. Players need to purchase monthly cards (or quarterly cards, semi-annual cards, the more time the one-time purchase, the greater the discount) to play the game, a monthly card is a whole month game time.


In addition to paying for time, players do not need to pay any additional fees to increase the strength of the character. Various legendary weapons can also be directly exposed by the BOSS. What you need more is to find a reliable guild and a group of like-minded people after entering the game. Player friends.




This is more complicated to say. Since it is an open-world role-playing game, there are actually quite a few things that players can do. Let’s classify them with classic and derivative gameplay.


The first is the three classic gameplays of World of Warcraft, which are the basic systems that have been set at the beginning of the game. They are the dungeon system, mission system and battlefield system.


The dungeon is an independent space for exploration, with its own story line, and its capacity varies greatly. For example, a certain black dragon builds a nest in a swamp, and her lair is a dungeon. You need to assemble a team to enter the dungeon to kill this black dragon, and then you can pick up the dropped equipment rewards. Therefore, the dungeon system is the main way for players to obtain equipment.


And when you explore the big world, you will encounter all kinds of NPCs with exclamation points on their heads, talk to them to take the task and complete it. This is the task system.


The mission will provide a lot of experience, which is the main way for players to upgrade. It will also provide some transitional equipment. Of course, it is incomparable with the equipment dropped in the dungeon.


The battlefield is the original PVP gameplay. After two groups of players enter the battlefield, they can kill each other, and at the same time collect resources and WOW TBC Classic Gold, occupy buildings or kill enemy leaders according to the requirements of the battlefield to win the victory.


In addition to the above three gameplays, many additional casual gameplays have been derived. For example, the collection party will collect mounts, equipment appearances, or small pets from all over the world. There are many ways to start with these items. Some require tasks to start, some can be directly captured on the map, and some require high difficulty in dungeon gameplay. Fall after the BOSS.


Players with a sufficient number of pets can also participate in pet battles. Use your pets and opponents in turn-based battles. There is a restrained relationship between pets. You can also play against pets on the big map. Collect them. In short, this is a Pokémon of Warcraft


Game version


World of Warcraft uses an expansion-type version update method. Except for the "classic old world" of the body, each major version starts with a new number, such as 2.X version, 3.X version, etc. The current version number is 9.1 , A full eight major versions have passed before, and the amount of accumulated content is quite large. Now Buy WoW Classic TBC Gold to start your journey!

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